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17 Unique Averna Cocktails: Averna Sour, Clásico 1934 & More!

17 Unique Averna Cocktails: Averna Sour, Clásico 1934 & More!

Here are some unique Averna cocktails worth mixing, including Black Manhattan, Averna Sour, and more.  

Are you wondering if you can add Averna to your cocktail collection? 

There is no better way to try it out than by adding it to the classics!

Averna is an Italian bittersweet alcoholic beverage with sweet caramel notes and hints of honey and anise. 

It is a famous bitter liqueur that is thick and brown, thanks to the infused roots, citrus, herbs, and other botanicals mixed in to manufacture it. 

This liquor is perfect for sipping on the rocks, and there are many unique ways to mix it into other drinks. 

Averna features 27 different spices and herbs, so it tastes herbal and spicy. 

The beverage’s spectrum is bitter and sweet, so it is easy to drink, even though you take it straight. 

So if you are thinking of trying Averna, now is the time. 

To help you out, we’ve prepared 17 unique Averna cocktails you can make any time. 

It does not matter if you want something fun and new to sip the night away; these cocktails will surely hit the right spots. 

If you’re a fan of coffee-flavored cocktails, check out #11.

Pura Vida, which translates to “pure life” in Spanish, uses Averna amaro, mezcal, coffee liqueurs, and orange bitters

The cocktail has a smoky coffee flavor with hints of orange and a bitter aftertaste. 

The mezcal gives the drink a boozy base and an enticing fragrance. 

The Pura Vida makes for an incredible after-dinner sipper.

The Black Manhattan is one of the most well-known Averna cocktails. 

The classy cocktail swaps out vermouth for an Italian amaro

It is vital, boozy, and sweet, with hints of caramel and chocolate. 

Since the drink is classy and elegant, you can serve it at parties or any occasion. 

You can add Luxardo cherry as a garnish for an exquisite finish and to complement the drink.

Do you want a fun version of the classic lemonade?

Why not try Averna Limonata? 

It is a simple cocktail with only two ingredients: lemon soda and Averna. 

The cocktail is sweet, refreshing, tart, and nuanced, plus you can drink a few glasses without getting sloshed. 

It is an effortless cocktail to whip up at home and is ideal for cooling down on a hot day.

The Beatnik is a sophisticated cocktail where Averna shines. 

It is complex in flavor but easy to make as it only requires Averna, bourbon whiskey, and tawny port. 

Each ingredient brings a remarkable array of flavors to the drink. 

The bourbon adds a warming oak taste, the tawny port offers sweetness, and the Averna provides a herbal undertone. 

The Beatnik is a great after-dinner cocktail and is a fabulous way to end a meal. 

The Witty Comeback calls for Averna, simple ginger syrup, fresh lemon juice, and rye whiskey. 

It is strong yet sweet, with a spicy and tangy aftertaste. 

Although it is a boozy drink, it has enough alcohol content to give you the kick you’re looking for in a cocktail, but not strong enough to make your head fuzzy. 

This cocktail is best served at evening get-togethers as it is an incredible way to end your day.

Let bourbon shine with this spritz-filled Summer Manhattan cocktail. 

It is bittersweet, bold, and packs enough punch, but it is bubbly and light that it is suited for drinking any time of day. 

You don’t need any special tools to whip up this drink; you just need three ingredients: bourbon, Averna, and rhubarb bitters. 

If you want a short and evil cocktail, then The Devil’s Soul may just be what you are looking for. 

Combining unusual ingredients, including Avena, mezcal, Aperol, rye, and elderflower, in one glass makes it one boozy, smoky, and complex drink that will delight you. 

The Devil’s Soul is a great cocktail to serve at an afterparty or one you can order at the bar while you’re on a night out with your friends.

When the chilly evenings begin, and the snow falls, friends and family gather for a festive celebration. 

What better way to make it more special than to have this dreamy winter cocktail?

Winter Waltz is a rich, spiced drink that will warm your stomach on the coldest nights. 

It is a perfect sipper while sitting next to a fire or enjoying a hot bubble bath with your favorite scented candle burning. 

If you’re a fan of the classic Hot Toddy, you will undoubtedly be all up for the spiced version of it. 

