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35 Homemade Summer Cookies You Just Can’t Resist!

35 Homemade Summer Cookies You Just Can’t Resist!

Summer cookies are just the thing to end a hectic day, or take to a picnic, or share with a neighbor! Or all three!

Is it time for summer cookie recipes? 

Is it? 

Is it? 

OH, please say it is! 

School is out and the fun is in! 

Many parents are working hard and keeping kids busy too, all summer long. 

Summer cookie recipes are just the thing to end a hectic day, or take to a picnic or share with a neighbor! 

Are there really summertime cookies? 

Maybe, maybe not. 

But there definitely are summer cookie ideas that capture the essence of summer in the decorating or the flavors of summer in the baking! 

Gotta love summer cookies for kids that they can participate in making and then eating! 

Great lesson on reaping the fruits of your labor, eh? 

When the family reunion or holiday gathering is upon you, summer cookies for a crowd are going to get a lot of mileage and a lot of compliments! 

When considering the best cookies for summer, it might be fun to know there are lots of cookie categories! 

I mean, just look at this following list of possibilities: molded cookies, dropped cookies, rolled cookies, pressed cookies, refrigerator cookies, bar cookies, no bake cookies, filled cookies, and sandwich cookies! 

Every single one is tasty! 

Any number of these could be served on summer cookie tray ideas. 

If you are considering summer cookie icing ideas, check out #21 and #26. 

Of course, you probably already know what the most popular cookie is in the US. 

That’s right, the chocolate chip cookie! 

No explanation needed! 

Do you have favorite summer cookies

Let’s dive into this list of thirty-five and find another great way to enjoy a summer day! 

It’s cookie making time!

Summer cookies that start with a boxed cake mix seem like the perfect summer shortcut! 

With a strawberry cake mix, a few lemons, eggs, oil, flour, and powdered sugar, these delightfully light iced strawberry lemonade cookies can be served up after dinner! 

The frosting of sugar and lemon juice gives quite the zing!

Root beer floats are part of many summertime memories so it is only safe to say that summer cookie recipes with root beer flavor will be a hit and quite nostalgic for the older folks! 

The root beer concentrate is added in both the cookie and the icing so you can control the strength of the flavor added.

Lemon is always a welcome flavor when it comes to summer cookie ideas and these easy lemon cookies are indeed a treat! 

Having both sweet and tart all rolled into one soft chewy cookie, the addiction might be real! 

Like walking on sunshine!

S’mores over a campfire are a summertime ritual but when at home, summer cookies for kids could also be s’mores just like this recipe! 

Here we have all the important elements in the dough of graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate! 

Don’t worry, some chocolate chips are thrown in for good measure!  

Smiles all around!

Tropical flavors up next in these summer cookies for a crowd made with shredded coconut and oats. 

Best part is there is nothing to melt so outdoor temps are not a concern if taking them to an event or boxing them up in a care-package!

Now I never met a sugar cookie I didn’t like, so summer cookie icing ideas on top of a cherry sugar cookie sounds scrumptious to me! 

Maraschino cherries are used which keep the inside of the cookie chewy and the juice is used in the frosting. 

Once these are frosted, best to keep them in the refrigerator.

Where are my chocolate lovers? 

At holiday events, summer cookie tray ideas for patriotic cookies are great fun to plan. 

Red, white and blue cookies are fun and festive and this recipe switches things up by starting with a chocolate brownie mix. 

The patriotic M&Ms are so fun!

For a cookie that looks like it is made of sand or a sand dollar, these favorite summer cookies are beautiful cinnamon sugar cookies.

Lots of specific instructions given that are easy to follow. 

Sliced almonds are a must to make the sand dollar pattern.

If tart is a cookie flavor you enjoy, the best cookies for summer might just be these lime crinkle cookies. 

They begin with a box of vanilla cake mix and add in lime juice and zest, oil and sugar. 

The dough is made and rolled into balls that are then rolled in powdered sugar for baking. 

Sprinkle them with additional powdered sugar and lime zest for a stunning presentation!

If sprinkles are what make everyone happy, then sprinkles everyone shall have! 

These summertime cookies have the sprinkles added into the dough so they are not rolling off the top of the cookies. 

The surprise ingredient is instant vanilla pudding mix.

These summer cookies have real strawberries chopped and added into the dough! 

Talk about amazing! 

The strawberries should be on the less juicy side so the batter stays firm. 

Easy to follow instructions and way too easy to gobble right up!

