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25 Delectable Anchovy Recipes To Serve Any Time! ๐ŸŸ

25 Delectable Anchovy Recipes To Serve Any Time! 🐟

Here are the top picks, anchovies edition! Try these 25 anchovy recipes you can make at home—from pastas to skillet chicken and appetizers galore! 🐟

If you’re a fan of these tinned, small, salty fish, this is the list for you.

Or if you’ve never tried anchovies on anything but pizza or maybe in a classic Caesar salad dressing, these might be a great gateway to your new favorite anchovy snack!

I have pasta recipes, appetizers, and even a main course with this tiny fish!

But I want you to try #16 and #25 because you will probably not even know the fish is in there!

So let’s dive into the list and taste the umami goodness!

In less than 30 minutes, you’ll come up with a savory appetizer.

To make this gem, you’ll need crostini, anchovies, shallots, and butter.

With lemon juice and zest, parsley on top brings balance to this starter and emphasizes the taste of anchovies.

Serve together with white wine or champagne, and enjoy!

Another anchovy appetizer on our list!

Just layer your crostini, spread mayo, add cucumber and marinated peppers, and top with anchovy, and you’ll have a dish to serve your gets in no time.

You can use a toaster to get the crunchy and golden brown crostini that adds texture to these canapes.

Let’s go to Sweden and have a taste of this gorgeous pie!

The pie crust needs 5 minutes to bake and tastes incredible.

Caramelized onions complement the Swedish anchovies, which are a little sweeter than the usual anchovies you’ve probably tasted.

It’s an ideal main course, or slice it into a small portion to be an appetizer.

Let’s have a restaurant dish in your kitchen, shall we?

This dish is fantastic as the salty flavor of anchovy paste blends well with the bitter taste of the green leafy vegetables.

Drizzle with preserved lemon or lemon juice to give more life to this dish.

Crunchy, savory, with a kick of sweetness and spice this Myeolchi Bokkeum is an ideal side to any meal.

You’ve got it all with this fantastic yet straightforward side dish.

Best to use small anchovies instead of the large ones, so it’s easier to stir in and get the crunch you want.

Featuring hamsi, these anchovies are popular in Turkey.

Potatoes, tomatoes, and onions bring natural flavors to this dish and balance out the saltiness of anchovies.

Garnish with sliced lemons and parsley to add a refreshing taste you will love!

Fresh anchovies plus eggs equals delicious!

You might think this dish will not work with these two ingredients, but better make it to prove that nothing’s impossible.

Just add parsley and chili flakes to add a refreshing spice to this already fabulous dish!

It’s a street food usually found in some regions in France, and sometimes think of pizza once you see this.

But this dish is made of anchovy paste and pissala, stirred together with onion to bring out its flavor.

You can substitute it with a puff pastry for the dough if you have little time left for preparation.

Pâté recipe usually has bacon or bacon fat to get the right flavors but do you know you can use anchovies, too?

The savory, salty taste of anchovies adds flavor to the chicken liver when combined with other spices.

If you love it, you can make big batches of it and save the rest in the freezer for later use.

It’s a classic sweet potato casserole with a twist!

Its creamy sauce with anchovies makes this sweet potato gratin a delicious side dish for holiday tables and special occasions.

Leftovers taste way better when consumed the next day, but the question is, will there be leftovers?

This dish doesn’t require your stove but your fridge!

 It uses fresh, raw anchovies, so best to freeze within 48 hrs after prepping them.

Just combine the fish with all the spices and vinegar to create this mouthwatering dish.

You can serve this with crunchy bread or tortilla chips or all by their fishy selves.

Looking for something to bring on an upcoming picnic?

These canapes are layers of sliced bread, eggs, vegetables, tuna, anchovy filet, and dressing, cut into bite-sized pieces.

You can make batches of it the night before and it’s still incredibly delicious!

A delicious pasta you can make in just 20 minutes!

This pasta has a savory and rich sauce made of anchovy and garlic; saute until anchovies are melted into the oil.

It’s an easy-peasy recipe without overwhelming flavors.

Come on, and let’s toast again!

Combining fresh anchovy filets, cucumbers, and tomatoes to top your crunchy sliced bread gives a salty yet refreshing taste to this snack.

You can also use leftover tomato vinaigrette, and the taste will still be great!

No one will suspect you’ve got anchovies on this evenly golden brown, roasted lamb.

