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Labor Day Party Recipes: 30 Absolutely Festive Recipes For Everyone

Labor Day Party Recipes: 30 Absolutely Festive Recipes For Everyone

It’s been so long, summer.
Labor Day is almost upon us. And while summer’s about to end virtually everywhere in the US, here in Texas, heat’s just about to peak. 

Call me a recluse or antisocial, but I don’t exactly feel like being soaked up in the sun. I try to stay inside as much as possible.
But this is exactly one of the many reasons I’m able to prepare a lot on the table during this occasion. 
Today, however, is quite special as I’m about to share my all-time favorite Labor Day party recipes. 

And I’m telling you: This list has something for everyone- from appetizers, main dish, sides, beverages, to desserts!
Finally, these recipes are all uber easy to make!

1. Air fryer mozzarella sticks

If you haven’t jumped on the air fryer bandwagon, you’re seriously missing out. 

Such is the case with these mozzarella sticks gloriously prepped by this nifty appliance!
Finally, mozzarella sticks are just about one of the surest ways to entice the crowd. 

They’re crunchy, and the molten cheese that comes out from them is downright tasty. 

And when dipped in homemade marinara sauce, the party should surely get started.
Here’s the recipe.

2. Bacon-wrapped pickles

If you’re on the hunt for an appetizer that dares to stand out without all the bells and whistles, then these bacon-wrapped pickles are bound to give you early applause. 
Not only unique by default but bacon-wrapped pickles are also almost always the first food to disappear in any party. 
And like most of our entries here, this one only contains a few ingredients, with just five minutes of prep time!

3. Parmesan tomato chips

Tomato season is finally upon us. And if you’re fond of something crunchy and salty, these parmesan tomato chips are certainly a must-try! 

The bigger your harvested tomatoes are, the better treat you and your guests are in for!

There’s nothing more enjoyable than thicker chips, right?
Enjoy the recipe here.

4. Pickle sushi

A perfect snack, you ask? Say no more. 
Pickle sushi features just about everything you’ve been asking for a snack. It’s salty, a little sour, and positively cheesy – all of which are rolled by pickles into perfection.
Pickle sushi features shredded cheddar cheese, cream cheese, and deli shaved ham lunch meat.

5. BLT cups

Seriously addicting and are made to wow the crowd with a presentation that’s second to none, BLT cups are easy to make – making it all the more attractive.
Meanwhile, the BLT mix can be prepped in advance and kept refrigerated. Now, while olive oil is used conventionally, one can never go wrong with butter.

6. Zucchini nachos

Do you think tortilla chips are getting more ancient by the day in the nachos game? 

You’re not alone. 

Thankfully, people have already gone above and beyond their usual and thought of replacements that could only very well serve your best interests.
I’m talking about these cool zucchini nachos! 

These low-carb nachos make use of zucchini slices, replacing tortilla chips, alongside the ground chicken in place of beef. 

Both of which are a healthier alternative to traditional nachos.
This recipe yields six servings.


1. Huli huli chicken

There’s never been a time more appropriate to flaunt the pineapples than having them on your table during Labor Day. 

And the Huli huli chicken is inarguably the best dish to show them off.
This Hawaiian dish includes ginger, garlic, soy sauce, something saccharine, and something acidic like pineapple juice.
Check out this recipe.

2. Summer panzanella

Utterly delicious and filled with colors only this dish can afford to boast, summer panzanella is the best side or main dish to end summer.
This summer panzanella recipe is also ultra-quick and straightforward to make. It features buttery crusty bread, thinly sliced fresh basil leaves, and English cucumber.

3. Ribs supreme

If you feel like bragging about your newly-found grilling skill at a party without your guests painstakingly waiting for it to be done, then this ribs supreme recipe might very well be for you!
My eleventh pick only requires fifteen minutes of grilling time! 

The trick behind its swift prepping up is steaming the ribs in the oven for an hour up to two days before you barbecue it.
Behold the recipe right here.

4. BBQ teriyaki pork kabobs

One of the simplest ways to include kabobs for summer grilling is through BBQ teriyaki pork kabobs. 

On the other hand, this recipe I’ve stumbled upon is notorious for being easily adaptable, especially if you’re only adding your prized veggies.
BBQ teriyaki pork kabobs is also best served with rice and a simple, green salad.

