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From the White House to Freedom: Biden Pardons Turkeys in Festive Ceremony

From the White House to Freedom: Biden Pardons Turkeys in Festive Ceremony

Guess what happened at the White House? Two lucky turkeys named Liberty and Bell got out of being the main dish for Thanksgiving dinner, all thanks to President Biden! The president gave these two gobblers a “pardon,” which means they get to live happily ever after. They had their big moment in a super special event that’s been a part of American Thanksgiving for 76 whole years.

The man who brought the turkeys to meet the president is Steve Lykken. He’s a big deal in the turkey world and has been working with turkeys for over 31 years. He’s also the boss at Jennie-O Turkey Store. Steve and another turkey expert, Jose Rojas, had the honor of introducing Liberty and Bell to everyone at the White House.

Two white turkeys running down a dirt road.

Before they met the president, Liberty and Bell stayed in a fancy hotel called the Willard InterContinental—talk about VIP treatment! But they won’t be going back to their old farm. Instead, they’re off to a new home at the University of Minnesota. There, they’ll hang out with some smart students who are learning all about turkeys.

The National Turkey Federation, which is like a club for all the people who make sure we have turkeys for Thanksgiving, has been bringing turkeys to meet the president since way back when President Truman was in charge. They look after most of the turkeys in the United States and help make sure they’re healthy and safe.

So, while we enjoy our Thanksgiving, let’s remember Liberty and Bell, the two turkeys who went on an adventure from a farm in Minnesota to the White House and then to a cool new home where they’ll be living the turkey dream!