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23 Leftover Lamb Recipes That Will Make You Hungry For More

23 Leftover Lamb Recipes That Will Make You Hungry For More

Still, have a lot of leftover lamb? Check out these 23 best leftover lamb recipes.

When you’ve cooked up a feast, leftovers are to be expected. 

Don’t worry, because we have these phenomenal Leftover Lamb Recipes that you can check out.

Use these recipes for inspiration and a guideline so you can craft your own, or follow them to a tee! It’s up to you!

You might want a Lamb Stew on a cold day or maybe a Leftover Lamb Curry to spoon over some white rice. 

Or try Lamb Gyros, Lamb Ragu, and even Lamb Salad!

#12 will surely pique your interests and your taste buds as well!

The flavors of spring come together in this light broth.

The mirepoix is a hearty and wholesome dish that infuses the broth with a mellow, delicious flavor.

It’s incredible how you get to eat your leftovers in a comforting fashion.

Pita bread and meat, name a better combo than these two!

Instead of throwing your leftovers in the trash, throw them into some pita bread—you won’t regret it!

These savory Lamb Gyros are infused with a creamy, mellow, and subtle sauce that will balance out the flavors of the entire dish.

Try this one if you’re opting for another rich bowl of flavors after your feast!

Saporous and full of umami, this dish is aromatic because of the combination of spices.

It also has a complex and rich flavor; pour it on white rice and enjoy!

The usual lamb meat for curry seems a bit expensive. 

This curry is just as good but using leftovers instead!

This dish is rich and fragrant and a wonderful delight to the taste buds.

The velvety curry sauce coats the leftover meat, ensuring that each bite is as good.

Lamb sandwiches? 

Why not?! 

This might be everything that you’re looking for in a fantastic brunch.

Leftover shreds of lamb between 2 airy bread sliders with some feta cheese and garlic paste paired with herbs.

It doesn’t get any better than this.

The cheese and garlic paste complements the lamb well as it brings that salty, creamy, and savory flavor with a hint of spice.

One of the best casseroles you’ll ever have is the Leftover Lamb Casserole.

This bubbly casserole is best served hot, tasty, and cheesy. You’ll love making this!

Even better if you have some crusty bread to scrape the juices with, it’s so good.

Give your regular toasted white bread a twist using some lamb leftovers!

This is the perfect picnic snack. 

The salty tapenade accentuates the dish with a hint of olive.

Pleasantly salty is the perfect title to express this dish!

Imagine making some pizza for lunch using last night’s dinner leftovers.

This is it!

Pack that crust with some leftover lamb, sweet onions, cheese, and pepperoni, and you have this smoky, sweet, and flavorsome pizza crust!

Your family and friends will appreciate you more for cooking this one.

Sometimes all we want is to grab our leftovers and chuck them in with some rice, then munch!

The leftover lamb is marinated in some soy sauce and vegetable marinade to break the intense flavors of the lamb.

This will make the lamb more delicate and succulent.

If you’re planning to cook some rice bowls and have leftover lamb, make this one!

A meat stew will always be saporific, so why not make one with some lamb leftovers?

The lamb infuses the broth with its robust and flavorful, smokey taste resulting in a rich soup base.

Combining broth, vegetables, and spices makes everything come together.

Not only is it silky, but it’s also a delicious experience.

Turn your leftovers into a fiery and flavorful dish!

Tender and juicy lamb doner mixed with raw Balinese Sambal.

The Sambal turns the dish into a spicy festival of flavors.

Perfect to pair with some beer or wine.

The flavors of this leftover lamb on a stick will stick to your taste buds like adhesive!

Leftover Lamb marinated in olive oil, garlic, and some spices.

It’s incredible how little pieces of meat can go to such lengths in terms of flavor because of some meticulously prepared ingredients.

Kebabs are the bomb-diggity!

Ditch the utensils for now—it’s time to eat and savor your leftover lamb with your hands.

This is a perfect meal to serve at a family dinner; everyone can customize it how they like.

Leftover lamb wrapped on a piece of pita bread and drizzled with the tangy and refreshing tzatziki sauce.