Spiced Averna Toddy features warming spices like black peppercorns and cinnamon.

The Spiced Averna Toddy can jump-start your mornings, warm you up inside, and is a fantastic drink to have while you’re near a furnace on a chilly evening. 

Take one sip of the hot and comforting Toddy, and you will see how it became a favorite among Averna drinkers.

Are you put off by the bitter aftertaste of amaro? 

Then this Averna Cobbler cocktail will change your mind. 

Averna Cobbler is an accessible, creative drink with the right sweetness and fruitiness, thanks to a spoonful of marmalade. 

You can serve this to your guests at a party instead of a bowl of fruit punch, or you can have it at brunch with your friends. 

Do you need a morning pick-me-up?

If you do, you can give this boozy coffee cocktail a try. 

Coffee Amaro Cocktail is a caffeinated jolt that will liven up your day. 

It consists of cold brew coffee, half-and-half, Averna, and orange bitters. 

It tastes just like coffee but with a kick!

Whether you celebrate a holiday or a special occasion or have your friends over for a get-together, you can always find a reason to bring out the bubbles. 

And while champagne is more than adequate on its own, why not level it up with elderflower and Averna?

Combining these ingredients and adding St. Germain creates the right balance of sweet and bubbly. 

Bark at the Moon is a fun adult cocktail full of flavors thanks to the combination of rum, Averna, rye, sherry, cinnamon syrup, and bitters. 

You can garnish the cocktail with lime and star anise, an orange peel, or add sherry on top for a refined finish. 

Whatever you decide to decorate it with, the Bark at the Moon cocktail is rich, complex, and moody. 

The bittersweet character of Averna and its spicy notes merge seamlessly with the botanical kick of the rye. 

This cocktail is reminiscent of the classic Martinez but with a twist of its own. 

It is warm and festive and bound to have you craving another serving.

The Roman Highball is a refreshing and tasty drink similar to a Pimm’s Cup. 

With the combination of ginger liqueur, Averna, fresh lime juice, and soda, it is a fantastic drink at the end of a tiring day.

There is nothing better than relaxing after the end of a long and stressful day with a glass of Averna Sour in your hand. 

It is made with sweet bourbon and fresh citrus, which makes the drink more complex and earthy. 

The addition of Averna gives the cocktail a bit of a bitter flavor.

Combine everything with egg white to create a creamy and delightfully foamy finish.

Clásico 1934 is a modernized take on the traditional Manhattan. 

The rum is switched with Averna, giving the drink a bitter, sweet taste and fizzy texture. 

This cocktail captures the exuberant and exciting spirit of the hay day in Havana, Cuba. 

It was a time in the 1920s when people went to the island to experience its stylish and glamorous atmosphere. 

With every sip of this cocktail, you will feel sophisticated, like you’ve traveled back in time. 

Endicott Cobbler combines the tasty flavors of Averna with smooth sherry. 

The cocktail is quick to make and offers a variety of well-balanced flavors and aromas that blend perfectly. 

It has subtle nuances of cherries, chocolates, and oranges. 

It is a cocktail that is worth lingering over.

The bottom line

The world of Amari is vast and filled with options. 

They range from sweet and light to complex and bitter. 

If there is one feature that they all have in common is that they are perfect when paired with a meal. 

Averna is the most user-friendly option due to its natural sweetness and intense flavors. 

Its spice also makes it a great addition to any classic cocktail.

With its cinnamon and bitter orange notes, it captures the Sicilian spirit in a bottle.

17 Unique Averna Cocktails

17 Unique Averna Cocktails

Here are some unique Averna cocktails worth mixing, including Black Manhattan, Averna Sour, and more!


  • The Pura Vida
  • Black Manhattan
  • Averna Limonata
  • The Beatnik
  • The Witty Comeback
  • Summer Manhattan
  • The Devil’s Soul
  • Winter Waltz
  • Spiced Averna Toddy
  • Averna Cobbler
  • Coffee Amaro Cocktail
  • Averna Champagne Cocktail
  • Bark At The Moon
  • Roman Highball
  • Averna Sour
  • Clásico 1934
  • Endicott Cobbler


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