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15 Canned Green Bean Recipes

15 Canned Green Bean Recipes

We’re glad you’re here! Thanks for stopping by to find Canned Green Bean Recipes to make as a side dish for your next meal! 

Fresh green beans take time to prepare, after all, and sometimes done is better than perfect, am I right?

Well, canned green beans can be just as good as the fresh ones, plus they are readily available for the holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

Keep scrolling to see hassle-free dishes like one-skillet wonder Firehouse Green Beans, layers of savory flavor in Pan-Seared Canned Green Beans With Garlic And Cashews, the creamy original that started it all: French’s Green Bean Casserole. 

Green beans in a can are more like an all-rounder vegetable that are served fresh out of the microwave, dumped in a bowl with a bit of butter.

But there is so much more to these tender beans than being unceremoniously dumped lukewarm onto a dinner plate.

Canned green beans have so much potential, as you’re soon to find out. 

There is a salty, tender sweetness to canned green beans that goes perfectly with almost everything, and you can make so many dishes besides just toasting them in butter and herbs.

Because they are already pretty seasoned and cooked within an inch of their little green lives, it’s best to use a delicate touch.

To open the doors of possibilities and opportunities for a can of green beans, here are some brunch recipes to delicious side dish recipes that you can try making any time of the year.

So why wait? 

Just grab two or three cans of beans from the grocery store (before you go, did you check your pantry? I always seem to have a can or two hiding out).

Try these 15 tasty and easy canned green beans recipe ideas made with convenient canned green beans for an upcoming dinner party or just for the family. 

Oh, and make sure you see the lazy, glazey, bacon-y #12!

This green bean recipe doesn’t just add color to the dinner table but also gives a crunchy texture to play perfectly with the roasted dinner. 

Uh, crunchy? How?

Thus, these perfectly seared Blistered Garlic Beans are basically cooked low and slow until they dehydrate! 

They have that tantalizing aroma of heaping, sizzling chopped garlic, then the canned green beans shrivel and take on the flavor. 

Honestly, this easy recipe just needs five ingredients, including the canned green beans, and you are just ready in time to enjoy the deliciousness of green beans.

Southern green beans or just greens are so popular when we talk about the soul food of Southern America. 

Of course, it is considered as the vital side to have with mac and cheese and when with fried chicken. 

Therefore, this recipe is perfect for celebrating both fresh green beans and canned ones too. 

Again, the recipe is so simple, but the spin-off is that we absolutely love the crispy bacon at the end and shimmering the beans in flavors for four to six hours. 

Just a perfect way to celebrate them.

Green beans are a good source of nutrients that you cannot get for other regular meals.

Honestly, making a delicious salad out of it is an amazing recipe idea. 

The recipe we have got uses so many other textures and flavors like feta cheese and fresh vegetables like tomatoes, onions, and even olives that will bring out the best in green beans. 

Whether you use fresh beans or canned, this quick green bean salad can be made and eaten all year long, especially in summer.

Most people find canned green beans a little bit mushier sometimes. 

It is sad to see these tender beans just sitting in the pantry, waiting. 

If you are facing the same issue, indeed, you will love this pan-seared canned beans recipe. 

This recipe has a few non-traditional ingredients like avocado oil and red wine for green beans, but it will help you create a dish that is next-level gourmet. 

The dish is perfectly balanced with umami flavors and textures by adding roasted cashews. 

It can be eaten as a side and even as a main.

Bacon green beans are just the recipe for people who are a bit picky about eating canned green bean recipes. 

That’s not all; it uses a few simple ingredients to dress canned green beans into a delicious side, and the crispy, smoky bacon bits and the smooth butter with a kick of garlic complete the entire dish. 

Perfect to go with mashed potatoes and roast beast for sure!

Many cuisines like Southern and Greek use green beans as an integral part of many dishes. 

This Greek dish called Fasolakia is specially made for starting green beans. 

The delicious yet simple herby and garlicky tomato sauce is the base of the dish. 

