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Mexico’s Best Street Food Recipes: 35 Tempting Dishes To Try

Mexico’s Best Street Food Recipes: 35 Tempting Dishes To Try

Take a bite out of Mexico’s most famous street food at home with these 35 Mexican street food recipes!

There’s a lot more than tacos, burritos, and nachos to Mexican street food than meets the eye!

Mexico’s culture never ceases to amaze, and that goes double for the country’s street food!

Mexicans eat these street cart snacks all day long, whether on their way to school or work or just as a snack to wind down on their way home.

In this bustling city, thousands of stalls and carts are open from morning till night, serving a steady stream of diners.

Small tacos filled with braised or grilled meats, as well as fresh fruit bowls and paletas, are some of the best and most well-known Mexican dishes.

Everything you’ll find on this list is made with the freshest, most flavorful ingredients possible.

Have you ever had the delicious Molletos?

For a sweet and fruity treat, have you ever tried Bionicos and Raspados?

If not, a fantastic pleasure awaits you!

Plus, don’t forget to try #34; you won’t believe how good it is!

Expand your gastronomic options by experimenting with some of these fantastic street food recipes.

We’ve got a lot to cover, so let’s get started!

When churros are in sight, people’s eyes widen, and their sugar cravings kick in!

Fried dough covered in sugar and cinnamon is an enticing combination.

There is nothing quite like the crispy and light doughnut-like flavor of a churro in the world!

In Spanish, the word “gorditas” means “little fatties.”

It’s a play on the fact that they’re stuffed corn tortillas and that if you consume too many of them, you’ll also look like one.

Shredded chicken or pulled pork fillings go nicely with these crunchy exterior and tender inside corn cakes.

You’ll wonder why you didn’t make taquitos at home sooner once you try this recipe!

A simple but flavorful ground beef filling is wrapped in flour tortillas and topped with zesty pico de gallo, sour cream served with salsa or guacamole—it’s a filling snack!

They’re better than frozen and are ideal for a quick weeknight meal or party starter.

Flautas are essentially crispy tacos that have been rolled.

Seasoned savory meat is stuffed into flour tortillas, which are then deep-fried to a crisp.

Now, are Taquitos and Flautas the same?

No, they’re not.

Flautas use flour tortillas, while Taquitos use corn.

Your day will be sweeter and cooler if you have some Raspados!

Strawberries and other delectable fruits, such as tamarind and mangos, are used as garnishes to top off this delightful kind of shaved ice.

This recipe for Raspados is a sweet and refreshing treat that melts in your mouth!

There’s nothing quite like a mouthwatering combination of salty, tangy, spicy, and sweet tastes all together in this Elote dish!

Grilled corn is then coated with various condiments, including mayonnaise, butter, lime, cotija cheese, chili spice, or Mexican crema that makes it so flavorful.

Having these Tacos Al Pastor on hand makes taco nights even better!

To make tacos al pastor, marinate the pork in a sweet-salty sauce and grill it until it is soft and juicy.

The mix of sweet pineapple and smokey pork is simply irresistible!

Grilled pineapple, yellow onion, and cilantro top the tacos for a festive supper fit for a holiday.

The ingredients to make a handful of these Molletes are likely already in your kitchen.

Refried beans on bread smothered in cheese and baked to a golden brown are all needed to make this dish delicious.

Also, it’s a fantastic pick-me-up for any time of day because of how filling it is!

Pillowy, moist, and incredibly flavorful, these Pork Tamales are a joy to eat!

One of the many variations of tamales, this dish is named after the filling: a delicious pork stew made with aromatic spices and chilies.

These tamales, stuffed with pork and simmer gently in a red sauce, are ideal for sharing with your loved ones.

The soft and fresh bolillo rolls are the ideal base for creamy avocado, cheese, crunchy lettuce, and salty ham.

Toasted bolillo rolls add a rich buttery flavor to the sandwich while crisping it up a bit.

This recipe for a ham torta sandwich is a work of art!

Imagine this simple sandwich turned into a delectable, stunning masterpiece full of spices and herbs, aromas, and mouthfeel that are specific to Mexican cuisine!

Smoky and slightly spicy flavors from Guajillo sauce make this sandwich so good!

