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Aye, Lass! Try 18 Of The Finest Scottish Desserts You’ve Ever Seen!

Aye, Lass! Try 18 Of The Finest Scottish Desserts You’ve Ever Seen!

Looking for delicious Scottish Desserts to put a fun and authentic “Scotch” spin on your dessert table?

You’re in the right place! Here’s just the right list of Scottish Dessert recipes here at!

If you are in search of a sweet breakfast idea then Drop Scones will be a nice choice, paired with a cup of coffee.

If you are preparing a menu list for your next tea party, try Chocolate Tiffin or Millionaire’s Shortbread.

The rich flavor of these desserts will not only inspire your guests but will also become your favorite Scottish treats.

I bet you try the Scottish Tablet, sweeter than fudge and addictive!

Looking for something scrumptious to wind up the supper beautifully then try Traditional Scottish Cranachan.

This festive dessert is easy to prepare with only four ingredients; oats, raspberries, whipped cream and sugar or honey as per your preference.

Spread the ingredients in layers as you do for a trifle and add malt whisky for a luxurious taste.

You can also add cream cheese and other fresh fruits.

This creamy dessert can be a perfect end to your meal.

Scones have been popular in Scotland for centuries.

These are simple flat cakes baked in an oven then served with cream, jam or butter on top.

They should be dense but not dry, with a loose crumb.

Try these sweet and savory scones to enjoy with your afternoon tea.

It looks like fudge and is super sweet like fudge, but the texture is different. 

While it has a short ingredient list, there is a trick to getting it to set properly.

You have to beat it vigorously for a couple of minutes and then whisk it until all the bubbles vanish then allow it to set.

It is worth giving it a try as this tablet melts in the mouth with a gritty texture from all that caster sugar, leaving you craving for more.

Scottish Dundee Cake is a popular traditional cake named after a place called Dundee in Scotland. 

This traditional cake is packed with currants, dried fruits, sultanas, fruit peels and the most important ingredient—Scotch Whiskey!

This rich, fruity cake is topped with a beautiful sequence of almonds and orange glaze.

Try this absolutely delicious cake to make your tea time even more lovely or tickle your tastebuds with its delicate flavors on Christmas Eve.

These simple and flavorful cookies are made with a buttery dough with a lovely hint of rose.

Not only are these cookies a treat to your taste buds, their aesthetic sight is also a treat to eyes.

Rose water Shortbread can be a lovely addition to an afternoon tea or could be served as a memorable dessert on a romantic dinner.

Try these out as a light and memorable treat.

Remember to garnish with edible rose petals.

The end result will be worth all the effort and time.

It is a biscuit-like bread that is baked whole and then sliced into triangles, which resembles a petticoat. 

Some say that the French name for wedges of shortbread is “petits gatelles” so that might be how it got its Scotch name.

These are simple and easy to make and it tastes great.

This treat with a tender, dense crumb makes a good, not-too-sweet dessert with a strong cup of tea, and makes a great gift too.

You can even enjoy these at breakfast too.

The sweet dollop of apple butter makes it irresistible.

All you need is some simple biscuit ingredients and apple butter.

These are simple to make.

Once you have it, you’ll surely crave for more.

This rich, no-bake dessert is a combination of semi-sweet chocolate chips along with gingersnap crumbs, a bit of corn syrup, and dried fruits.

All these ingredients can be munched separately but the combination is a lot more amazing.

Chocolate Tiffin is an easy recipe to follow, too. 

All you have to do is mix the ingredients up and chill it until it sets.

Bring the pan to room temp and the scrumptious little chocolate squares are ready to be devoured.

This dessert is named after a piece of cloth called “cloot”; traditionally the pudding was wrapped in a cloot and then steamed.

Packed with dried fruits, treacle (or golden syrup), beef suet, and heavy with fall spices, this dessert has a fascinating cooking method. 

Boiled, steamed, then baked, it’s a step-intensive recipe. 

Even if you’re not up for the creation, it’s worth reading about.
But if you are looking for a remarkable and authentic Scottish dessert can be a perfect addition to the menu list of your next tea party or dinner.

The good part is you don’t need to be a millionaire to enjoy this decadent dessert.

This rich and flavorful dessert has three layers.

First layer is the crusty shortbread.

Second layer is the super chewy and sweet caramel.

And the top layer is thick chocolate, altogether making a luxurious treat.

Mary Queen of Scots made it popular in the 16th Century.

