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30 BEST Dominican Appetizers To Satisfy Your Cravings! πŸ˜‹πŸ΄

30 BEST Dominican Appetizers To Satisfy Your Cravings! 😋🍴

We have compiled the 30 best Dominican Appetizers you should try at your next party or family gathering.

Hosting a party or simply making a meal plan for the family is such a big task.

But it’s normal to want to surprise them with new recipes from time to time. 

Why not let them travel through their taste buds!

We got you covered!

We guarantee that these dishes will give you the Caribbean vibes in every bite!

Most of the dishes we have on this list would require a bit of frying, but if you want less oil on these excellent appetizers, you can also use your air fryer.

The Dominican Stuffed Plantain Cups, Dominican Chimichurri Burgers, Batatas Fritas (Fried Boniato), and Dominican-Style Hot Dogs are just a few of the tasty recipes we have listed for you that are sure to bring a smile to your mouth with their deliciousness.

#18 is not your typical appetizer. 

Go check it out! 

Cheese lover?

These fried cassavas (Yuca) balls with cheese filling are a finger food you don’t want to miss at any party!

It may be small but exploding with cheese gooeyness when served hot!

You can also try this with or without a dip and still taste fantastic.

Another fryer appetizer that you can do effortlessly.

It’s made with flour dough and then fried, and that’s it!

Drizzle cinnamon sugar if you want it sweet, or just sea salt if you want it to turn into a snack.

Do you want a secret?

You can use a day-old oil (a bit used) to make it taste better.

You can create this crunchy appetizer with just six ingredients!

Combine all these ingredients and then fry until golden brown.

You can eat it cold, but if you like it to remain crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, make sure to consume it while it’s hot.

Quipes or Kipes is a popular Dominican picadera (party food).

These bite-sized appetizers are fried beef and bulgur mixed to create a meatball.

They said this is a Dominican version of a Lebanese appetizer called Kibbeh.

It is not your typical salad as it has boiled cob corn in it.

Yes, it has corn!

They also use pickled onion as part of the salad dressing.

Such a colorful salad it is!

Tostones are twice-fried green plantains to make them crunchy.

Cut green plantains, fry them, flatten them, and then fry them again.

Too easy!

You must try these with cilantro garlic sauce, and for sure, you’ll get hooked!

Dominican style of fried chicken you will surely love.

Marinated chicken with lime and garlic, coated with seasoned flour, then deep fry. 

To add flavor, you can use sofrito sauce or garlic mayo as a dip.

It’s a delicious banana leaf-wrapped dish your family and friends will enjoy.

They also call it Pasteles en Hoja, usually served during family gatherings in the Dominican Republic.
You can make large batches of this tamales dish, freeze some for later, and still be tasty!

This dish looks like empanadas, but instead of using wheat flour for the dough, they use yucca or catabia flour.

They are stuffed with meat, cheese, and vegetables and then deep fried.

Typical as street food, but you can create this as an appetizer or snack.

Close to Dominican empanadas, the only difference is that it is round in shape and has thinner dough.

You can stuff this with beef or marinated chicken filling with some veggies like spinach and chopped olives.

The tangy flavor of olives and all the spices make this staple stand out!

If you love burgers, you must try these Chimi Burgers!

The patty recipe for this burger is packed with flavors and is perfect for frying or grilling to give that smokey flavor.

You’ll get addicted to it after one bite!

It is a Dominican bread that will absolutely not disappoint!

It has a delicate outside crust.

And after a mouthful, you won’t be able to forget how scrumptious it tastes!

Lard and honey are the two ingredients you can’t take out from this recipe.

You can eat it on its own or with savory meat and sausages.

It looks like spring rolls, except that it uses cabbage as its wrapper.

Its savory meat with sofrito sauce will make a lovely addition to your small plates.

Here is another appetizer that is inexpensive yet filling and flavorful.

If you need to whip up something quick, this is your go-to appetizer. 

It’s sliced bread topped with sliced avocados, sauteed onion, and red bell pepper.

It’s simple, refreshing, and enough to keep you satiated until the next course.

These empanadas use dough that is extra buttery and crispy and thicker than pastelitos and formed in a semi-circle shape.

You can fry or bake it, depending on your preference.

It’s a Dominican casserole dish with french fries at the bottom, layered with beef and tomato, and topped with cheese and pink sauce (mayo and ketchup combined).

The preparation is almost similar to how Chili Cheese Fries are made, making this so popular!

Once you’ve had a taste, you can’t stop!

