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13 Greek Cocktails That Will Make You Feel Like You’re On Vacation

13 Greek Cocktails That Will Make You Feel Like You’re On Vacation

It’s time to take your taste buds on a trip, but you don’t have to go far. With this list of Greek Cocktails, you can feel like you’re on vacation from the comfort of your own kitchen!

When you’re on vacation, a bottle of wine can feel like your best friend.

And when you’re not on vacation?

You don’t want to drink that same bottle of wine.

Let’s face it—it’s a different kind of fun!

But what if you could drink something that transported you to a world where you were always on vacation?

That’s where these 13 Greek cocktails come in.

And if you’re craving a Greek getaway but can’t leave for one, mix up one of these drinks and pretend you’re at a five-star hotel drinking a bottle of white wine by the pool.

They’ll make you feel like you’re lounging on the beach, indulging in a cool glass of cocktails, and letting the sun kiss your glowing skin.

Greek cocktails will make you feel like you’re on the Mediterranean Coast even if you’ve never been there, so put away your passport and grab your favorite cocktail shaker today.

You’ll be able to enjoy these drinks even though you’ve never been there.

If you want a light and breezy refreshment, try the Strawberry Ouzito Cocktail.

And if you’re in the mood for something earthy and citrusy, have a glass of Mastical Maia With Skinos Mastiha.

But if you want to feel the sweet taste of summer, check out #13 and try it for yourself. 

It’s so good; you won’t be able to stop at one.

So, let’s get started!

The Ouzito is the cocktail of the Gods, and we’re not just saying that.

It is a Greek take on the mojito, and it’s every bit as refreshing and delicious as you’d expect from such a concoction.

Ouzo is the star of this show in this recipe—a Greek liquor made from anise or star anise.

It’s a bit sweeter than Absinthe but with similar licorice undertones.

And because of its natural sweetness, the Ouizito cocktail doesn’t need to use simple syrup like the mojito does—keeping things a little simpler and faster to make!

What’s more, it’s a super easy recipe, but it packs a punch and makes you feel like you’ve been transported to a Greek island.

This delicious cocktail will take you to the waters of Santorini, where you can watch the sunset over the Aegean Sea, or at least it’ll make you feel like you’re there because this drink is bloody good.

The flavors in this cocktail are bright and bold with lemon juice and Cointreau to give it that little zing of citrus you need to really transport yourself.

It’s a simple drink, so it’s perfect for novices who want to start their foray into the world of cocktails.

But don’t be fooled: just because it’s beginner-friendly doesn’t mean it isn’t a total delight for seasoned drinkers, too!

It’s got layers on layers of flavor that keep coming out with each sip—so indulge yourself!

There’s no going back.

The Thalassaki Blue Cocktail is a cocktail that will make you think your mouth is on vacation.

With its sweet, fruity flavors and an ocean-blue color, this drink brings you to the beach without sunburn.

What’s in it?

The Thalassaki Blue Cocktail includes two types of alcohol: Blue Curacao and vodka.

This beverage tastes like summer—it’s tropical, sweet, and succulent.

So, if you never want to leave the beach, this is the beverage for you!

A quick tip: this cocktail goes great with a side of fried fish or shrimp, and it’s the perfect drink for summertime or a warm spring afternoon.

Cool as a cucumber, but with more of a kick.

This cocktail isn’t lacking in flavor, thanks to the refreshing twist of lime and the potent punch of Tsipouro.

Tsipouro is a Greek liquor made by distilling the skins that are left over after the grapes are pressed.

It has that earthy taste you’d expect from something like that, but it also has a layer of sweetness.

And then there’s the cucumber: You don’t see cucumbers in drinks often, but when you do, they’re usually coming in hot with some seriously soothing vibes.

This cocktail just wouldn’t be the same without it!

The Strawberry Ouzito is a staggeringly-simple cocktail that will be a hit at your next party.

It’s basically just a strawberry ouzo mix, but trust us, this drink is so much more than the sum of its parts.

The anise-flavored liqueur gives the whole thing an unexpected complexity that you wouldn’t get from any old cocktail.

It’s not super sweet.

But the tartness of the lime juice cuts nicely through all that sugar, and it’s just strong enough to make you feel like you’re out for a fun night on the town instead of just drinking in your kitchen.

If you’ve never had Rakomelo, it’s a Greek liqueur made with honey and spices.

It has a warm flavor that makes you think of all things cozy.

You can taste the honey, and depending on the recipe, you might pick up notes of molasses or vanilla, especially if it’s been aged in oak barrels. 

Also, Rakomelo is usually drunk as-is, without any added ingredients.

It’s got enough going on with its flavors and warming properties that most people don’t feel like they need to change anything about it.