You might think of it as an inventive take on a sandwich!

Light and crispy with a salty but not overpowering flavor, this dish lends itself well to flavor experimentation.

This Chicharrones recipe will satiate your craving for something crunchy!

Just before serving, you can add some hot sauce to the mix for an extra kick.

Salbute, a Mayan-inspired deep-fried tortilla meal from the Yucatán peninsula, is a Yucatecan specialty.

Inside these flour tortillas, you’ll find bright and flavorful shredded chicken with fresh cabbage slaw and slices of jalapeños for a little extra heat.

With the pleasant crunch of each mouthful and the tasty fillings, you won’t be able to eat just one!

Tacos stuffed with creamy cheese and refried beans are coated in vibrant red tomato sauce.

Incorporating Crema into the tangy, bright tomato sauce elevates Entomatadas to a whole new level of flavors.

Also, don’t forget about the savory bright, fresh, and zesty toppings you can add!

Indulge your taste buds with this tasty entomatadas recipe.

Tostada translates as “toasted” in Spanish.

It’s the best of both worlds: a crispy, flat tortilla stuffed with the best taco fillings you can imagine!

Grab some toppings and get ready to devour them all.

No worries, Tostada’s messiness adds to the fun!

Nothing in the world compares to a slow-cooked pork that’s fall-apart tender and crisped to golden excellence!

As a result of the slow cooking, the meat retains all of its natural juices, making it even more enjoyable.

This is the meat for your burritos, tortillas, sandwiches, tacos, and anything else you can think of!

Lusciously creamy, zesty, and cheesy, with just the right amount of seasoning, this Mexican corn salad is heaven on a plate!

Serve them warm with a spoon cup for the most authentic Mexican street food experience.

Masa dough is used to make this Mexican delicacy, filling with anything from onions, cheese, mashed beans, and salsa.

Oval in shape, the dish looks like a football and is often cooked on a hot comal.

Think of it as a bean-filled tortilla with all the tart, vibrant, and savory toppings you could ever want.

Want a comforting soup to go with these? We have the list for you!

Warming enchiladas loaded with queso fresco are drenched in a savory creamy 
black bean puree in this dish.

When making Enfrijoladas, remember not to skimp on the black bean sauce.

You can go for a smoky, thick, and creamy sauce.

It is so inviting that you’ll keep coming for more!

Barbacoa meat is traditionally grilled over an open flame.

Yet, you can save time by using your slow cooker instead!

As a result, the dish has a tender, crumbly texture and just the right amount of heat from the chipotle peppers.

The sauce enhances the meat’s richness and versatility, making it ideal for filling burritos, enchiladas, tacos, and or making even a quesadilla out of it!

With Mayan roots and egg-filled tortillas, Papadzules are a classic Mexican delicacy.

A creamy pumpkin seed filling and egg-filled tortillas stand out in this recipe.

The salsa chiltomate brightens up the richness of the sauce, which otherwise would have been drowned out by the subtlety of the seeds.

In Yucatan, many restaurants and outdoor cafes serve this meal for breakfast.

Camotes, a sweet potato dish topped with condensed milk and jam, is a traditional street dessert in Mexico City.

Although it may seem odd, you’ll be surprised at just how deliciously it works!

Camote carts emit a distinctive strong whistle when steam is vented from the oven used to prepare the sweet potatoes, making them easy to spot before you see them.

Try this fantastic burrito recipe the next time you’re in the mood for something hearty, complete, and wholly satiating.

The best burritos come in many shapes and sizes and may be stuffed with anything from beef and chicken to vegetables and rice.

Cinnamon, chocolate, and vanilla are just some of the many flavors and fillings that can be added to Pan dulce (sweet bread).

You’ll notice the bread’s unique fluffiness, sweetness, and buttery flavor in every bite!

These brightly colored Mexican breakfast snacks are a crowd-pleaser.

Crispy tortillas filled with bubbling, juicy and cheesy goodness are a surefire way to get the attention of anyone.


Because of the array of choices for the filling, this dish appeals to both meat lovers and vegetarians.

There are many uses for tamarind, including sodas, candies, and this delicious Tamarind beverage!

Tamarind trees thrive in tropical climates like Mexico producing pods of fruit that are both sour and sweet.