5. Southern-style buttermilk fried chicken

For a sure crowd-pleaser, nothing ever beats fried chicken. 

But during Labor Day, this southern-style buttermilk fried chicken takes the experience up a notch!
This down-home recipe I’ve found and been using for almost every occasion boasts a buttermilk marinade that is to-die-for.
And although the recipe requires more patience than most of the entries here, you’ll know the wait is well worth it once you catch a whiff of comfort food that’s about to be served!

6. All-American burger dog

This one-handed burger dog is all proportioned to perfection – one that’s also easier to consume than a regular cheeseburger! 
Without going for the obvious, whenever you want something very American that’s also relatively easy to prepare, nothing ever comes close with the all-American burger dog!
Here’s the recipe.


1. Pineapple bun burger with peach salsa

This pineapple bun burger with peach salsa won’t only be a fantastic addition to your burger rotation but should ultimately get you longing for an extended summer vacation.
This Mexican-inspired burger recipe uses grilled pineapple, which brings out that much-needed sweetness, while the rest of the burger keeps it a bit tart and tangy.

2. Tomato bun sliders

Definitely eye-catching, positively mouthwatering. 
These tomato bun sliders taste like summer, no doubt. They also come with low carbs, which is a stroke of genius. No more regular buns, YAY!
This recipe features six yields.

3. Cheddar bacon ranch corn

When your corn is embellished with just about all the best in the world, you know you’re in for a treat! I’m talking about this cheddar bacon ranch corn recipe, which also happens to be gluten-free!
The cheddar bacon ranch corn comes with eight ingredients: cooked bacon, freshly ground black pepper, and softened butter.

4. Pizza egg rolls

In the world of hybrid dishes, pizza egg rolls are indeed a standout. And when you serve them, be sure to know how to control the crowd. 

Please don’t tell me later that I didn’t warn you about this.
Pizza egg rolls are super crispy, laden with a pizza surprise inside. 

Its insides consist of savory ground beef, sliced pepperoni, and shredded mozzarella of your choice – all of which culminate to a Labor Day celebration that’s full of surprises.

5. Bunless cheeseburger bites

Not fond of crumblings and squirts while Labor Day-partying? These bunless cheeseburger bites bust right through that problem! 
Perfect for parties, family gatherings, and family game nights, there’s a reason why bunless cheeseburger bites are ideal for Labor Day. 

They’re also essentially gluten-free and are definitely for guests with a keto diet.

6. Grilled Italian sausages with white bean and avocado salad

Looking for a side that impresses upon freshness and newness all at the same time? 

Well, your search is over with the grilled Italian sausages with white bean and avocado salad.
Other highlights of the grilled Italian sausages with white bean and avocado salad are the Cannellini Beans and fresh, chopped parsley.
Here’s the recipe.


1. Giant chipwich cake

Talking about hybrids and out-of-the-box party recipe ideas during Labor Day, why not whip this giant chipwich cake up, and you’ll thank me later for your guests who simply couldn’t have everything from it despite its massiveness.
Easily the most attractive feature of this giant chipwich cake is that, while it’s gigantic, this recipe is quite easy to make! 

And the ingredients, you ask? You only need three!

2. Magic cookie bars

These no-fuss, utterly delicious cookie bars are loaded with coconut, nuts, and chocolate. 

These are then finished off with extra layers of classic favorites such as caramel, chopped candies, and peanut butter.
You simply can’t beat a classic, especially if you’re having these magic cookie bars as one of your entries for the sweet-tooth.

3. Banana bread blondies

Banana bread and blondies are some of the best combinations of foods you’ll ever find in the dessert world.
But this banana bread blondies recipe I’ve managed to uncover recently is one that still manages to surprise me, right with its moistness and fudginess. And with brown sugar and cinnamon added to the mix, your sweet cravings will no doubt be satiated soon enough.

4. Cinnamon spice marshmallow crispy treat s’mores

With cinnamon and nutmeg, you already know your taste buds are about to be served with some serious burst of citrusy and woody flavors, perfect for Labor Day, don’t you think?
This cinnamon spice marshmallow crispy treat s’more recipe I’ve uncovered comes with marshmallow crispy treats spiced and then dipped in melted semi-sweet chocolate, which makes this entry all the more enticing.

