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11 Easy Rhubarb Cocktails 🍸

11 Easy Rhubarb Cocktails 🍸

Here are 11 easy rhubarb cocktails that highlight this underrated ingredient! Enjoy everything from a Rhubasil Cocktail to a Rhubarb Paloma.

Rhubarb has a tart, fruity, and unique flavor that works well as a dessert.

Many people include rhubarb in desserts and pastries, but rhubarb cocktails are something that works really well, too!

Although rhubarb is usually an indication that spring has started, you don’t need to wait for spring to get the refreshing feeling that these cocktails can bring you.

These 11 rhubarb cocktails highlight the unique taste of this vegetable (that’s actually treated as a fruit in most recipes) to bring you a unique drinking experience. 

If there are any in this list that you should not pass up, they’re Miami Vice and Rhubarb Gimlet.

You will also not want to miss #4 because of the perfect and surprising blend of flavor happening in the cocktail. 

What are you waiting for? Let’s start mixing up some cocktails!

Strawberries and rhubarb always work so well together, so much so that they are the perfect pairing when it comes to recipes.

That is the reason why this recipe will no doubt be a favorite.

This recipe will need some effort and time from you, but once you’ve finished mixing all the ingredients together, it’s more than worth it.

The key to this recipe, though, is not in the rhubarb but in the lime.

To unlock the delicious flavor of this mojito, use freshly squeezed lime and nothing else.

Frozen, canned, or anything else just doesn’t cut it.

If you want to make the most of this, go fresh!

Another great and popular pair for rhubarb is basil, and with this Rhubasil Cocktail recipe, you will understand why they’re always chosen to be together.

The mild, spicy-sweet taste of basil perfectly complements the unique tartness of rhubarb.

They just work!

It does not take an expert to copy this one.

This recipe is simple because all it takes is mixing in all of the ingredients—and there isn’t a lot—and you now have a Rhubasil Cocktail that you will not be able to stop thinking about.

Margaritas are amazing on their own, but this Rhubarb Margarita recipe really takes it up a notch.

Before you can make the margarita itself, you have to simmer your way through a rhubarb simple syrup that’s really the key to this recipe.

The tartness of rhubarb is a great pair with the sourness of the margarita. 

It’s like they are a match made in cocktail heaven!

And you know what’s really great about the Rhubarb Margarita recipe?

The simple syrup used in this recipe can be used for rhubarb-based dessert recipes.

The Vanilla Rhuby Slipper is the most summery it can get when it comes to rhubarb cocktails.

Rhubarb, vanilla, and rosemary aren’t the most common ingredient pairings, but they surprisingly work well in this cocktail.

The main ingredients mellow out the taste of the vodka, creating a cocktail that can be enjoyed even if you’re many glasses in.

If you want a cocktail that’s not too strong, this is the best option you have.

The mellowed-out flavor of all these ingredients makes it tame enough, but it does not lose its appeal.

Gin and Tonic is a classic drink, and it is one of the best cocktails to put rhubarb in.

The reason behind this is mainly because the unique and tart notes of rhubarb just mix well with the sweet notes of gin and tonic.

Doing this recipe can leave you with a lot of leftovers, but it’s not a problem.

The rhubarb solids left from the simple syrup can be used for other recipes, while the syrup can be used for other cocktails.

If you want to switch up this refreshing cocktail, you can use club soda instead of tonic water.

Fruity cocktails are amazing because they give you a whole lot of fun and refreshment.

You can never go wrong with a fruity cocktail like this recipe.

The name of this cocktail should already fill you in on what to expect.

Rosemary and rhubarb might be an unusual pair, but their flavors work well to even the taste of each other out. 

To make sure that you’re making this cocktail work, don’t press too hard when you’re crushing the rosemary.

It’s meant to aid in the recipe and not overpower the whole thing. 

If you keep this in mind, you can make a killer Rhubarb Spring Fling Rum cocktail of your own.

Give a drink a cool name like “Miami Vice,” and it will really be hard not to be curious about it. 