If you are fond of rice pudding then you must try this recipe.

It’s a fun twist on the traditional puddings you may have had before.

This soft and smooth pudding with the goodness of barley will definitely inspire you.

The ingredients are simple.

You can also enjoy this traditional Scottish dessert at breakfast as it is not overly sweetened.

Try this simple yet flavorful dish as it can easily become a spotlight on the dinner table and everyone will crave for more.

If you are a potato lover then there’s big news for you !

Now we have a dessert that includes potatoes and coconut—an unlikely pair that goes great together in this recipe.

This yummy sweetened mashed potatoes turn out a bit like fondant, covered in a chocolate layer and topped with toasted coconut.

These golden brown crumbly and soft scones can be a sweet addition to your breakfast or snack time.

Simple and easy to make, these buttery, hefty scones are best enjoyed when warm.

The goodness of currants and dried fruits (cranberries or blueberries) inside will have you pairing these up with a hot cup of coffee on a chilly morning.

Here’s our recipe for Cinnamon Tea that will warm and soothe as a perfect pairing with these scones!

This beautiful and creamy dessert needs sponge cake, cream, fruits, strawberry sauce, a “biscuit” layer, and custard.

This trifle recipe offers up the steps for every single layer, but you may be able to find shortcuts too. 

If you are starting from scratch on everything, be prepared for an all-day affair in the kitchen!

Start by preparing a sponge cake, then almond macaroons, strawberry sauce, and thick custard then assemble everything in layers.

This deliciously sophisticated dessert has a perfect blend of flavors that will impress your friends and family at the dinner table.

This traditional Scottish dessert is a festive treat that is made days before new year as it takes time to mature.

This rich fruity cake is loaded with currants and raisins but you can also add any dry fruit you like. 

This needs to “cure” or mature before being eaten, so it’s best to prepare this weeks before you need to serve it.

It’s typically eaten during the Hogmanay on December 31.

The ingredient list is quite long but the end results will be worth all the effort and time.

It’s a truly unique creation compared to many American desserts, so put your Scot knowledge to the test with this traditional recipe!

This creamy dessert with orange juice and a wee bit of whiskey and a hint of porridge can be a perfect choice for individual servings that really pop!

Flummery is easy to prepare but needs a little planning beforehand as its basic ingredient is oatmeal water (soaked for 48 hours in advance of cooking).

Try this out as this Scottish delight will be a nice twist on the usual desserts.

These tempting chocolate orbs have a fluffy marshmallow on top, crispy biscuit at the bottom and covered in shiny and yummy chocolate coating.

The best part is the hidden raspberry jam inside, which makes it even more lovely!

This eye-popping dessert with the goodness of raspberry jam will make a cute addition to a teddy bear picnic or high tea.

It is easy to make and great for kids as these little creatures will love this sweet treat.

Are you short on time but still want to make something special for breakfast?

These look just like our version of pancakes, but they use a unique set of ingredients that are much like what goes into scones, thus the name.

These fluffy and soft griddle cakes can be a comforting snack too.

These are very quick and easy to make. 

Just prepare the batter and drop a spoonful on a hot pan, flip and cook til golden.

Drizzle some honey or maple syrup or butter and jam, if you like, and devour the fresh and warm drop scones.

The bottom line

If you are planning to put a delightful twist on your dinner table then try these Scottish desserts.

The Scottish Desserts are Worldwide famous because they never fail to inspire.

From beautifully assembled trifles to crumbly scones, from delish shortbread to rich chocolate tiffin, from smooth puddings to fudge-like tablets—every single dessert in this list is worth a try !

18 BEST Scottish Dessert Assortment!

18 BEST Scottish Dessert Assortment!

Looking for delicious Scottish Desserts to put a fun and authentic spin on your dessert table? We have the list for you right here!


  • Scottish Cranachan
  • Scottish Scones
  • Scottish Tablet
  • Scottish Dundee Cake
  • Scottish Rose Water Shortbread With Rose Water Icing
  • Scottish Petticoat Tails
  • Scottish Tea Cookies With Apple Butter
  • Chocolate Tiffin
  • Clootie Dumpling
  • Millionaire’s Shortbread
  • Scottish Barley Pudding
  • Scottish Macaroon Bars
  • Scottish Oats Scones
  • Tipsy Laird Trifle
  • Scottish Black Bun
  • Scottish Flummery
  • Chocolate Tea Cakes With Raspberry Jam
  • Drop Scones (Scotch Pancakes)


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