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25 Magical Harry Potter Snacks For Good And Not Evil!

25 Magical Harry Potter Snacks For Good And Not Evil!

For your next Harry Potter movie binge session, these 25 Harry Potter snacks will set you in the most magical mood!

Whether by broom, floo powder, or apparating, you will feel like you have been transported over to Hogwarts.

This collection of snacks will bring to life the classic book series.

If you want something sweet, savory, or just a tasty drink to wash down the snacks, this list has you covered with a variety of options!

Since watching all of the movies can take quite a while, you can be sure that you have a different snack fitting for the mood of whichever movie you are watching!

Some recipes come straight from the books and movies like Butterbeer, Chocolate Frogs, or Canary Creams.

Others have been inspired from the series like Pumpkin Howlers, Cheese Ball Cauldrons, and Golden Snitch Truffles.

This movie series is great to watch any time, both when surrounded by friends or by yourself, and these snacks will completely transform the movie experience!

Perfect for muggles and wizards to share, there is no need for a wand or special spell for these magical snacks.

Get ready for a new way to experience the wizarding world of Harry Potter and add some of these snacks to your movie night routine!

Fitting for the founder of Gryffindor house, this bread features the golden color Gryffindors are known for proudly wearing.

For the brave students needing a savory treat, this bread is a hearty way to fill up between classes.

For those of us who have yet to receive our Hogwarts acceptance letter, this snack will keep us happy while reading our favorite book series.

If there is one thing our favorite groundskeeper will do, it is try to make all of his guests feel welcome.

These rock cakes will be perfect to set out as a small snack for anyone visiting your home.

Fortunately, they taste better than Hagrid’s attempt and there is less risk of breaking your teeth on these!

Is your little one wanting a Harry Potter themed birthday?

Maybe you want a special treat for your next movie night.

Either way, these mandrake cupcakes are a must-have!

The faces made on the white mochi sitting on top of the chocolate “soil” will be screaming for you to dig in and enjoy!

Slytherins are known for being resourceful and fortunately, this recipe is a clever and imaginative way to enjoy pork pies.

Baked until the crust is golden, these pies are a delicious snack to keep you warm while studying in the dungeons.

Even if some time passes before you enjoy these and they have cooled down, these are still an amazing snack no matter what temperature.

Is it even a feast in the Great Hall if there aren’t cornish pasties being served?

These savory pastries are full of beef, onions, turnips, and potatoes.

You can make these by yourself, at home, without the need for house elves in the kitchen baking away!

And although these are usually made at Hogwarts for special feasts, you can enjoy these all by yourself for a feast of your own!

Despite this potion tasting foul in the books, this non-alcoholic concoction tastes amazing!

Polyjuice potion is a key tool used in the series and it will play a major role in your Harry Potter themed party!

With five ingredients, you get a special fizzy drink topped with a tangy sherbert and whipped cream!

If your party is focused on adults, you can add some liquor such as tequila, rum, or vodka for an extra kick.

This salad is a great way to enjoy a light and fresh dish to go along with your streaming of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Full of seaweed, cucumber, and calamari, you can enjoy this sea-food based salad without needing to dive into the Hogwarts lake for the freshest ingredients.

Enjoying Harry Potter themed snacks with your children is a tasty way to spend time together while indulging in your shared love for the magical world.

These broomstick snacks are incredibly quick to put together and straight-forward enough that the young wizards in your life can help put them together.

No wand or magic necessary!

Whether your friends are die-hard advocates for their house, or they are not sure what house they fit into, these cake pops make a fun way to see what house everyone would be sorted into.

Using blue, green, yellow, and red food colors, your cake pops will be colored based on each house’s theme.

To make it more fun, use white fondant to add wings to make snitches, or add black fondant or frosting to add glasses, a lightning bolt, or whatever else fits your theme!

Everyone who has read the Harry Potter books dreams of trying out this delicious drink.

Even if your trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios is not for a while, you can enjoy this drink yourself!

This recipe uses just four ingredients, and if you want to make it easier, you can use store-bought whipped cream and knock it down to three ingredients!

This creamy butterscotch drink will transport you to Diagon Alley, without having to leave your home!

All it takes is two ingredients and less than 20 minutes for a tasty addition to your favorite Harry Potter snack ideas!

Whether you want an effortless snack for your Harry Potter themed party or a trouble free dish for your movie session, these sorting hat dogs will cast a spell on all who enjoy them!

Chocolate frogs are an amazing choice for Harry Potter snacks to make with the kids!

You have the freedom to use whatever fillings you like, or keep it pure chocolate if that is what you prefer.

As long as you have a frog shaped candy mold and chocolate candy melts, you can make this sweet snack to bond with your Harry Potter loving kids, just like how Ron and Harry bonded over these when they met on the Hogwarts Express!

Ravenclaws are known for their intelligence and wisdom, and making this smoothie is a wise choice!

