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35 Tasty Pasta Sauces To Elevate Any Pasta Dish ๐Ÿ

35 Tasty Pasta Sauces To Elevate Any Pasta Dish 🍝

In any pasta dish, a good sauce is key; find the perfect sauce in this compilation of 35 yummy pasta sauces, all of which can elevate your pasta recipes!

Global survey or not, we know it’s true.

From indulgent comfort food to elegant masterpieces, pasta dishes are some of the most beloved worldwide.  

Pasta is a blank canvas for various yummy flavors, textures, and even cooking methods.

What makes any pasta dish complete is the sauce. 

Creamy, cheesy, rich, herby, bright, sweet—pasta sauces are so tasty in so many ways! 

You’ll fall in love with pasta over and over again with our list of 35 pasta sauce recipes.

If you’re looking for something indulgent, you’ll enjoy Italian Béchamel Sauce.

For something fresh and herby, try out Green Spinach Pasta Sauce.

Check out #35 for something loaded with sauce.

If you’re looking for a sauce you can whip up in no time, try this recipe.

Anchovies might be your next secret weapon in the kitchen.

The fishy taste will disappear as the sauce cooks, leaving only an intense umami taste.

This recipe is all about decadence!

It is a rich, velvety sauce with lots of heavy cream and Asiago cheese.

This cheese is one of Italy’s hidden gems.

It has an aged flavor similar to parmesan, but it is more nutty and creamy.

Want an Alfredo sauce recipe that’s Alf-ready in 5 to 10 minutes? 

We got you covered!

Parmesan cheese’s strong savory taste is enough to make this cream sauce so flavorful.

You can eat the blues away with this blue cheese sauce.

Blue cheese is definitely an out-of-the-box ingredient in any dish, but it fits right in this recipe.

Cream and spinach balance the intensity of the cheese while allowing its unique flavor to shine.

Basil is so easy to grow in your backyard.

If you have too much basil on your hands, this recipe is for you.

This sauce is herby, sweet, and fragrant—great for the summer!

With a food processor, you can make this all-green sauce in a flash.

Pistachios have a mild sweetness that can highlight the savory notes of basil.

Try this sauce for your next pasta dinner.

A good marinara sauce is a must-have in any home cook’s arsenal of dishes.

Slow-cooking the tomatoes brings out their bright red color and concentrates their sweetness. 

It’s always worth making a big batch of this sauce because it’s so good.

We’re always up for vibrant green sauces!

This vegan recipe gets its savory taste from the spinach, basil, and parmesan cheese combination. 

You won’t regret mixing this up.

Looking for a way to use kale

You’ll enjoy this recipe!

The leafy green has a robust flavor that’s great with pasta.

A squeeze of lemon adds a pleasant zest to the sauce.

Here’s a pro tip: massage your kale to help break down its fiber. 

Spice up your next family gathering with this recipe.

This sauce has an intense color and a slight kick balanced by the cream. 

San Marzano tomatoes are an excellent pick for this sauce, but feel free to use any tomato you have.

Why is this sauce so rich?

It’s because it has a lot of cashews!

When blended, they make the sauce creamy and give it a velvety mouthfeel.

Cashews taste even better when lightly toasted in dry heat.

Want to cook something new in the kitchen? 

Check out this recipe!

The savory tomato and squash purée is so smooth—perfect for pasta!

You can roast squash halved to make them soft and easy to scoop out of their peels.

Surprise your significant other with a luxurious home-cooked meal for your next date night.

You might need to splurge on this one, but it’s worth it.

Truffles have a strong aroma and flavor and can elevate any dish to a restaurant-quality masterpiece.

Their exquisite meaty taste is highlighted in the simple cream and cheese sauce.

Chunky and meaty, bolognese sauce is always a family favorite.

The low-and-slow process allows the meat and tomatoes to cook down nicely.

If you cook a large batch, you can freeze the bolognese for next time.

This sauce uses only four ingredients to make.

Make it five ingredients with the pasta, and you’ve got a rustic meal ready to go in 20 minutes.

It is so easy to add your twist to this sauce. 

You can pair it with shrimp, chicken, or even bacon!

Did you know that Pomodoro sauce means tomato sauce in Italian?

It’s no surprise that plump, juicy, and flavorful tomatoes are the star of this recipe.

Since this sauce is so simple, using the best quality ingredients goes a long way.

For maximum flavor, use ripe tomatoes.

You can’t have too much garlic, right?

Garlic superfans would agree!

This sauce is so versatile that you’ll be drizzling it over anything.

Garlic has a profoundly nutty and sweet flavor that’s nicely carried by the cream.

Craving something with some heat?

This sauce gets a nice kick from red pepper flakes.

Pair it with bread so you can pick up the sauce.

An avocado sauce? 

We’re just as surprised as you are!

Get this: it’s also a no-cook recipe.

Cilantro and lemon juice gives the sauce a refreshing taste that pairs well with creamy avocados.

This easy tomato sauce might be your next go-to.

Small cherry tomatoes are cooked in olive oil over low heat until they are soft enough to burst.

