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13 Best Puerto Rican Drinks To Satisfy Those Thirsty Tastebuds­čŹ╣

13 Best Puerto Rican Drinks To Satisfy Those Thirsty Tastebuds🍹

Thanks for stopping by! We have a list of our best Puerto Rican Drinks here to inspire you to try something different and new!
In the islands of the Dominican Republic, along the coasts of the Caribbean, we can find Puerto Rico, home of rainforests, savannahs, and beach resorts!

It also happens to have a multitude of drinks that can be considered to be among the best in the world.

Here are 13 Puerto Rican drinks that will take you on a journey of flavors!

These concoctions offer a lot of refreshments and a taste of Puerto Rico! 

From Coquitos to Piña Coladas, there’s something for everyone!

Try the Puerto Rican Fruit Milkshake if you’re looking for a sweet summer drink.

What about the Puerto Rican Sangria? 

These are the flavors of the Caribbean!

Then there’s #2 for the full Puerto Rican experience!

So ladies and gentlemen, grab your cups and mugs, and welcome to Puerto Rico!

Give it up for one of the most infamous drinks in Puerto Rico!

A lot of Puerto Rico ends with an o—Pitorro, Mojito, and Coquito.

This creamy coconut-based beverage will make you go, Woah!

In Spanish, Coquito means “little coconut”, usually, this holiday staple is an alcoholic beverage.

The adults in the family sit down every Christmas to enjoy this wonderful drink.

Sweet coconut cream is infused with warm spices like vanilla and cinnamon, then mixed with coconut milk for a silky finish.

And it’s your choice whether you mix it with rum or not; either way, this is an awesome drink.

If you want the full Puerto Rican experience, then I suggest you try the national drink of Puerto Rico, the Piña Coladas.

And it’s not just the usual Piña Coladas with coconut cream, pineapple juice, and rum. 

This version is infused with strawberries!

One of the best drinks of the Caribbean just got an uplift!

Creamy and silky coconut milk is mixed with fresh pineapple chunks, sweet-sour strawberries, and some zesty lime!

This feels like eating a fruit salad with an alcoholic twist.

Try this one, and you’ll love it!

Oh, here’s a fun drink for you folks who like to party.

Sangria is a Spanish drink that’s usually a mix of red wine, lemonade, fruits, and spices.

This Sangria is an incredible variation from the island of Puerto Rico that uses rose wine.

The drink gives off a premium vibe while being an authentic house blend.

Not only is this version zestier, but it’s also filled with floral hints from the rose wine.

Full of sweet flavors and a refreshing mouthfeel, this drink definitely hits the spot!

You’ve probably heard of the Mojito before; it’s a famous Caribbean drink that’s spread far and wide. 

If you wanna try it, here’s a good recipe for it!

Making alcoholic beverages has always been intimidating, we know. 

But worry not, this Mojito uses simple ingredients, and it only takes 5 minutes to make!

It mainly consists of a lot of lime and mint leaves resulting in an ultra-refreshing drink that’s also sweet and zesty! 

Finish it off with some rum, and you just got yourself a Puerto Rican classic to relish!

Looking for a bit of fun? 

You might be interested in this one.

It’s a lot of fun compressed in one cold glass!

If you can’t get enough of the Puerto Rican Coquito, then let’s take it to another level!

Why not mix it with some pistachio?

Mixing a nut blend with an alcoholic beverage? 

Why not? 

It actually is a brilliant idea.

The creamy and silky coconut drink is mixed with nutty and mildly sweet pistachios.

You wouldn’t expect how well coconut and pistachio complement each other.

The creaminess of the coconut mingles perfectly with the nutty pistachio.

Since colada is a popular drink, you must have heard a thing or two about it. 

Nevertheless, this version of colada will exceed your expectations!

Amaretto Colada is basically Piña Colada mixed with amaretto, which is an almond-flavored liquor.

Amaretto is also widely known and even has its very own holiday, which is celebrated every 19th of April
With the addition of amaretto, the drink becomes richer and nuttier. 

Who wouldn’t want more flavor in their drinks?

This mix is sure to melt all your stress away! 

Want something to make your life just a little bit sweeter? 

Here, take a sip of this sugarcane juice.

This thirst-quenching concoction is a sure way to beat the heat out of your system and improve your mood!

It’s sugarcane water; it’s as simple as that, right? 

Well, yeah!

But don’t be underwhelmed; the sweet extracts come from pressed sugarcane.

Then the juices are mixed with lime and some ice.