Icy-cold, this zesty, fruity, and refreshing Mexican beverage can be made with just three ingredients!

Want a bit more bite to your drink? Try these Mexican Cocktails.

28. Sopes

To make sopes, Mexicans use a thick corn tortilla as a wrapper for various delicious fillings and sauces.

It tastes just like the tamale’s outer coating.

As a result, they’re crispy and salty, which creates an excellent taste combination.

If you’re throwing a party, these are great as a main course or as Mexican appetizers.

Is it a taco?

No, these are Mexican pizzas!

In this recipe, you’ll find Oaxaca cheese, which contributes a mild buttery flavor and creamy, chewy, and melt-in-your-mouth sensation to the dish.

It’s a soft, crunchy crust, meaty, and bursting with bright flavors!

When it comes to cold beverages, few can match the creamy sweetness of this traditional Mexican concoction, including overtones of cinnamon and vanilla.

Horchata’s mild flavor goes well with just about every Mexican meal, but it’s especially welcome when you’re indulging in some of the more fiery fares!

Horchata, a thick, milky drink, acts as a palate cleanser and dilutes the heat in a dish.

Here’s our recipe for a Mexican Martini, for a sweet-and-sour bite!

Something like these Chalupas, which are made from scratch, have a much richer and deeper flavor.

Adding your favorite toppings is the finest part of this dish.

Whether you want more meat, cheese, or vegetables in your meal, it’s on you!

It’s like having a party in your mouth with each bite.

We bet you’ll be making these Homemade Huaraches a lot!

Huaraches are delicious corn masa cakes in the shape of an oval.

To make these tortillas, you only need two ingredients: water and masa harina.

Your best-loved salsa could be drizzled on top of this dish.

One of Mexico’s best-known delicacies.

Unlike American-style popsicles, paletas are made with fresh and natural ingredients rather than preservatives or artificial flavorings.

It’s exciting and delectable to see juicy and chunky fruits transform into a soothing dessert—wow!

Paletas make a great after-dinner treat or refreshing snack, and there are countless variations to try.


Then these thin shrimp tacos are just what you’ve been looking for!

It’s creamy and garlicky, with a dash of lime juice and cilantro— it’s like a burst of deliciousness!

Also, the smoky chipotle sauce compliments Tacos De Camarones perfectly.

35. Nachos

Let’s not forget the all-time favorite Nachos to round out this list of Mexican street food recipes!

Lots of chips, tender meat, beans, and vegetables, all topped with a mountain of cheese—this is pure heaven!

Creating and indulging in authentic nachos is a game-changer.

Your favorite movie and these nachos will make for a wonderful evening together with friends or family.

The bottom line

Mexico’s street food is diverse, with a wide range of recipes that can be eaten while on the go.

These street foods consist primarily of grains, fruits, and vegetables, ensuring that you get a delectable, full of flavor, and vibrant meal!

Now that the best Mexican street foods are within your reach, enjoy!

35 BEST! Mexican Street Foods

35 BEST! Mexican Street Foods

Take a bite out of Mexico's most famous street food at home with these 35 best Mexican street food recipes!


  • Bionicos (Mexican Fruit Salad Bowls)
  • Churros
  • Gorditas
  • Taquitos
  • Flautas
  • Raspados
  • Grilled Mexican Street Corn (Elote)
  • Tacos Al Pastor
  • Molletes
  • Pork Tamales
  • Torta De Jamon
  • Pambazos
  • Chicharrones
  • Salbute
  • Entomatadas
  • Tostadas
  • Carnitas
  • Esquites (Mexican Grilled Corn Salad)
  • Tlacoyos
  • Enfrijoladas
  • Barbacoa
  • Papadzules
  • Camotes Enmielados
  • Burrito
  • Pan Dulce
  • Quesadillas
  • Tamarind Agua Fresca
  • Sopes
  • Tlayudas
  • Horchata
  • Chalupas
  • Huaraches
  • Paletas
  • Tacos De Camarones (Shrimp Tacos)
  • Nachos


  1. Prep your weeknight for a Mexican Street Food feast!
  2. Choose a handful of these scrumptious recipes.
  3. Start cookin’ and chewin’ and your guests will be raving!

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