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Baking a Difference: Homefree’s Triumph in Google’s Plastic-Free Packaging Challenge

Baking a Difference: Homefree’s Triumph in Google’s Plastic-Free Packaging Challenge

Homefree®, acclaimed for its “treats you can trust” that cater to a wide array of dietary needs, has earned distinction as a winner in Google’s Single-Use Plastics Challenge. This initiative is part of Google’s commitment to sustainability and aims to inspire collaborative efforts to innovate plastic-free packaging solutions in the food industry.

This accolade underscores Homefree’s dedication to eco-friendly practices, including offering bulk purchase options that reduce the need for packaging and transitioning to wraps made of 53% recycled food-grade materials. This not only diverts waste from landfills but also showcases Homefree’s leadership in sustainable packaging. The company’s cookie boxes are constructed with the highest-rated EcoVadis Platinum fiber and printed using wind-generated energy. As a certified B Corporation, Homefree’s approach to business is rooted in responsibility and sustainability, ensuring their environmental impact is both positive and measurable.

Jill Robbins, the founder and President of Homefree, lauded Google’s challenge as a catalyst for change, commenting on the significance of a global leader like Google throwing its weight behind sustainability. “The support and commitment from an internationally recognized company like Google can lead to transformative and rapid environmental progress,” said Robbins. “Being acknowledged as a winner in this challenge fills us with gratitude and motivates us to continue our pursuit of a greener planet.”

Homefree, a Certified Women-Owned Business, is not just basking in the glow of recognition but is actively encouraging everyone to participate in the march towards an eco-friendlier tomorrow. Homefree invites all to join the movement towards a more sustainable future and emphasizes the power of collective action in making a lasting environmental impact.

About Google’s Single-Use Plastics Challenge

Google’s Single-Use Plastics Challenge is an initiative aimed at reducing the use of plastics in food packaging. This challenge is part of Google’s broader sustainability goals, which include achieving zero waste to landfill, reducing environmental footprint, and promoting resource efficiency across its operations. By bringing together innovators, suppliers, and users, the challenge seeks to discover and implement alternatives to single-use plastics, therefore encouraging a shift towards more sustainable practices in the food industry. The challenge recognizes and rewards those who make significant strides in developing and adopting packaging solutions that are not only eco-friendly but also practical for everyday use.

A collection of single-use plastic products, including a water bottle, straw, bags, and cutlery, arranged on a yellow background. The image is accompanied by the text "Single Use Plastics Challenge".

The bottom line

Through this competition, Google hopes to leverage its influence to encourage a wider adoption of sustainable packaging solutions and inspire change that extends beyond its own corporate practices to the entire food industry.

Homefree’s range includes seven flavors of mini cookies and recently introduced soft cookies and brownies, all made without the top 14 food allergens, gluten-free, vegan, kosher pareve, and non-GMO verified, with some organic options. These treats are available at select retailers, online on Amazon, and even AMC Theatres nationwide.