But if you want to mix up your Rakomelo experience, try adding some chilled sparkling water or pouring it over vanilla ice.

The Mastiha Cocktail Winter Solstice might be one of the most delicious, creative, and tasteful Greek cocktails you’ll ever have. 

It is made using Greek Mastiha, which gives the drink its distinct flavor and aroma.

The taste of the drink is light and citrusy, but there’s also a slight hint of resin from the Mastiha liqueur, as well as some sweetness from the spruce-scented simple syrup that goes into it.

There’s also just enough rye whiskey to give it a little bite without overpowering everything else, like many other rye whiskeys, when mixed with other things.

All we can say is that it has an earthy, herbal quality, which pairs well with citrus flavors like lemon or lime juice.

The Apollo Cooler is a Greek-inspired mixed drink with Metaxa, Ouzo, and ginger ale.

The result is a sophisticated, slightly tangy drink that’s great to drink on the rocks after a long day at work or by the pool on your summer vacation.

Metaxa creates an aromatic and flavorful base for this drink, while Ouzo adds an herbal note to the mix.

And the ginger ale contributes bubbling and zest to this quencher that’s sure to lift your spirits!

For those of you who love margaritas but want something a little more classy, this cocktail recipe is for you!

The Greek Goddess Mastiha Margarita is a beautifully balanced, distinctly coastal cocktail.

The recipe calls for Mastiha liqueur to give it smooth, sweet, and herbal notes and pomegranate molasses to give it an acidic punch with the lime.

This drink is so simple to prepare that you can have one in your hand before your dinner has even started.

And when you’re done with dinner?

No problem; just pour yourself another one!

The Mastical Maia With Skinos Mastiha is a game-changing drink. 

It’s like absolutely nothing you’ve ever even imagined.

It starts off as a misty, heavenly cloud filling your senses before it gets to your mouth.

When you take that first sip, it’s like an explosion of savory, sweet and sour flavors in your mouth, and you’re left with the taste of a thousand blissful memories that never really happened.

It’s sweet but not cloying; understated but not bland.

This cocktail is cold, crisp, and fresh yet sweet, with an aftertaste of aniseed.

It’s the perfect combination for a hot summer night or any night, really!

The orange juice helps bring out the flavor of the Ouzo, while the Grenadine syrup balances out the bitterness with a rich sweetness.

It also works well as a non-alcoholic drink.

If you don’t want to use Ouzo, just substitute the spirits for soda water and ice instead.

This Strawberry & Watermelon Frozen Ouzo Cocktail is one of the best Greek cocktails you need to try!

And the taste of this frozen Ouzo cocktail is like a burst of summer right in your mouth.

The sweet strawberries and refreshing watermelon are paired with the tartness of lemon juice, and the anise notes add depth to this simple yet delicious drink that will make it hard not to drink more.

Basically, it’s like a mix of strawberries and watermelons dipped in Ouzo.

The ouzo flavor is definitely subtle, but you’ll know it’s there.

If you asked us, we would tell you that Ouzo Lemonade is the best tasting lemon drink.

And if you’re going to add liquor to your lemonade, why not make it the most flavorful liquor possible?

If you’ve ever tasted Ouzo before, it’s sweet, sour, and has a slight hint of licorice.

It’s like a summertime candy cane but in a cocktail form.

It’s worth trying just for the flavor alone.

But do you know why it tastes so delicious?

Because it’s got a really complex flavor, but it’s subtle enough so it doesn’t overwhelm the lemonade base.

The bottom line

When you’re choosing a drink, always remember that there’s a Greek option that can satiate almost every palate.

And whether you want to remember the fresh flavors of the Mediterranean Sea or you want a nightcap that’s out of this world, this list has you covered.

You can make these drinks in your own home, and if you really want to feel like you’re on vacation, try going to a Greek restaurant with these recipes, and they’ll be happy to whip them up for you!

After all, let’s face it: every country has its fair share of alcoholic beverages that they’re known for and interested in.

And Greece is no exception. 

So drink up!

Top 13 Best Greek Cocktails 🍸

Top 13 Best Greek Cocktails 🍸

With this list of the best 13 Greek Cocktails, you can feel like you're on vacation from the comfort of your own kitchen!


  • Ouzito (Greek Mojito)
  • Greek Sidecar Cocktail
  • Thalassaki Blue Cocktail
  • Cucumber, Lime, & Tsipouro Cocktail
  • Strawberry Ouzito Cocktail
  • Rakomelo
  • Mastiha Cocktail Winter Solstice
  • Apollo Cooler
  • Greek Goddess Mastiha Margarita
  • The Mastical Maia With Skinos Mastiha
  • Red Orange Blossom Cocktail
  • Strawberry & Watermelon Frozen Ouzo Cocktail
  • Ouzo Lemonade


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