An animal circus cookie on top of another cookie is what this summer cookie recipe instructs! 

The dough is made with super moist cake mix and sprinkles added in. 

Once formed into balls, chill for a few hours before baking. 

Excellent icing recipe with an animal circus cookie added right on top!

Of course when it is SO hot that even the idea of turning on the oven makes you wilt, a no bake cookie recipe is what’s needed. 

The stovetop is needed for just a bit to boil sugar, salt, butter and milk. 

Next cocoa, oats and vanilla are thoroughly incorporated. 

Spoonfuls are scooped out to cool on wax paper.

Let’s hear it for summer cookies with only a few ingredients! 

Gather together sweetened condensed milk, sweetened shredded coconut, semi-sweet chocolate chips, sliced almonds and vanilla to get started! 

I would describe these cookies as nutty, chocolatey, chewy and delicious!

M&Ms in summer cookies for a crowd will make you the winning chef of the day! 

It is the mini ones we are using here along with some mini chocolate chips too! 

Combo made in heaven! 

These literally taste like bakery made cookies! 

You will probably find yourself coming back to this recipe again and again!

This is an amazing idea to use for hosting a summer party. 

Summer cookies for a crowd are delicious enough, but to marry them with a “bar” where the cookies and ice cream of choice can be selected and then put together is just brilliant and FUN! 

Even adults like ice cream sandwiches! 

This post shows how to set it all up!

When planning summer cookie tray ideas for a gathering, the classics usually win out. 

But instead of the traditional oatmeal cookie, this recipe is stunning with the use of dark chocolate chips and fresh chopped cherries. 

So, pass on the raisins this time and try these grownup oatmeal cookies.

Candy inspired cookies might become favorite summer cookies since there is not much reason to have candy sitting around in the heat of summer. 

This recipe combines chopped pretzels, Reese’s cups, Reese’s Pieces, peanut butter chips, dark chocolate chips and peanuts. 

Your taste buds are not going to know what hit them!

Butterscotch is not a flavor seen as often as it used to be, but I love the lightness in this recipe with cornflakes adding in a surprise texture. 

Not sure if it is among the best cookies for summer but it’s in the running as far as I’m concerned! 

Definite wow factor with the brown sugar, rolled oats, cornflakes and butterscotch chips!

If patriotic summertime cookies are what you are looking for, but M&Ms are not your thing, these gorgeously iced sugar cookies are a wonderful choice! 

It starts with a cake batter, eggs, oil, and vanilla. 

After baking and cooling, they are dipped in colored melting chocolate and decorated with sprinkles of all kinds! 

Have fun! 

Soft summer cookies that are green and taste like watermelon with pink cream cheese icing? 

I’ll take a dozen! 

The cookies can be infused with watermelon extract if you want to go all out! 

Sprinkling mini chocolate chips on top to look like seeds is just the right artistic touch!

Soft summer cookies that are green and taste like watermelon with pink cream cheese icing? 

I’ll take a dozen! 

The cookies can be infused with watermelon extract if you want to go all out! 

Sprinkling mini chocolate chips on top to look like seeds is just the right artistic touch!

More lemon summer cookie ideas to try with these lemon poppy seed cookies. 

Kinda like a muffin turned cookie! 

These turn out soft due to the use of cornstarch and honey. 

The glaze is a really nice touch with elegant poppy seeds and lemon zest!

Adorable is the best word to describe these summer cookies for kids!

It doesn’t get any cuter than little pool scenes on top of sugar cookies with blue icing! 

Teddy Grahams, goldfish and gummies allow the kids to personalize their own cookies.


Many summer cookie  ideas focus on sweet or tart but these throw salty into the mix. 

That’s right, salt as in salted plain potato chips, crushed and thrown right into the batter. 

So if sweet and salty is a combo you enjoy, this recipe will absolutely delight, because of the chips.  

Both the sweet chocolate ones and the salty chip ones!

Every once in a while I get the craving for a simple melt-in-my-mouth butter cookie as they might be the best cookies for summer. 

Nothing fancy, just delicious! 

This recipe is a great choice to deliver a chewy butter cookie! 

Made with a yellow cake mix, butter, cream cheese, egg and vanilla. 

An easy to make family favorite!

If planning for a brunch or party and want show-stopping summer cookie tray ideas, these individual cookie fruit pizzas are fabulous in presentation and in taste! 

A sweet sugar cookie is spread with a luscious cream cheese mixture and then topped with bright colored fresh fruit! 