Even though it features frozen cauliflower, the blueberries, milk, and coconut butter balance out the flavors to give you a sweet treat you can enjoy guilt free.

Layer the flavors of this smoothie so you can make your own Ravenclaw scarf!

Even if you are pouring a glass of juice for your muggle friends, everyone is sure to enjoy this sweet drink.

Fitting for Halloween and the fall season, you should enjoy this drink all year round!

This pumpkin juice is full of fall flavors from the apple cider, pumpkin puree, and dash of pumpkin pie spice.

Serve this warm or cold, both ways will taste amazing!

This bewitching pastry is a sweet handheld snack that will remind you of Honeydukes Shop!

These pasties are full of pumpkin flavor but the real magic comes from the butterscotch baking chips added in.

To make it more fitting for the Harry Potter theme, go ahead and make lightning bolt shaped slits in each pasty for steam to escape!

If you are looking for Harry Potter snack ideas that make it feel like you just caught the golden snitch, how about golden snitch truffles?

This three ingredient treat is simple to make yet will dazzle everyone!

Even if these don’t lead to you winning the Quidditch game, you will win “Best Party Host” by far!

These Harry Potter rice krispie treats have an amazing chewy texture paired with the classic butterbeer flavor that fans will love!

Dipping the treats into a mix of butterscotch and white chocolate adds an extra touch of enchanting sweetness without causing your hands to get sticky and messy.

Pour a glass of butterbeer to go along with these treats and you are ready to enjoy your Harry Potter movie night!

You will want your own pensieve to remind yourself of how great this snack tastes once it is all done.

Made of just blue jello and whipped topping, this comes together quickly and is hassle-free.

Although you can make this with a friend, there is also a method for making it yourself.

Both methods result in a beautiful sweet snack for you to enjoy!

Whatever type of cheese ball is your favorite will make a perfect addition to this cheese ball cauldron recipe!

Simply coat your ball in poppy seeds or black sesame seeds to make your cauldron, and add a bit of guacamole for your potion.

Place your cauldron on top of pretzel logs and you have a little bit of Professor Snape’s potions class for yourself!

Molly Weasley is known to fill her homemade foods with love, and that love can be tasted through this recipe!

Whether you serve your meatballs with mashed potatoes, rice, or as is, these are a great bite-sized snack to serve your own loved ones!

Regardless of if you use mutton or ground lamb, these meatballs taste great with the chicken broth and onion based sauce made with them.

Getting a howler while at Hogwarts can be an embarrassing spectacle, but getting one of these pumpkin howlers at a Harry Potter themed party is a pleasant surprise.

While these fried pumpkin mascarpone envelopes will smell amazing, they need to be enjoyed after the eyes and mouth have been added in icing.

Don’t worry, if these are served at your party, these will be gone long before they have time to yell out a strongly worded message!

Friends of the Weasley twins know that accepting a snack from them is almost a surefire way to get yourself hexed.

These canary creams may not turn you into a large canary, but they will charm all who try them.

These buttercream-filled biscuits have a dash of lemon in them for an extra bit of zing.

Full of coconut and chocolate, these bon-bons will not necessarily cause your head to explode, but your tastebuds will be exploding from the flavor in each bite of these treats.

The popping candy topping adds more than just a crispy texture.

They transform eating these candies into an experience!

There is no way to forget Hufflepuff when putting together a list of Harry Potter recipes!

These yellow and black cupcakes are the perfect way to show your house pride.

Although Hufflepuffs are known for being hard working, these cupcakes will be an easy and quick way to share a delectable treat with all of the wizards in your life!

The bottom line

Whether you are the only wizard in a family of muggles, or want to celebrate the magical world with your friends, these 25 Harry Potter snacks will bring the magic to life!

While you are binging the movies or reading the books, grab some of these snacks to add on to the experience.

If you are joining a Harry Potter party, bring some of these treats to charm all who try your snacks!

25 Harry Potter Snacks

For your next Harry Potter movie night, these 25 Harry Potter snacks will set you in the most magical mood!


  • Edible Harry Potter Wands
  • Godric’s Bacon Cheddar Ale Bread
  • Hagrid’s Rock Cakes
  • Mandrake Cupcakes
  • Salazar Slytherin’s Pork Pies
  • Cornish Pasties
  • Polyjuice Potion
  • Gillyweed Salad
  • Nimbus 2000 Broomsticks
  • Sorting Hat Cake Pops
  • Butterbeer
  • Sorting Hat Dogs
  • Chocolate Frogs
  • Ravenclaw Smoothie
  • Pumpkin Juice
  • Pumpkin Pasties
  • Golden Snitch Truffles
  • Butterbeer Krispy Treats
  • Dumbledore’s Pensieve
  • Cheese Ball Cauldron
  • Molly Weasley’s Meatballs
  • Pumpkin Howlers
  • Weasley’s Canary Creams
  • Exploding Bon-Bons
  • Hufflepuff Blackberry Vanilla Cupcakes


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