A dish such as this will make you want to keep eating.

This dish will become your favorite leftover lamb recipe.

Pasta and lamb sound nice together, but they also taste lovely together!

Red wine will be the base of the pasta sauce. 

It brings a full-bodied and deeper flavor than anything else.

Throw some green spices in there, and you got yourself a vibrant and satisfying sauce to go with your lamb.

One of the best Indian staples can be made with some leftover lamb!

This is one of the best rice meals you can make with leftover lamb.

I don’t think the rice will be bland; it’s been infused with numerous spices such as cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, and even star anise!

Mix that flavorful rice with the rich lamb, and you’ll have a mouthwatering meal to enjoy.

It is aesthetically pleasing, but the dish’s name also sounds lovely, and, most importantly, it tastes terrific!

This is a quick and easy gourmet dish that you can make at home.

It’s almost unbelievable how good and premium this dish is while it only takes a short amount of time to make.

If there’s something in this world better than a grilled cheese sandwich, then it’s the Lamb Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

It’s just so cheesy and creamy, so addictive!

Add to that the perfect morsels of leftover lamb, and this is a sure-fire way to get rid of your leftovers in a tasty manner!

If you’re still undecided about what to do with your leftover lamb just hanging around, you might want to consider this flatbread.

The lamb has been sprinkled with a Moroccan spice blend and some onions to infuse it with that freshness and zest.

Combined with a touch of lemon garlic yogurt sauce, you just got yourself a delectable dish that’s not only full of flavors but can also be adjusted to your liking.

Pilaf is usually just white rice mixed with whatever needs to be used up, whether meat or vegetables, so making a pilaf is ideal for eating your leftovers.

The remaining lamb essence and meat juices or gravy from the leftovers will heavily impact the flavor of the white rice.

This dish is just so good, a good twist on a Turkish classic.

It is a dish full of complex flavors, yet you can enjoy it in its utmost simplicity, lamb fried rice.

It’s very filling and easy to make.

Just mix the ingredients.

That’s it, and your leftovers will be gone in no time!

Reuse your leftover lamb. 

Wrap them up with some tortilla wraps, and enjoy!

The meat is infused with the creaminess of the yogurt and the fresh flavors of fennel and pomegranate, a perfect contrast to the rich lamb dish you just had last night!

And it’s so easy to make as well!

Every continent has its version of pasta, but this time, welcome the version of pasta that utilizes leftover lamb.

The leftovers were already marinated in rosemary and butter, giving it that distinct, full-bodied flavor.

The pasta and eggplant will ensure that each bite will fill and warm you up inside.

The bottom line

Leftovers can be discouraging to eat sometimes because you just had them, had enough of their flavor, and don’t want to eat the same thing again!

However, with these 23 leftover lamb recipes, you won’t even notice you’re using the same meat to make them!

All of these recipes give out a unique taste and experience. 

So grab your leftovers from the fridge and cook up one of the recipes from this list!

23 Ways To Use Up Leftover Lamb 🍴

23 Ways To Use Up Leftover Lamb 🍴

Got leftover lamb? Check out these 23 best leftover lamb recipes.


  • Lamb Salad With Eggplant, Pomegranate & Tahini
  • Leftover Lamb & Spring Vegetable Soup
  • Lamb Gyros With Tzatziki Sauce
  • Leftover Lamb Rogan Josh
  • Leftover Lamb Curry
  • Lamb Sliders
  • Leftover Lamb Casserole
  • Leftover Lamb Sandwich
  • Greek Lamb Pizza
  • Lamb Thai Rice Bowl
  • Leftover Lamb Stew
  • Leftover Lamb Doner
  • Lamb Kebabs
  • Leftover Lamb Pita Board
  • Leftover Lamb Ragu
  • Leftover Lamb Biryani
  • Lamb Ratatouille
  • Lamb Grilled Cheese Sandwich
  • Leftover Lamb Flatbread
  • Turkish Lamb Pilaf
  • Leftover Lamb Fried Rice
  • Lamb Wrap
  • Leftover Lamb Pasta


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