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7 Fang-tastic Halloween Dessert Recipes That Are To DIE For

7 Fang-tastic Halloween Dessert Recipes That Are To DIE For

When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, “these dessert recipes” are the highlights of Halloween.

Halloween without sugar is like a broomstick without a witch in it.

When it gets down to the nitty-gritty of Halloween, desserts are often the highlight of the night.

Sure there is still a generous amount of sweet and savory on the table, but when October 31 hits, your neighbor’s desserts are the pinnacle of the occasion.

But as it is one of those festivities that doesn’t skimp on the drama, one must also be in the loop on how the current atmosphere is going.

Is it moody? Mysterious? Gory?

Whichever the pervading theme your locale is up to at the moment, these Halloween recipes for the sweet-toothed will have you attract some monsters to your front door.

So be ready.

Cookie Bat Cupcakes are still the ones to beat when it comes to colors, spookiness, and cobwebs, might I add. 

These little cupcakes will drive your guests all “batty.” And I haven’t even begun mentioning those suspicious-looking eyes. 

Mind you, though.

There’s often a shortage of these eyeballs come Halloween, so you might want to beat them ghouls to the punch.

Get the recipe.

2. White Chocolate Ghosts

This party snack is ideal in almost every home as it is easy. And I think the best part is that there is no need to coax your child to help you as these ghastly creatures are also fun to make!

If you want to go extra creepy on them, you can put the White Chocolate Ghosts on top of crunchy pretzel broomsticks.

If these rods aren’t available, you can also make use of lollipop sticks instead. Either way, these delicious, white chocolate ghosts will make the kids all the more festive!

For the ingredients, you’d only need white chocolate and mini-chocolate chips for decorating. Here are the instructions.

3. Graveyard Cake

There is no Halloween without burying some stuff down the line.

The perfect dessert to objectify this need is by showing off the sensational Graveyard Cake.

Tinged with espresso butter and bittersweet chocolate frosting, this dessert is also a conversation piece, one that is also simple to make.

Ultimately, the Graveyard Cake is also fun to decorate.

You can either place headstones, create “dirt” through crumble chocolate wafer cookies, or disperse candle “lanterns” throughout the site. We have unwrapped this special recipe just for you.

4. Devil’s Food Layer Cake

Another cake that is guaranteed to send shivers down their spine is the Devil’s Food Layer Cake.

This fancy Halloween dessert, with frosting ghosts hovering atop, is best paired with the White Chocolate Ghosts.

And with them splashed across it, this chocolatey dessert is sure to become that beautiful centerpiece your friends’ children will talk about as soon as they get tucked in for the night.

So, here’s the thing: The secret behind the magical concoction is the moist, rich chocolate cake that comes with it.

This recipe will tell you which ones to mix with TLC.

5. Chewy and Moist German Chocolate Cookies

Still on the hunt for something moist this Halloween?

The Chewy and Moist German Chocolate Cookies should be your next BFF!

Imagine the classic German chocolate cake without the cake and have it in a smaller form.


I bet you’re still in a sweet reverie. The Chewy and Moist German Chocolate Cookies are ideal for kids who harbor a sweet tooth.

And with a bit of crispiness they boast, you can bet these kids will scurry around and yearn for more.

With the cookies’ soil-like hues, you can tweak them to fit the occasion by burying some spooky Halloween decorations in them.

Alternatively, you can also pipe some red gel onto the cookies for a blood drip finish. Here’s the recipe.

6. Chocolate Pumpkin Witch Cupcakes

A flying broomstick without the Wicked Witch of the West in it is just blah! And so with chocolate pumpkin cupcakes without witches in them.

The chocolate and pumpkin in this dessert mirror Halloween’s iconic color scheme, which in itself is already spook-takular.

To top it all off, these Chocolate Pumpkin Witch Cupcakes are made more fun to eat by the magical and creamy hazelnut frosting.

Oh, and don’t forget the witch hats as these are a deal-breaker for kids with the penchant for the boo-tiful.

Ride with the witch with her recipe.

7. Meringue Bones

Alongside the White Chocolate Ghosts, these Meringue bones are also light, sweet, and scarily-simple to make.

What’s more?

These Halloween treats that are made of meringue are spooky by default. All you need are egg whites and sugar, and you’re off to a bony, if not bloody, encounter with your guests.

To up the ante of grotesqueness in them, spread or pipe a thin layer of jam on the flat side of a meringue.

Another option is to sandwich it with another meringue.

For the other ingredients, all you need to stir these troublesome bones are cream of tartar, pure vanilla extract, and seedless strawberry or raspberry jam.

These are the directions.

Halloween desserts are already scene-stealers by default. And there’s no masking that.

Perhaps the only part that is more beneficial to us dessert makers is that these Halloween goodies are basically your disguised favorite treats.

Also, you don’t need gravity-defying icing skills to make these recipes impress upon mastery.

Simple instructions combined with a panache for fun holiday edibles are all that you need to get started.

And there are certainly no tricks to these desserts we have just dished out right above, whether you’re on the hunt for ghouls, gore, or the grim.

Halloween dessert recipes

Halloween dessert recipes

7 of the best halloween desserts we have on hand. Check out this recipe guide and make some for your next Halloween party!


  • Cookie bat cupcakes
  • White chocolate ghosts
  • Graveyard cake
  • Devil’s food layer cake
  • Chewy and moist German chocolate cookies
  • Chocolate pumpkin witch cupcakes
  • Meringue bones


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Sylvia Reddom

Sunday 22nd of August 2021

I think the BIGS and Littles in the family will love these "scary" fall treats!

Cheryl A Bomar

Sunday 22nd of August 2021

Spider creep me out!! But those cupcakes look awesome@

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