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☘️ 30 Best Irish Foods: Luck Of The Irish Brought To Your Kitchen ☘️

☘️ 30 Best Irish Foods: Luck Of The Irish Brought To Your Kitchen ☘️

This list of 30 Irish Foods is proof that Irish cuisine is more than the usual cabbage and potatoes.

It’s time for you to take your palate on an adventure, the Irish way, without leaving your kitchen.

The recipes are great for comfort food, for festivities, on St Patrick’s Day, or even for your everyday meals.

Take your pick from the classic Shepherd’s Pie, a scrumptious Irish Potato Soup, good ol’ Colcannon, or any of the recipes listed here to excite your taste buds.

Grab your tartan, call your friends and enjoy a good laugh as you try out our recipes.

Slainte! (That’s cheers in Irish.)

A tray of hot cross buns with raisins, a steaming cup of coffee, and a white napkin on a wooden table.

Best Irish Foods

1. Shepherd’s Pie

A Shepherd’s Pie is great for chilly days and long nights as it leaves you full and comforted.

You can substitute the ground beef for ground lamb and play around with the available vegetables.

If you do not want to use wine in your cooking, use beef broth or chicken broth with the same amazing results.

2. Irish Seafood Chowder

With all the ocean surrounding Ireland, they are bound to have some amazing seafood recipes.

This Irish Seafood Chowder does wonders for your taste buds and you will be asked for seconds.

If fresh seafood is not accessible, frozen and canned will work just fine.

3. Irish Potato Soup

This hearty yet creamy old-fashioned potato soup will soon be your go-to for a quick weeknight meal or when you need some comfort food.

The best part is the ingredients are pantry staples you probably already have and you will be done in less than an hour!

Add some ham or bacon to the soup so it “sticks to the ribs” and serve it with the Irish Brown Bread.

Keep reading for a recipe for Irish Brown Bread.

4. Irish Apple Cake

This is perfect for when the sugar cravings strike and I even add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to add to the sweetness.

The same recipe will make cupcakes if you use a cupcake pan and bake for 30 minutes instead of 45.

5. Irish Brown Bread

This bread tastes and feels like a cross between a cake, a biscuit, and a bowl of cereal.

Need I say more?

Enjoy it by itself or slather it with some homemade Irish butter recipe or your favorite jam.

Go nuts and try this walnut butter or almond butter on top too.

6. Guinness Chocolate Cake With Irish Buttercream

Grab this recipe for the days that require chocolate and beer.

If you do not want to use beer in your cooking, substitute the Guinness with a full-fat cola or coffee and enjoy the same amazing taste.

The irresistible cake is a dream come true for chocolate lovers and one slice will not be enough.

7. Irish Beef & Guinness Stew

This recipe will require patience from you but your taste buds will be rewarded and you will be back for seconds.

The vegetables are tender, the beef will literally melt in your mouth and everything tastes yummier the next day.

Serve as-is, over some mashed potatoes, or with your Irish bread.

8. Irish Slow-Cooked Corned Beef

Using a Crock-Pot means less work for you and leaving it on low means your beef will be incredibly tender and the veggies flavorful.

If you are a fan of less work like me, use whole, creamer potatoes although any potatoes will work with this recipe.

9. Ballycotton Fish Chowder

This recipe can be adjusted easily to suit your needs with the only essential being a smoked fish such as salmon.

Turn the chowder into a meal by serving it with Irish Brown Bread any night of the week.

10. Colcannon

Think creamy mashed potatoes, lots of butter, and some kale and cabbage to give it a green pop perfect for St Patrick’s Day celebration.

Make it extra special by using Irish butter. 

11. Irish Bread Pudding With Whiskey Caramel Sauce

This is perfect for date night, a celebration of life, or a moment of much-needed indulgence.

For more flavor, soak the raisins in whiskey beforehand, and if you can substitute the raisins with chocolate chips.

The whiskey in the sauce and in the bread pudding gives it a double kick of whiskey, making this a perfect dessert for adults.

12. Dublin Coddle

This is easy comfort food made of Irish potatoes, sausages, onions, and bacon cooked in one pot with amazing results.

You can use chicken broth, ham broth, or a Guinness Stout like me with the same finger-licking results.

Brown bread to mop up your bowl is advised.

13. Traditional Irish Boxty

These easy-to-make potato pancakes are crispy and fluffy and are a great addition to any breakfast meal you have.

Pan fry as small boxty cakes or make one giant boxty in your pan which is then cut up just like you would a pizza.

The proper Irish way would be to cut it up as a cross to let the fairies out.

14. Irish Champ

Unlike Colcannon, which uses kale or cabbage, the Irish Champ uses chives and green onions for its colorful pop and unique flavor.

This is a great side dish best served alongside cabbage, sausages, beef, or bacon with some gravy on the side.

15. Irish Barmbrack Bread

This easy recipe yields a speckled fruit bread whose aroma will have everyone eagerly waiting for the chime of your oven’s timer.

Slice, toast, and butter it for a small taste of heaven that you and yours will want every time.

16. Irish-Style White Pudding

White pudding is not a dessert but a sausage filled with many things like oatmeal, bread, animal fat, pork meat, etc and you will find it in most Irish breakfasts.

The same recipe with some blood in its ingredients will give you a black pudding that tastes nothing like blood.

