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Try These 27 Goji Berry Recipes For A Unique Spin On Superfoods!

Try These 27 Goji Berry Recipes For A Unique Spin On Superfoods!

Thanks for stopping by to learn more about Goji Berry Recipes! We have a few fun facts about goji berries and an epic list of recipes for you to choose from.

Goji berries, sometimes called wolfberries, are a wonderfully bright and tasty berry that has risen to prominence in recent times, thanks to the fact that the berries are packed with nutrients.

They’ve been referred to as a superfood on numerous occasions, and it’s easy to see why! 

They contain a large number of powerful antioxidants, as well as being unusually dense with nutrients. 

They may help to support immune function when eaten regularly, and can even support healthy vision in a patient. 

How impressive!

Their benefits are so impressive that these berries are often sold powdered or dried when the fresh version is not easily found in stores. 

We have a few dried goji berry recipes here, and you can find the dried goji on Amazon. Then you can add them to salads and smoothies very easily. 

Adding them to other meals allows you to get all the nutritional benefits of the berries, without having to compromise the ideal flavor palette.

Goji berries are quite tart and sour, though in a sharp, pleasant way. 

They have been compared to the flavor of cranberries, though with a slightly herbal note that cranberries don’t have.

Fresh goji berries have a higher water content than their dried counterparts, which means that the overall tartness is generally diluted. 

This means that the berries are less like cranberries in a number of ways, and a little more like tomatoes. 

Tomato might sound like an odd connection, but their moisture and texture combined with the acidity of the fresh fruit make for a surprising similarity.

From delightful Goji Berry Truffles to holiday-colorful Maple Pistachio Goji Berry Chocolate Bark to Indian entree Goji Berry Dal Tadka, we think you’ll be pretty pleased with this selection of Goji Berry Recipes!

The dried berries really boost this dried goji berry recipe.

They unite the sweetness of the tomato with the heat from the chili and the cumin.

A bowl of this is all you need to stave off the winter blues!

Try adding a dash of cream to the soup when you’re serving it for a fancy look and a rich, creamy flavor.

Give your dull morning a shot in the arm with these energy-packed homemade Goji Berry & Pistachio Granola bars.

The combination of goji berries with pistachios is a spark of genius, the flavors gel amazingly well.

We would suggest making sure not to use salted pistachios, as they’ll be far too salty to work with the other ingredients.

This no-bake tart could save your next dinner party!

One of our favorite fresh goji berry recipes, it makes use of all-natural ingredients for an effortless make-ahead dessert.

We love that this recipe is also plant-based, it only feels right to combine the goodness of goji berries with the good karma of veganism.

This wonderful vegan goji berry recipe uses vegetable stock and blends the berries to make a smooth, sharp, and delicious goji soup.

This soup uses dried goji berries to make a sharp bowl of warmth that would be amazing with some croutons.

We’d suggest leaving spicy-heat out of this soup.

Instead, this bowl is rich and well-seasoned, without being overpoweringly spicy.

We adore how thick and wonderfully creamy this goji berry smoothie is.

It’s loaded with superfoods. 

We love that this smoothie is packed with vitamin C, so it would make a wonderful pick-me-up.

One of the most beautiful goji berry recipes on this list, this cake combines the bright hue of the berries with the warm color of fresh orange, leading to a dessert that’s almost a shame to eat, it’s so wonderful.

Soaking the berries is really important for this recipe—it allows you to make a plump and juicy cake that’s bursting with flavor and texture. It’s perfect!

This is a simple recipe for some tasty, easy to spread on your toast, jam.

We adore the simplicity of this recipe, as well as the fact that it makes use of honey as a natural, wonderful sweetener.

We love that this recipe takes a lot less time than more traditional jam recipes, giving you more time to enjoy the wonderful spread!

This spectacular recipe is a wonderful way to make your chocolate habit a little bit better for you—add good stuff, and the whole snack will be better for you.

We love that this recipe leaves what seeds you use up to you since that’s quite a personal thing.

We really adore sunflower seeds, but we know that not everyone feels the same.

What an interesting flavor combination this promises!

This recipe is one of the more unique and wonderful ones on this list, making use of another fruit to bring sweetness to your palate, as well as bringing just a little spice to make the drink interesting and utterly unique.

We love the use of cinnamon and ginger to make the smoothie spiced, like a PSL, rather than spicy, like a chili pepper. It’s a taste sensation!

Truffles are a delight, soft, chocolatey, and wonderfully simple.

Replacing all the bad ingredients with good ones here means that these truffles are great for you, and they taste incredible!

They make a great snack, especially one or two of them with a cup of coffee. Try this recipe for goji berries soon!

After the wolfberry jam above, this is another fantastic breakfast option.

This recipe balances berries, nuts, seeds, and oats to bring you granola that’s simple, tasty, and perfect for a quick breakfast on a busy morning.

This wonderful lemonade is a great way to combine the sharp taste of goji berries with sweetness and acidity to bring it to life and give you a tasty treat.

We’d love a glass of this on a summer’s day, and we can’t recommend this goji berry recipe enough!

Making use of dried berries here, this recipe makes for a wonderfully simple no-waste soup that combines the salty richness of pork with the sharp sweetness of goji berries.

This is one of the few recipes with goji berries that’s wonderful with some noodles!

This dried goji berry recipe is a wonderful example of the ways that goji berries can elevate dishes you might already make at home.

Throwing a handful of goji berries into a simple salad can boost it with the addition of flavor and antioxidants.

It’s a handy, simple way to make a great meal!