This salted fish fuse with olive oil makes an ideal sauce for this recipe.

Once your guests taste it, they will think it was made in hours, but you know it’s not.

This is quite an eye-popping spread!

Just slather on your creamy, savory dip with its umami flavor with a drizzle of lemon and herbs to your crunchy bread and serve.

Your creamy dip can be used with raw vegetables, too!

You don’t need too many ingredients to make a fabulous dish!

All you need is FRESH anchovies, dip in flour and salt mixture, then deep fry!

How fast is that!

Best to serve with an ice-cold beer (on a Spanish beach doesn’t hurt, either).

This recipe includes a side dish of broccoli, but you can skip that if broc isn’t your thing.

You can use spaghetti, but I’d recommend angel hair pasta or spaghettini, so it’s less pasta and more saucy goodness in each bite.

With a bit of zing and a robust umami flavor, anchovies connect all the dots for this simple dinner dish.

You can savor this dish in minutes!

This time, let’s use zucchini noodles to make this wonderful meal!

You have seen how garlic, anchovies, and olive oil makes magic when used in pasta; it does the same magic here.

And if you feel like adding more anchovy, you can add as you please without anyone stopping you!

Want more Zoodle Recipes? We got you in this epic list of zucchini noodle recipes!

This appetizer doesn’t need too many ingredients to have great flavors.

To make this excellent dish, you need crunchy bread with butter spread, topped with anchovies, and sprinkled with ground black pepper and thyme.

We will use sliced radish as a base instead of bread this time.

Just top it with a mixture of cream cheese, chopped parsley, lemon juice, anchovy, pepper, and salt, and you’ll have tasty canapes as a crisp, tasty lunch or snack.

This dish looks appetizing as sliced red bell pepper stuffed with tomatoes and anchovies brings magic to your taste buds.

It’s ideal for lunch, paired with rice or green beans.

This one is a puckery, salty little number. 

Serve this one with aperol cocktails and a pate!

It’s a chicken dish, but anchovy and garlic sauce elevates the total taste of it as a whole.

Within 30 minutes, you can make a party staple or dinner meal with a rich and flavorful taste!

The bottom line

While you don’t HAVE to be an anchovy lover to appreciate these recipes, it helps to be somewhat familiar with that salty, umami flavor. 

You’ve probably had a classic Caesar salad and never realized that blended anchovies are part of the base flavor. 

That’s kind of how they work—you won’t always get a fishy taste.

Who would have thought how powerful this tiny fish can do on the dishes we always love.

Top 25 Ways To Cook With Anchovies

Top 25 Ways To Cook With Anchovies

Here are the top picks, anchovies edition! Try these 25 anchovy recipes from appetizers to main dishes you can make at home! 🐟


  • Spaghetti Puttanesca (Spaghetti With Capers, Olives & Anchovies) Recipe
  • Anchovy Lovers' Crostini
  • Anchovy Hors d’Oeuvres
  • Swedish Anchovy & Onion Pie
  • Scarola Alla Napoletana: Escarole & Spinach With Olives, Capers, Anchovy & Preserved Lemon
  • Myeolchi Bokkeum (Stir-fried Anchovies)
  • Poached Anchovies Or Anchovy Stew With Vegetables
  • Frittata Di Alici – Anchovy Frittata
  • Pissaladière
  • Italian Pâté With Fried Anchovies, Capers & Lemons
  • Anchovy, Chili & Sweet Potato Gratin
  • Anchovies Marinated In Vinegar (Boquerones En Vinagre)
  • Pan Bagnat (Provençal Tuna Sandwich)
  • Spaghetti With Garlic, Anchovies & Parsley
  • Anchovy Toasts With Fresh Tomato Vinaigrette
  • Garlic & Anchovy Roasted Lamb Chops
  • Anchovy Ricotta Toast
  • Spanish Fried Anchovies
  • Spaghetti With Anchovies, Garlic & Red Pepper With Lemon-Caper Broccoli
  • Zucchini Noodles With Anchovies, Garlic & Olive Oil
  • Anchovy Butter Bruschetta
  • Radish & Creamy Anchovy Canapés
  • Roasted Peppers With Tomatoes & Anchovies
  • Anchovies & Olive Appetizer Skewers
  • Skillet Chicken With Anchovies


  1. Put on your “ready for adventure” hat!
  2. Choose one of these Anchovy Recipes from the list!
  3. Grab your fresh or tinned anchovies, and start cooking!
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