No need to fry; it’s perfect when it’s raw!

Raw seafood is cured in citrus juice with some spices. 

After mixing it all together, it’s ready to eat!

A very satisfying appetizer that won’t require a lot of ingredients and time to make.

Aside from plantains, Dominicans love Yuca or Cassava in their dishes.

This recipe is one that uses Yuca. 

Grate yuca using the smallest size grater, mix with other spices and then fry.

It’s that simple!

Chulitos are a typical Dominican appetizer: grated cassava with a cheese filling that melts in your mouth!

You can try it with a spicy beef filling or simply without filling, and it will still be as delightful.

You’ll usually find this served on a Christmas Dinner table but who says you can’t make this any time of the year?

Fried Boiled or roasted chicken mixed with spices, rolled in egg, and breadcrumbs make this a must-try.

You can make a pink sauce (ketchup, mayo, and sriracha) for your dip.

Isn’t just reading that enough to make your mouth water?

Appetizer and side dish in one plate!

Slice green plantains, fry it, and it’s ready to serve!

Add some sugar while frying if you like it; extra sweet.

For an easy-to-do appetizer, slice sweet potatoes like potato fries, add a pinch of salt, then fry.

Dominican fritters use fish instead of beef or chicken.

Want to know a secret to make this recipe even better?

Chill the batter overnight before frying to make the cod fish less salty.

Mash already fried green bananas, then fry again until crisp.

Meat, smoked ham, shrimp, vegetables, and cheese are the ideal fillings.

Sounds yummy!

It’s an ideal appetizer with gooey melted cheese, a touch of tequila to enhance flavor, and topped with chorizo.

Add jalapenos for a spicy kick.

An ice-cold beer will be a sure match to this dish.


It’s a bite-size dish derived from the Dominican’s breakfast dish Mangú made for buffets.

Chives are added, making this dish colorful without the overwhelming taste of onion.

Just be ready to line up for this before it’s gone!

It’s similar to Bacalaitos, except it uses eggplant.

It’s vegetarian, finger-licking-good. 

You won’t be able to resist taking one bite after another!

Are you having a barbecue cookout? 

This dish is an absolute winner if you want hotdogs on the grill.

With or without buns, it will still be great tasting!

You can have this with guacamole or Dijon mustard as toppings.

Making dishes that don’t require a lot of time doesn’t mean any of their flavors is sacrificed in the process. 

Dominican Fried Salami & Cheese is proof!

Partnered with garlic-inspired dip, this would be an appetizer you’ll never forget!

The bottom line

You don’t need to travel to experience something new. 

Surprise your family with any of the 30 Dominican appetizers we listed for you. 

We hope you have enjoyed this mini trip to the Dominican Republic and discovered the best appetizer recipes to be part of your next meal plan or party menu.

We are excited to hear your experience with each dish in the comment box below.

30 BEST Dominican Appetizers🍴

30 BEST Dominican Appetizers🍴

We have compiled 30 easy Dominican appetizers you should try at your next party!


  • Dominican Stuffed Plantain Cups
  • Dominican Republic Bolitos De Yuca
  • Yaniqueques (Fried Bread)
  • Arepitas De Maiz (Cornmeal Fritters)
  • Quipes-Beef & Bulgur Meatballs
  • Dominican Republic Green Salad
  • Tostones
  • Crispy Fried Chicken (Chicharrones De Pollo)
  • Dominican Tamales
  • Catibias (Dominican Yucca Empanadas)
  • Pastelitos
  • Dominican Chimichurri Burgers
  • Telera Bread
  • Nino Envuelto (Rice & Beef Cabbage Rolls)
  • Pan Con Aguacate (Avocado-Stuffed bread)
  • Dominican Beef Empanadas
  • Yaroa Dominican
  • Dominican Ceviche
  • Arepitas De Yuca
  • Chulitos De Yuca Con Queso
  • Chicken Croquettes
  • Fried Sweet Plantain
  • Batatas Fritas (Fried Boniato)
  • Bacalaitos (COD Fish Fritters)
  • Tostones Rellenos
  • Quezo Fundido With Chorizo
  • Mangú (Plantain) Breakfast Bites
  • Dominican Eggplant Fritters (Torrejas De Berenjenas)
  • Dominican-Style Hot Dogs
  • Dominican Fried Salami & Cheese


  1. Find your favorite recipe from our Dominican Appetizers list.
  2. Gather all the ingredients needed.
  3. Start cooking and make us proud!

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