Try it—see what you think…

17. Irish Stew Pie

Baking your leftover bowl of Irish Stew into a pie is simply genius and you get a  comforting and filling dish perfect for a slow evening.

Add some flour to thicken your stew so your pastry is not soggy and it stays inside the pastry.

You will wonder what you have been doing with your leftover stew all your life when you tuck it into your buttery pastry hiding your savory stew.

18. The Irish Yellowman Candy

Who doesn’t like to hammer their dessert?

This traditional treat from Ireland will leave you thinking of honeycomb toffees or something that has fallen from a pot of liquid gold!

Fights have started over who gets to take any leftovers so make as much as you can handle.

Try this Pumpkin Spice Irish Coffee for a dash of fall flavor.

19. Classic Irish Coffees

You will not need any bartending experience or fancy gadgets to whip up this concoction.

All you need is some Irish whiskey, sugar, hot coffee, and real whipped cream.

Easy peasy.

20. Full Irish Breakfast

Get ready to feast like a King or a Queen!

This is a hearty meal perfect for when you need some pampering and when you have a long day ahead of you.

Serve it with Irish bread for soakage and wash everything down with a tea or juice of your choice.

21. Traditional Hot Cross Buns

These fluffy buns are sweet and lightly spiced making them a delicious breakfast treat.

An old Irish rhyme goes “Half for you and half for me, between us two, good luck shall be” meaning if you share your bums with someone, you will remain friends for a year.

You don’t need to wait for Easter to share this recipe with your friends.

22. Garlic Rubbed Roasted Cabbage Steaks

This is an easy-to-make side dish that goes with just about anything making it quite popular in most households.

A bite into the caramelized leaves of the cabbage and the crispy edges will convert any critic into an avid cabbage lover.

Don’t believe me?

23. Irish Roasted Salmon

This is an easy recipe that comes together in 30 minutes and is perfect for most nights as a family or with guests.

The Irish Whiskey will elevate the simple salmon to gustatorial heights you will need to savor slowly thanks to the accompanying flavors.

Serve it with some vegetables like asparagus or some colcannon.

24. Lasagna The Irish Way

This dish is comforting, full of flavor, and not too heavy making it a personal favorite.

Pair it with some Irish bread and a salad and all your guests will leave happy and satisfied.

25. Irish Parsnip Soup

This is a great dish that is both creamy and comforting.

The combination of parsnips, spices, and apples is simply divine and there will be requests for seconds.

Serve it with Irish Bread for a filling lunch or as a side dish alongside some ham or pork chops.

26. Pickled Eggs

It’s an Irish thing!

This is a great recipe for breakfast, snacks, or for a sandwich filling and is a great alternative to Scotch eggs.

If you tie a ribbon around the jar, they will make an interesting hostess gift.

27. Creamy Irish Potato Mushroom Soup

This is a soup that is so luxurious and filling that everyone will ask for more.

Use any type of mushrooms you have or even combine a few types for more flavors.

This recipe is good especially if you have picky vegetable eaters as all will be blended and they will gobble everything up, none the wiser!

You will need some Irish Bread to mop your bowl.

28. Irish Stacked Potato Bites

These are basically potatoes stacked on potatoes, some cheese and then more potatoes!

The Irish love their potatoes and so will you with this easy recipe.

But don’t take my word for it.

29. Irish Bangers & Mash

This is a great recipe for a family gathering and for intimate parties.

This meal is ridiculously uncomplicated and sticks to your ribs.

30. Grandma’s Irish Soda Bread

This classic recipe is quick and easy and your bread will be ready in under an hour.

You will need baking soda and not yeast for this bread.

Serve it with jam, some traditional Irish stew, or some cheese.

I like to eat mine freshly baked or toasted but it can keep for up to two days.

The bottom line

There you go.

30 Irish recipes for you to work through and play around with until you find those that work best for you and yours.

These cozy traditional recipes from the Emerald Isle will take you to the Irish countryside and make you feel like you are in an Irish farmhouse.

Get fired up and have fun with these amazing ingredients and recipes as you nourish your body and soul.

More Irish Recipes

Top 30 BEST Irish Foods ☘️

Top 30 BEST Irish Foods ☘️

This list of 30 Irish Foods is proof that Irish cuisine is more than the usual cabbage and potatoes.


  • Shepherd’s Pie
  • Irish Seafood Chowder
  • Irish Potato Soup
  • Irish Apple Cake
  • Irish Brown Bread
  • Guinness Chocolate Cake With Irish Buttercream
  • Irish Beef and Guinness Stew
  • Irish Slow-Cooked Corned Beef
  • Ballycotton Fish Chowder
  • Colcannon
  • Irish Bread Pudding With Whiskey Caramel Sauce
  • Dublin Coddle
  • Traditional Irish Boxty
  • Irish Champ
  • Irish Barmbrack Bread
  • Irish Style White Pudding
  • Irish Stew Pie
  • The Irish Yellowman Candy
  • Classic Irish Coffees!
  • Full Irish Breakfast
  • Traditional Hot Cross Buns
  • Garlic Rubbed Roasted Cabbage Steaks
  • Irish Roasted Salmon
  • Lasagna The Irish Way
  • Irish Parsnip Soup
  • Pickled Eggs
  • Creamy Irish Potato Mushroom Soup
  • Irish Stacked Potato Bites
  • Irish Bangers & Mash
  • Grandma’s Irish Soda Bread


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