The oil gets infused with the wonderful flavor of tomato, garlic, and herbs.

Pop the tomatoes on the plate for a flavor explosion.

Looking for a one-pan sauce recipe?

Try out this recipe!

It takes an hour to make but requires so little effort.

All the ingredients are baked in one pan until they are nicely roasted.

This gives this sauce a nice caramelized flavor from the fennel.

Tangy, creamy, and briny cream cheese is an excellent ingredient for a well-balanced sauce.

It’s yummy already on its own, but adding butter, herbs, and spices takes it to the next level.

All out of cream cheese? 

You can use ricotta cheese or other substitutes instead.

If you’re a spicy thrill-seeker, you’ll love this recipe.

Take your pick of chili peppers to use depending on your desired heat level.

Serrano peppers can pack a lot of heat, but you can use the milder jalapeño instead.

Vegan food is delicious, and this recipe proves it.

When cooked well, tomatoes can be a good source of meaty, umami flavor.

The vegetable stock also adds a sweet, roasted taste to the sauce.

Peas have a subtle savory taste and a buttery texture that’s good for sauce.

They have a mild, clean flavor with the cream.

The sauce is great for pairing with hearty ingredients like fish, chicken, and other proteins.

This white-themed recipe might be your next favorite.

The acidity of dry white wine nicely complements the slightly salty taste of the clams.

Parsley also gives a much-needed brightness to the sauce.

Browning butter is an extra step, but it makes a huge difference in flavor.

When browned, butter develops a complex nutty flavor that’s very pronounced.

It’s a life hack for baked goods, so it’s a sure way to add depth to this recipe.

Did you know that Béchamel is one of the five mother sauces in the cooking world?

It’s because it’s so versatile.

Butter, flour, and milk make this sauce so creamy.

Use it as is for lasagna, or add your own twist.

We love cured meat in our sauces.

Pancetta is like bacon in so many ways but without the smoke.

This makes it great when working with other flavors.

White wine and tomatoes make for a rich but balanced sauce.

You can serve this sauce as a tasty side dish.

The diced eggplant soaks up the rich flavor of olive oil and tomato sauce.

Apart from pasta, you can also use this sauce with french fries or pan-seared chicken breast.

It’s hard to “beet” this brightly colored sauce.

Vibrant red beets give this sauce a satisfyingly sweet and floral flavor that gets intense when roasted.

A touch of lemon with the cream and cheese livens up this sauce.

Make this recipe your own by using other types of beets.

Using alcohol in your sauce is a surefire way to elevate your cooking!

Vodka is great because it won’t overpower the other flavors in the sauce.

The tomato gets a picture-perfect silky color in this recipe.

Amaze your dinner guests with this delectable sauce.

Balsamic vinegar has a deep, complex sweetness and acidity that can add depth to any recipe.

You can use this as a pasta sauce on its own or brighten up a fresh veggie pasta salad.

This sauce has four kinds of cheese and a whole lot of flavor.

It mixes mozzarella, white cheddar, provolone, and asiago—yum!

You can put in more mozzarella cheese if you want a nice cheese pull.

The bottom line

Flavorful can mean so many different things when it comes to pasta sauces.

Made with cream, fresh and roasted veggies, cheese, or tomatoes–all recipes on our list are absolutely yummy.

You can let your creativity shine, but you can always visit our list if you need some inspiration.

Tasty Pasta Sauces

Tasty Pasta Sauces

In any pasta dish, a good sauce is key; find the perfect sauce in this compilation of 35 yummy pasta sauces, all of which can elevate your pasta recipes!


  • Creamy Mushroom Pasta Sauce
  • Puttanesca Sauce
  • Asiago Cheese Sauce
  • Alfredo sauce
  • Blue Cheese Pasta Sauce
  • Homemade Pesto Sauce
  • Pistachio Basil Pesto Sauce
  • Marinara Sauce
  • Green Spinach Pasta Sauce
  • Kale Pasta Sauce
  • Spicy Tomato Cream Sauce
  • Cashew Sauce
  • Butternut Squash Pasta Sauce
  • Truffle Pasta Sauce
  • Bolognese Sauce
  • Fresh Tomato & Basil Sauce
  • Pomodoro Sauce
  • Garlic Spaghetti Sauce
  • Roasted Red Pepper Marinara
  • Creamy Avocado Sauce
  • Burst Cherry Tomato Sauce
  • Tomato Fennel Pasta Sauce
  • Cream Cheese Pasta Sauce
  • Fra Diavolo Sauce
  • Vegan Spaghetti Sauce
  • Green Pea Pasta Sauce
  • White Clam Sauce With Linguine
  • Brown Butter Sage Sauce
  • Italian Béchamel Sauce
  • Amatriciana Pasta Sauce
  • Eggplant & Tomato Sauce
  • Beet Pasta Sauce
  • Vodka Sauce
  • Balsamic Pasta Sauce
  • Four Cheese Garlic White Cream Pasta Sauce


  1. Pick one or more options from our list of Pasta Sauces here!
  2. Start creating your new favorite sauce.
  3. Share and comment! Did you make any changes to make it even better?

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