When green beans are cooked in this balanced sweet and savory sauce, they soak up all the goodness without losing their own unique flavor. 

Moreover, the dish can be served as main with roasted potatoes and a sprinkle of feta.

Have you ever tried coupling ranch with green beans? 

Yes, this pairing is a bit different than the usual ways of cooking green beans, but once you have tried the ranch green beans with potatoes and bacon, there is no turning back. 

Whether eaten as a side or as a main, it has the fresh tanginess from the ranch that livens up the green beans and potatoes so well. 

The fat from the bacon adds an extra kick of savory flavor and cuts the bright garlic of the ranch. 
Indeed, we are intrigued. 🤔🤔

This is one of the simpler recipes that you can try any time of the year. 

Besides, the regular green beans are the star of the dish and are packed with creamy and umami flavors of mushroom soup, and the crunchy fried onion on the top is so heavenly satisfying. 

Indeed, a delicious way of eating the holiday fave green bean casserole for thanksgiving or Christmas.

Cajun green beans are more like a spicy take on canned green beans. 

The delicious side dish has a mouth-watering blend of spices and is cooked till the beans have soaked the chicken or beef broth. 

The combination of savory and kick from the spice is perfect for cutting through the creamy mashed potatoes, and it just takes a good pan, Stovetop, and 20 minutes of yours to make this delicious side.

Suppose you want to try some extra crunchy texture for the casserole, then this casserole skillet is perfect. 

The mushroom soup base cooks a can of green beans to soak up the umami flavors, and the cheddar cheese gives it an extra oomph that you always wanted to have in the green beans. 

It might be the first time you will be eating green beans with cheese. 

What makes this dish one of the best green bean recipe ideas is adding chow mein noodles. 

Indeed, a different idea but a great side dish and main many.

Green beans and potatoes are the hottest side dishes for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but what if we combine both. 

The southern green beans and potatoes are very easy to cook and just need a few handfuls of ingredients, including chicken broth. 

The broth makes the greens and potatoes so soft and juicy that each bite has the delicious flavor of each ingredient. 

And all you have to do is add all ingredients to the pot and let it simmer.

The green beans wrapped in bacon will become a bundle of joy for this holiday dinner for your friends and family. 

If you have a question in mind about how to make green beans taste good, it is not just the bacon in this recipe. 

It is the sugar and soy sauce and garlic that marinates the greens all night in the refrigerator and when baked give the bundles a delicious glaze that is smoky and pure bliss.

Italian green beans are the perfect blend of bell peppers, onions with bacon, and marinara. 

It is so easy to make and what we like is that it is cooked in a Dutch oven, so all the flavor and aroma are melded with the green beans. 

It is a clever idea for seasoning green beans. 

It can be eaten as it is or as a side with roast.

The Asian spin on the green beans is so delicious for a side or even as a snack. 

The extreme garlic flavor with ginger, soy sauce, rice vinegar, and brown sugar is so balanced yet exciting that you will eat them with bare fingers. 

The sesame seeds are a nice touch. Pro Tip: Definitely toast them for a couple of minutes in a skillet until golden.

The firehouse green beans are again a unique dish that is dusted generously with parmesan cheese.
The simple garlic and shallot base with butter, bacon, and the sprinkle of parmesan cheese makes it quick and easy to make and just so flavor-packed.

You don’t really need so much to add to these beans; still, they will stand out.

🧄🧄 How to Reheat Green Bean Casserole 🧄🧄

The bottom line

Whether you eat beans as a side dish or main, there are so many different styles and flavor pairing that are yet to discover. 

Our list will definitely help you answer the question, “How to make green beans taste good.”

Bonus Canned Green Bean Recipe: The Texas Roadhouse CopyCat Recipe right here.

So try one of these recipe ideas and spice up your dinners and spread great joy and happiness as well.

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15 Canned Green Bean Recipes That Will Excite Your Tastebuds

15 Canned Green Bean Recipes That Will Excite Your Tastebuds

Find the best canned green bean recipes to get inspiration for your next meal ranging from bacon green beans to Greek green beans.


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