This wonderful dried goji berry recipe is a tasty, aromatic delight for the senses.

We love the combination of the smell of hot ghee and fried onions as it mixes with the sweet acidity of goji berries—it’s impossible to say no!

This is a simple drink that’s hard to say no to a second cup of.

It makes use of dried goji berries, drawing all the antioxidants and good stuff out of them while making a cup of steaming tea that tastes wonderful.

If you do choose to use some honey to sweeten your beverage, we would suggest tracking down high-quality honey that tastes a little like flowers that will make the goji berries taste all the better.

This simple and wonderful bark is our second recipe that combines goji berries and pistachio—it’s such a good combination!

We love the addition of maple syrup here, though, since it leads to a roast, caramelized flavor in the final bark.

If you haven’t heard of tiffin, no one would blame you.

It’s a really easy, no-bake recipe that combines chocolate and buttery cookies to make a final dish that’s tricky to refuse a second portion of.

We love that this vegan recipe makes for a healthier alternative to traditional tiffin since this doesn’t include fatty dairy in the recipe.

Chutneys are typically wonderfully rich, and this dried goji berry recipe is no exception.

We love that it’s sweet while also being sharp and warming.

It would be perfect to spread over sandwiches for a picnic!

Butternut and goji berries combine in this salad to make a beautiful salad that’s as striking with color as it is with powerful and decadent flavors.

The thing that really brings this dish together is the balsamic vinaigrette.

It’s sharp and sweet, uniting all the disparate ingredients effortlessly.

These wonderfully simple and decadent muffins are a great way to bring some fiber and tasty chocolate to your diet at the same time.

We love that these muffins are made with coconut, bringing a flavor and texture to the plate that is universally adored.

These cookies are a wonderful example of what to make with goji berries.

This recipe is precisely the type of wonderful revelation you can get after wading through the internet, looking for incredible recipes.

We love the combination of creamy macadamia nuts with sweet, sharp goji berries! They’re simple, tasty, and perfect for a coffee break or even a midnight feast.

Try drizzling a little honey on these as you eat them, it’s sure to be a decadent and wonderful mouthful.

This wonderful cake makes interesting use of dried goji berries.

The dried berries are soaked in orange juice so that they drink up some of that sweet, rich flavoring that the juice is known for.

While a rare option, it’s something that we’ll definitely start doing in our bakes!

It’s really tasty, and we adore how uniquely sweet it made the cake in the end.

This sweet and creamy rice pudding is a delicate and gentle delight that would be perfect to be served after a heavy meal.

Just one or two spoons of the creamy, sharp dessert would cut through any fatty, thick mains to leave you with a bright, sweet taste in your mouth.

We would suggest soaking the goji berries in the milk for this recipe, as that will transfer some flavor into the milk.

However, this recipe simple uses plain milk, which might be a missed opportunity. Give it a go!

Infusing dried goji berries into vodka is a little counterintuitive if you’re the health-conscious type, but the alcohol will work as a mild solvent to draw the flavor and nutrients from the berries, putting them into the vodka itself.

There are a few ways to do this, but if you enjoy a drink every now and then, we’d recommend giving it a go!

It’s a simple and tasty way to enjoy goji berries while also getting a little tipsy.

Cocoa is so often at its best when additional spices and herbs are used to boost the base flavors of the palette to the moon.

This is seen in this recipe, where goji berries, vanilla extract, and mushroom powder work together to make a dark, earthy drink that’s rich and strong.

It’s perfect for a winter’s evening spent sitting by the fire.

We really love that this recipe uses raspberry extract to elevate the goji berries, leading to a drink that’s sharp, while also being sweet and well-spiced overall.

If there’s one of these recipes with goji berries that you should definitely try, it’s this one

The bottom line

Goji berries are a wonderfully unique thing, from their bright hue to their sharp, tart flavor that’s impossible to hate.

In addition to their wonderful nutritional value, the berries may also promote immune function and good overall eye health.

This means that they’re a tasty way to improve your health a little overall.

Goji berries are available fresh, dried, or powdered, which means that they can be added to any of the recipes here. 

Give them a go soon!

27 BEST Goji Berry Recipe

27 BEST Goji Berry Recipe

From Wolfberry Jam to Goji Berry Truffles and Spicy Goji Smoothies, you’ll love all of these Goji Berry Recipes!


  • Goji Berry Balls
  • Spicy Goji Berry Soup
  • Goji Berry And Pistachio Granola Bars
  • Strawberry, Raspberry, And Goji Berry Tart
  • Vegan Goji Berry Soup
  • Goji Berry Smoothie
  • Goji Berry And Orange Cake
  • Wolfberry Jam
  • Goji Berry And Fennel Chocolate Bark
  • Spiced Strawberry And Goji Berry Smoothie
  • Goji Berry Truffles
  • Seeds And Goji Berry Granola
  • Goji Berry Lemonade
  • Watercress And Goji Berry Pork Rib Soup
  • Goji Berry Tabouleh
  • Goji Berry Dal Tadka
  • Goji Berry Tea
  • Maple Pistachio Goji Berry Chocolate Bark
  • Goji And Ginger Tiffin
  • Red Pepper And Goji Berry Chutney
  • Roasted Butternut And Goji Berry Superfoods Salad
  • Superfood Goji Berry Muffins
  • Aunt Ivy’s Raw Macadamia And Goji Berry Cookies
  • Goji Berry, Mango, And Passion Fruit Cake
  • Goji Berry Rice Pudding
  • Goji Berry Infused Vodka
  • Goji Berry Cocoa


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