You won’t be disappointed with what it turns into.

A sweet and ultra-refreshing drink that comes with a little bit of zest!

Sometimes it gets irritating just how hot summer can get.

There are times when you just want to go to the beach but can’t.

So instead, why not try this Coconut Ice recipe? 

You’ll like it so much!

There are a variety of ways you can prepare this drink. 

You can use a bowl, popsicle mold, or whatever you have readily available in your kitchen.

It’s made out of coconut milk and coconut cream.

The drink is creamy and sweet; it’s nutty but not too overwhelming that you will get tired of it fast.

If you’re not expecting a chocolate concoction in a Puerto Rican drinks list, then here’s one to surprise you!

The classic coquito just got an upgrade – milky, nutty, and chocolatey!

Creamy, rich, and full of flavors.  

This drink is proof of the fact that adding chocolate to just about everything makes everything better. 

Even non-chocolate lovers will convert after taking a sip of this drink!

A taste of Puerto Rico in one shot glass, it doesn’t get more fun than that!

The Chichaito is a local favorite drink that will make you party like a Puerto Rican!

A bit of warning, though, this is a seriously strong alcoholic beverage that really tastes great. 

So you might get yourself drunk a lot faster because you won’t be able to keep count nor even think about how many shots you’ve had. 

It has a complex and distinct full-bodied flavor that avid drinkers will definitely enjoy.

The last ingredient you would ever expect from a drink is sesame.

And yet, it is what makes this drink ridiculously good.

It is creamy, made with black sesame seeds, and is a twist to the classic horchata that has always been made with rice.

You can even add vanilla bean almond milk for more sweetness and creamy texture.

The cinnamon and honey also give the drink a sweeter and deeper flavor.

A drink such as this will always be good whether you serve it warm or ice-cold!

A tropical punch will always be “in” during summer.

You gotta wonder though, just how many rum recipes does Puerto Rico have?!

There are several to mention, but Cherry Infused Rum is a tropical punch you will never forget!

This is a popular drink on a small island in Puerto Rico where a local fruit called quenepas is fermented in rum!

You’d expect that a premium and authentic blend such as this will give off a saporous taste.

But this version uses cherries and other tropical fruits instead!

Cherries, orange peel, and allspice liqueur are infused with sugar.

Fresh, zesty, sweet, and super refreshing, these are the words that would aptly describe this masterpiece!

Every child has at least tried one version of milkshake and craved it every summer. 

Even when you’ve grown as an adult, that feeling of excitement and longing when summer starts don’t just disappear. 

There is a kid inside all of us that enjoys having a milkshake to cool off the heat. 

It’s sweet, tasty, and cold! 

Milkshakes are just so bubbly and delicious!

With that in mind, you’d definitely wanna try this fruit milkshake!

Fresh mango pulp’s floral, sweet, and sour taste blend well with the sweet and creamy milk.

You can even add ice cream for more flavor and variety. 

After all the alcoholic recipes mentioned in this list, a down-to-earth and wholesome milkshake might just be the one you need to wrap up the day. 

The bottom line

When the heat becomes unbearable or when the day has become too stressful to deal with, a cool drink to relax and enjoy with your family or friends might be what you need to wrap up the day. 

Puerto Rican drinks have a lot to offer, and at least one of the ones we mentioned in this list will, for sure, suit your taste. 

Puerto Rican drinks are undoubtedly top-notch.

So don’t just sit there; try and make one of them!

Start mixing and satisfying your thirsty taste buds.

Looking for more Puerto Rican options we’ve compiled a list of 25 Authentic Puerto Rican Desserts that you should definitely check out.

Top 13 Best Puerto Rican Drinks 🍹

Top 13 Best Puerto Rican Drinks 🍹

Here are 13 easy Puerto Rican drinks that will take you on a journey of flavors!


  • Coquito (Puerto Rican Coconut Drink)
  • Strawberry Piña Coladas
  • Puerto Rican Sangria
  • Puerto Rican Mojitos
  • Puerto Rican Pistachio Coconut Nog
  • Amaretto Colada
  • Guarapo With Lime
  • Limber De Coco (Coconut Ice)
  • Chocolate Coquito
  • Chichaito
  • Black Sesame Horchata
  • Bilí (Cherry Infused Rum)
  • Puerto Rican Fruit Milkshake


  1. Find your favorite recipe from our Puerto Rican Drinks list.
  2. Gather all the ingredients needed.
  3. Start creating your drink and make us proud!

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