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The 11 BEST Guinness Cocktails 🍻

The 11 BEST Guinness Cocktails 🍻

How do you take your Guinness? I’ve compiled a list of the best Guinness cocktails that might blow your mind, from a Bloody Mary to a unique Margarita.

If you’re like me, you love Guinness.

You love the way it tastes.

You love the rich, creamy froth that forms when you pour a glass of the black stuff.

You love how smooth it feels going down your throat.

But most of all, you love how it makes you feel—like everything will be okay. 

Like there’s nothing to worry about in this world because you’ve got a pint of Guinness in front of you.

But wait—what if you can make Guinness more interesting? 

What if you could mix it with many different ingredients in your pantry? Well, lucky you! 

I have her a list of 15 Guinness cocktails that are so easy to make at home; even a non-drinker can do it. 

Whether you’re making one for yourself or your guests, there’s nothing like having a drink in the comfort of your own home—and there are so many different ways to make it.

Plus, when you make your own, you’ll know what’s put in it, which means you can have fun with the ingredients. 

From simple ones like Black & Tan to more complex and unique ones like Guinness Bloody Mary, there are many different options for making your drinks at home.

But I’m telling you, #10 is the best on the list; it’s got something magical in it that’s hard to describe. 

You’ll just have to try it yourself.

Alright, let’s start mixing!

So, you’ve got your Guinness. 

But what’s next?

Many people think they should just drink it straight, but that’s not the best way to enjoy this wonderful brew. 

First up on the list is the lady Guinness—a simple, sophisticated drink that will make your taste buds sing with delight.

It consists of Guinness mixed with a fruity base.

And it tastes fabulous on its own—no need to add anything else.

I love this one because it makes Guinness taste a bit sweeter but not weaker. 

It’s also ideal for those who like their drinks on the light side.

The perfect beer for any occasion, Guinness black and tan is a blend of a robust stout and refreshing pale ale that creates a layered drink that looks right out of a science lab.

It’s got a deep caramel color, is very carbonated, fizzy on the side of the glass, and doesn’t have much of a smell.

Plus, it has a crisp and clean texture with a bit of malty sweetness—perfect for a game night. 

Quick tip: Slowly pour the beer down the back of a spoon for an interrupted and distributed flow. 

This technique will leave you with two separate layers—an aesthetically pleasing (and tasty) effect.

Black velvet is the kind of drink you’d expect to be served in a tall glass by a guy in a tuxedo.

It’s not something you’d imagine would have anything to do with beer, much less Guinness stout.

But this isn’t just any stout. In fact, it’s actually more like a cocktail than anything else.

And it’s pretty dang delicious.

The Black velvet is made from a stout and sparkling wine—a blend that might sound weird but is actually really fun to drink. 

The stout adds richness and body to the drink, while the sparkling wine provides crispness and bright fruitiness.

The result is a rich beverage with a perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness, carbonation and creaminess. 

And it comes in an elegant glass full of bubbles just waiting to burst through the darkness of your beer-y goodness!

Guinness floats are a beautiful thing.

They’re creamy and smooth, like a milkshake, if you will—but with the rich, dark, and bitey flavor of stout beer that comes from the Guinness.

It’s like an Irish coffee-inspired ice cream cocktail in your mouth, and it’s just so good.

I love making my own Guinness floats at home because they’re so easy to mix up. 

Just pour in the ingredients, drizzle with chocolate sauce or hot fudge sauce and dig in!

If you want to take it up a notch, add an ounce of whiskey for an even boozier drink.

If you’re looking for a margarita with a lot going on, then I’ve got the drink for you: Guinness Margarita.

The robust flavor of Guinness is highlighted by the unique taste of tequila, while the citrus tones of the tequila temper the beer’s darker flavors.

But the best way to describe this drink is “crisp.”

It’s not too sweet, not too sour, and definitely not watered down.

You’ll feel like you’re drinking something that costs twice as much as it does.

This is a cocktail that will explode with flavor in your mouth.

Really, it’s like an explosion of bubbles, so it’s called an Irish Car Bomb Beer Cocktail.

It’s made by adding whiskey to Irish cream and then dropping in a pint of stout. 

The result is a vigorous foaming fizzy outburst that tastes like beer and whiskey-infused chocolate cake for adults.