Fruit choices could include raspberries, blueberries, kiwi or mango!

Next up, in this recipe favorite summer cookies are made and used to then make ice cream sandwiches, so it is like two treats in one! 

The recipe is for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies which is already a great combination. 

Then ice cream is placed between two cookies and rolled in mini chocolate chips! 

Tips are shared on how to manage the ice cream and build the sandwich.

When considering summer cookie icing ideas for your cookie creations, remember a drizzle is so easy to add and just as tasty! 

These soft blueberry cookies have a lemon glaze drizzled on top and the combination of sweet blueberry and tangy lemon is fabulous! 

Fresh blueberries are the absolute best here!

Ever since Jello was created, there are always new ways to use it and this recipe uses it for summertime cookies! 

The colors are just glorious in this genius idea! 

It all starts with a basic sugar cookie recipe which is then divided into as many different bowls as you have flavors. 

Add the jello and mix in to watch the dough change color! 

Colorful, creative and delicious!

This homemade dough for summer cookies for grownups becomes a slice and bake style with lime and tequila! 

After being rolled and covered in sea salt, chilled and baked they will taste just like a Margarita! 

Be careful, you might be asked to bring these to every get-together!

The flavor of orange has entered the discussion of summer cookie recipes! 

This cookie is not what you might expect. 

You know the orange creamsicle you loved as a kid? 

Well, this recipe removes the cold and the popsicle stick and delivers just the amazing taste using orange zest and white chocolate chips!

Once in a while nothing will do for summer cookie ideas than the classic chocolate chip cookie! 

Here they are baked huge, staying soft on the inside and fluffy in the middle while having just a bit of a crisp on the edges! 

It uses two types of flour and two types of sugar plus a bit of cornstarch

Lots and lots of tips and details to assist your making of these scrumptious cookies!

Peanut butter often gets a bad rap due to allergies that many have, but it might be one of the best cookies for summer if it’s on your eating plan. 

The personal flexibility lies in getting to choose whether to use creamy or crunchy peanut butter in the batter. 

A little sprinkle of coarse sugar on top before baking is a nice touch!

This recipe for sugar cookies may be THE one that you can return to again and again with the delicious predictable results every time. 

Whether for summertime cookies or otherwise, this recipe delivers every time. 

Once you make them, the steps will become second nature and the icing recipe in an associated link is great for those times you want to add it!

The bottom line

Here’s to summer cookies that lighten our days, end our meals and bring lots of smiles! 

Hope one or more of these summer cookie recipes hit the sweet spot just perfectly!

Homemade Summer Cookies You Just Can’t Resist!

Homemade Summer Cookies You Just Can’t Resist!

Summer cookie recipes are just the thing to end a hectic day, or take to a picnic or share with a neighbor!


  • Strawberry Lemonade Cookies
  • Root Beer Float Sugar Cookies
  • Lemon Cookies
  • Soft & Chewy S'mores Cookies
  • Roasted Coconut Crunch Cookies
  • Frosted Amish Cherry Sugar Cookies
  • Chewy Patriotic Brownie Cookies
  • Sand Dollar Cinnamon Sugar Cookies
  • Lime Crinkle Cookies
  • Super Soft Sugar Sprinkle Pudding Cookies
  • Strawberry Cookies
  • Animal Circus Cookies
  • No Bake Cookies Without Peanut Butter
  • Almond Joy Cookies
  • Soft-Batch Mini M&M & Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Ice Cream Sandwich Bar With Cookies
  • Dark Chocolate Cherry Oatmeal Cookies
  • Pretzel Reese's Peanut Butter Cookies
  • Salted Brown Butter Butterscotch Oatmeal Cookies
  • 4th Of July Cake Mix Cookies
  • Watermelon Cookies
  • Cookies & Cream Cookies
  • Soft Batch Lemon Poppy Seed Cookies
  • Summertime Fun Cookies
  • Potato Chip Cookies
  • 5-Ingredient Gooey Butter Cookies
  • Sugar Cookie Fruit Pizzas
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Soft Blueberry Cookies With Lemon Glaze
  • Jello Cookies
  • Margarita Cookies
  • Orange Creamsicle Cookies
  • Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies "Kroll's Kookies"
  • Peanut Butter Cookies
  • Sugar Cookie Recipe


  1. Pick one or more options from our list of Summer Cookies here!
  2. Start creating your new favorite treat.
  3. Share and comment! Did you make any changes to make it even better?

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