This recipe uses cayenne pepper, which gives the cocktail just the right amount of spice to be memorable. 

There’s not a lot of spice happening in the drink, but there is enough to give you a little kick.

With such a good kick, you would think it’s complicated to do this recipe. 

That’s not the case because this recipe is very simple to follow, one that anyone can do.

This cocktail will give you an image of sophistication and perfectly warm weather. 

So be sure to serve it up every time you have the chance, or you miss the opportunity to be transported to a refreshing environment.

A gimlet is very much like a gin and tonic, but it’s with gin and lime!

Pair it with rhubarb, and you get this uniquely refreshing drink that you can enjoy any time of the year.

This simple and easy-to-follow 3-ingredient cocktail recipe is an energizing drink that looks as beautiful as it tastes.

However, do not be fooled by its beautiful color because you can make this even if you’re new to making cocktails.

It’s the perfect drink for a cocktail (or rhubarb cocktail) beginner.

Moscow Mule is a classic but put in some rhubarb, and you get a unique twist to a classic and well-loved drink.

The rhubarb adds a blush of pink to the classic drink, which makes this pretty to look at.

However, it doesn’t end there because it’s the perfect blend of tangy and sweet.

This drink is not only all about the looks because the taste will not let you down.

It’s just the perfect refreshment for spring and summer.

Pro tip: Drink this with lots and lots of ice!

Ice might mellow down the taste a little bit, but it adds to the appeal of the drink.

If you want to enjoy some delicious cocktail without all the guilt that the sugar in it brings, this recipe is for you.

This Rhubarb Fizz Cocktail can also be called a rhubarb mimosa, and it’s perfect for a spring brunch out or an early dinner cocktail.

With this, you will feel like you’re lazing around in the Caribbean!

The simple syrup in this recipe is sugar-free, but it doesn’t take out a lot from the unique taste of the rhubarb and the cocktail itself.

If you enjoy the taste of this unique rhubarb fizz cocktail, you can drink more of it without the alcohol.

Simply switch the alcoholic drinks with soda water, and add more rhubarb simple syrup to even out the taste.

Really, you can go a little crazy on the rhubarb simple syrup, and it will all be free of guilt. 

A Paloma does not get enough recognition as a cocktail, but it’s one that can amaze you, too.

The Paloma is a mix of grapefruit soda, tequila, and lime, served on the rocks. 

Bring in rhubarb to the mix, and this cocktail will blow your taste buds away.

Sweet and tangy play around in this recipe, but they all work well together.

The key to making this the most delicious it can be is by using fresh ingredients, especially freshly-squeezed grapefruit.

The additional treat of this recipe is that it looks just as wonderful as it tastes.

It might be hard to drink it when you see that the color the mixture makes is so beautiful, but once you sip it, you will never have enough.

The bottom line

Once you try any kind of rhubarb cocktail, you will never get enough.

It may not be the first ingredient to come to mind when it comes to switching up your cocktails, but it’s the ingredient that definitely adds a unique twist to classic and common cocktails.

Although rhubarb is only bountiful in the summer and spring, if you make enough leftover rhubarb simple syrup, you can enjoy these cocktails all year round.

No matter your thoughts on rhubarb, these recipes will give you a different perspective and taste of the unique ingredient. 

Try these, and maybe you can experiment until you come up with one that fits your taste the most!

Easy Rhubarb Cocktails

Easy Rhubarb Cocktails

Here are 11 easy rhubarb cocktails that highlight this underrated ingredient! Enjoy everything from a Rhubasil Cocktail to a Rhubarb Paloma.


  • Strawberry Rhubarb Mojitos
  • Rhubasil Cocktail
  • Rhubarb Margarita
  • Vanilla Rhuby Slipper
  • Rhubarb Gin & Tonic
  • Rhubarb Spring Fling Rum Cocktail
  • Miami Vice
  • Rhubarb Gimlet
  • Rhubarb Moscow Mule
  • Rhubarb Fizz Cocktail
  • Rhubarb Paloma


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  2. Pick out the ingredients needed for the dish.
  3. Mix then enjoy immediately!

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