It’s best consumed before the Irish cream curdles into the beer because it can become overly carbonated and weirdly frothy.

If you’re looking for a wild idea to brighten up your next party, consider making a batch (or maybe three) of this bad boy.

You’re probably familiar with Butter Beer, the tasty drink from the Harry Potter books and movies.

But what if there was an adult version of this classic favorite?

That’s right! I’ve found the perfect way to turn your favorite childhood book series into a tasty adult beverage.

The Butter Beer Cocktail is just like regular butter beer—but now it’s even more interesting thanks to an added ingredient: vanilla vodka. 

The vanilla vodka gives the drink a smooth sweetness that enhances its rich creaminess without making it too overpowering or sweet.

Plus, this recipe has added some butterscotch schnapps for an extra kick of flavor!

It gives the cocktail another dimension of flavor that helps round out all of those other tastes, so none of them are overwhelming or too sweet on their own. 

Instead, they all come together in a wonderful combination that will delight your senses.

What do you get when you mix Guinness and tomato juice? 

A bloody mary that’s got a kick from the spices, subtle sweetness from the Guinness, and a smooth pizazz that’ll have you begging for more.

Still, this isn’t your average bloody mary, and it’s not just tomato juice with a splash of vodka.

In fact, it’s got the smooth richness of Guinness to give your bloody mary a distinct flavor.

But the dryness of the stout prevents it from becoming frothy, which means this is one tasty drink without all the foaminess.

So, mix up some of this next-level good stuff and get ready for an experience like no other.

Now that you’ve met the Guinness drunken leprechaun, you’ll never be able to look at a glass of stout the same way again.

It’s like having a drink from your favorite bartender—but better because you get to make this in the comfort of your home.

As you mix it, you can smell the whiskey’s sweet honey fragrance blending with the fizzing bubbles of carbonation.

Then, you take a sip of your drink, and…wow!

It has light citrus, sweet herbal notes, and delicate spicy tones but is lighter than you’d expect from the color of the Guinness syrup.

Add some fresh mint leaves to your glass; it’ll give your drink an aromatic quality that complements the sweetness perfectly.

The Black Magic Guinness Cocktail is an interesting cocktail. 

It’s easy to make and tastes like the holidays rolled into one frosty glass.

The Black Magic Guinness Cocktail is made with bourbon, sweet syrup, lime juice, berries, and Guinness draught.

And it couldn’t be simpler: combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice and shake until cold.

But here’s how it tastes: You’ll taste the sweet tang of the blackberries first, followed by a hint of lemon and vanilla.

Then the drink finishes with a smoothness that lingers on your palate long after you’ve swallowed—and you want it to stay there because this is one drink you could sip all night long. 

Irish flip is a cocktail that’s got a lot to it.

It’s one of those Guinness cocktails that seem simple, but once you taste it, you realize it’s got some serious depth.

In fact, it’s like drinking a milkshake.

You get all the sweetness of the Guinness, plus a bit of the bitterness from the whiskey.

And you can taste the richness of the egg, which comes out thick and creamy—almost like drinking eggnog

The whole egg brings out all kinds of flavors you might not expect. 

If you’ve ever had a Guinness or Irish whiskey—or even if you haven’t—you’ll want to try this cocktail.

The bottom line

When you’re looking for a drink to bring to your next party or just want one for no reason, remember to add in some Guinness.

It’s got a little mix of everything: you can drink it straight from the bottle, use it as a mixer in any delightful cocktails, or add it to your favorite pale ale.

And if you want to wow your friends with your bartending skills, whip up one of these 11 Guinness cocktails—it will be a hit, for sure!

Now that you know all about the many ways to enjoy Guinness go ahead and make a drink for yourself.

Best Guinness Cocktails

Best Guinness Cocktails

How do you take your Guinness? I’ve compiled a list of the best Guinness cocktails that might blow your mind, from a Bloody Mary to a unique Margarita.


  • The Lady Guinness
  • Black & Tan
  • Black Velvet Cocktail
  • Guinness Floats
  • Guinness Margarita
  • Irish Car Bomb Beer Cocktail (Irish Slammer)
  • Butter Beer Cocktail
  • Guinness Bloody Mary
  • Drunken Leprechaun (Irish Whiskey Cocktail)
  • Guinness Black Magic Cocktail
  • Irish Flip


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