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EASY Thanksgiving Turkey Cookie Recipe Made With Oreos!

Here’s an adorable Thanksgiving Turkey Cookie recipe that starts with a simple package of Oreos + pretzel sticks that even the littles can help with! 

Need just one more treat for a cute party tray or classroom party cookie without much fuss?

Try this one: just a package of Mega Stuf or Double Stuf Oreos, some pretzel sticks, candy corns, some candy eyes, and vanilla frosting, and you have a platter of the most adorable fall-festive Thanksgiving Turkey cookies EVER!

Since you do have to handle these cookies quite a bit, I’d recommend a pair of kitchen gloves or impeccably clean hands for everyone in the kitchen with you before beginning. 

The pretzel stick legs are just the tiniest bit thick to properly go into the Double Stuf Oreo cookie without a little help…

…So we recommend that you use Mega Stuf Oreos if you can find them near you! (And maybe limit the cookie count to just one or two per person—that’s a lot of sugar, whew!)

Build these perfect Thanksgiving cookie snacks with your kids, or even make it a whole family project when everyone comes to town!

  • Cutting Board for a working and cutting surface
  • Small Knife to cut the pretzel sticks
  • Kitchen Shears for opening packages
  • Butter Knife for spreading frosting as needed
  • Toothpicks for applying frosting to eyes and “beak”
  • Plate or Platter for serving


  • Mega Stuf or Double Stuf Oreos
  • Pretzel Sticks
  • Candy Corn 
  • Candy Eyes 
  • Vanilla Frosting

Tips for making Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies

• You can usually find candy eyes at a local Walmart, but in case they are nowhere to be found, you can get them off Amazon, too.

• Since the packages of candy, pretzels, candy corn, and Oreos seem limitless, you may only be limited by the number of eyes you have on hand. This package of candy eyes has exactly 24 eyes, which would make 12 of these Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies.

• Mega Stuff allows plenty of room for the pretzels and candy corns in the middle, but if all you can find is Double Stuff Oreos, use the frosting (included in the recipe) to “glue” the corns and pretzel sticks to the top of the bare cookie on the inside.

• Once the frosting has set and the pretzel sticks are secure, you can lean these cuties on each other, on table decor, or set into a bowl of M&Ms or candy corn (see photos). Standing gives them a lot more personality but they won’t stand up alone—they need a little bit of help.

The bottom line

These no-fuss charming little Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies are easy and fun to make.

Turns out fun snacks with Oreos really do make everything better, and the sweet-and-salty combination of the pretzels and everything else, make for a nice little festive snack!

Make sure you buy edible candy eyes for these and not craft googly eyes. The whole cookie needs to be edible and enjoyed. 

Like with all foods, monitor small children around tiny, hard foods like candy.

Want more fun festive snacks for fall? Here you go!

EASY Thanksgiving Turkey Cookie Recipe

EASY Thanksgiving Turkey Cookie Recipe

Yield: 12+ cookies
Prep Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour

Here’s an adorable Thanksgiving Turkey Cookie recipe that starts with a simple package of Oreos that even the littles can help with!


  • Mega Stuf or Double Stuf Oreos
  • Pretzel Sticks
  • Candy Corn
  • Small Candy Eyes
  • Vanilla Frosting, any color


  1. Because these cookies require a lot of handling, we recommend using sanitary kitchen gloves for everyone, and always impeccably clean hands.
  2. Have an adult use the sharp knife to carefully cut the pretzel sticks in half. Set the halves aside.
  3. Coming in at a slight angle, insert the 2 pretzel halves carefully into the white middle of the Oreo to represent the turkey legs. Then press 7 candy corns into the “top” part of white filling for the feathers, wide side up. Set aside.
  4. Note If you are using Mega Stuf Oreos and the candy corn and pretzels are staying in the cookies just fine, skip to #5 below, but… If the pretzels are popping off the Oreo tops every time you try to insert them, this is where you will need the frosting. Remove the bottoms of the Oreos (cream side) and set aside.
  5. One cookie at a time, apply a small dab of frosting to the tops of the pretzels and press gently into the inside non-white-stuff part of the Oreo. Then, you’ll need to apply 7 candy corns as “feathers” so above the turkey legs, use a toothpick to apply frosting to pointy ends of 7 candy corns so the wide side is up (see photos). If you are using Mega Stuf Oreos and the candy corn and pretzels are staying in the cookies just fine, skip to #6 below.
  6. Cap all of the cookies with the top Oreo, pressing gently. Add more frosting to loose bits as needed and recap.
  7. With a toothpick, pick up a dollop of frosting and apply to the back of the eyes. Press frosting-side of eyes to the top of each Oreo. Finally, add the top cookie back on and GENTLY press together. 
  8. For the beak, apply frosting to a candy corn, and point side down (facing the pretzel legs), press down gently so it sticks.
  9. Place on a serving platter. Store in an airtight container.

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