5. No-bake peanut butter oreo bars

The ultimate peanut-butter-slash-oreo fix now comes in bars, and as luck would have it, this one’s no-bake too! I kid you not.
Most requested at every occasion here at home, no-bake peanut butter oreo bars, these bars’ most challenging feature is your guests not eating them all before they even get the chance to share!
Check the recipe here.

6. Yogurt and berry tart with a pecan crust

Want to fancy up how your guests eat fruit and yogurt parfait? 

Look no further as this yogurt and berry tart with a pecan crust recipe should save the day!
Apart from this dessert being simple and fast to make, there are also many ways in which you can mix it up. 

Personally, I’d add pomegranate juice to give it that extra tang and color, of course.


1. Blackberry mojito

A classic mojito made from fresh muddled blackberries? Count me in!
There’s something about this blackberry mojito that reminds me of warm tropical weather. 

If you’ve finally given up on summer and are ready to bid farewell to it this Labor Day, this ice-cold mojito is the right drink to feast with.
Here’s how you can prepare one.

2. Sparkling vodka cranberry cocktail

Sparkling cocktails, anyone? This vodka cranberry cocktail variety should add some more glam to your party!
Easily the best part about the sparkling vodka cranberry cocktail is that it’s pretty straightforward to make. 

Be warned, though, that you still need to plan, like all the fun recipes you’ve already shown off to guests.
More to this recipe right here.

3. Pink grapefruit martini

Light and refreshing, there’s nothing quite like this pink grapefruit martini recipe that revitalizes your hot summer evening or your next backyard Labor Day party!
Preparing this drink is also easy. 

You only need some fresh pink grapefruit juice, lime, vodka, and orange liquor, and you’re done!

4. Watermelon margarita punch

The awesomeness the watermelon margarita punch serves is epic as it is relaxing! 

This massive favorite of a pink drink is noted for its mixing of tequila, triple sec, lime, watermelon juice, Sparkling Rosé, agave – and then garnished with a lime wedge and mint garnish.
Here’s the recipe.

5. Sunset

There’s no drink more Labor Day-appropriate than the Sunset. I mean, really. 

With 2 oz of Casamigos Tequila Blanco, plus lime juice, agave nectar, and a pinch of Cilantro, your last chance to get into a summery party is best served through this beverage.
Check the Sunset cocktail recipe here.

6. Strawberry bourbon lemonade

They say it’s not legit over here without getting your hands on a boozy lemonade. 

This is especially true for those who already happened on with this strawberry bourbon lemonade recipe!
Cap off the remaining days of summer with the strawberry bourbon lemonade, and only with this one, because it’s lemonade. 

Need I say more?

The bottom line

Whew! That was quite a mouthful, wasn’t it? 

The many lists I’ve come up with are guaranteed to make you all summer-nostalgic by the time you finally bid good goodbye to the last days of summer.
And when everything gets to your stomach, I’m pretty sure you’d be longing for the next Labor Day party again!

EASY Labor Day Party Plans Recipe Inspiration

EASY Labor Day Party Plans Recipe Inspiration

CookingChew gathers all the very best party recipes on Labor day - from appetizers, mains, sides, beverages to desserts.



  • Air fryer mozzarella sticks
  • Bacon-wrapped pickles
  • Parmesan tomato chips
  • Pickle sushi
  • BLT cups
  • Zucchini nachos


  • Huli huli chicken
  • Summer panzanella
  • Ribs supreme
  • BBQ teriyaki pork kabobs
  • Southern-style buttermilk fried chicken
  • All American burger dog


  • Pineapple bun burger with peach salsa
  • Tomato bun sliders
  • Cheddar bacon ranch corn
  • Pizza egg rolls
  • Bunless cheeseburger bites
  • Grilled Italian sausages with white bean and avocado salad


  • Giant chipwich cake
  • Magic cookie bars
  • Banana bread blondies
  • Cinnamon spice marshmallow crispy treat s’mores
  • No-bake peanut butter oreo bars
  • Yogurt and berry tart with a pecan crust


  • Blackberry mojito
  • Sparkling vodka cranberry cocktail
  • Pink grapefruit martini
  • Watermelon margarita punch
  • Sunset
  • Strawberry bourbon lemonade


  1. Choose two to three entries from each category.
  2. Enjoy!

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