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15 Best Fusilli Pasta Recipes

15 Best Fusilli Pasta Recipes

Are you planning to serve pasta for dinner? You can count on our 15 BEST fusilli pasta recipes!

From a cheesy pasta bake to easy-to-clean-up lentil mushroom pasta, you’ll find unique and delicious fusilli pasta dishes here. 

For a quick weeknight meal or a luxurious dinner for two, pasta dishes are some of the tastiest and easiest to make, even for kitchen beginners.

Cooking your pasta to a perfect al dente may take some patience, but the good news is that you can create your sauce while boiling your pasta.

You can make your life in the kitchen even easier by cooking your sauce in advance.

There are a lot of pasta shapes and sauces to mix and match, but fusilli pasta is one of our favorites. 

Here are 15  fusilli pasta recipes for you to try!

Fusilli, also known as Rotini, originated from Southern Italy

It is traditionally made by rolling freshly made spaghetti strands around a stick to create a spiral shape.

The corkscrew pattern makes fusilli great at picking up sauces—excellent for the Creamy Tuscan Shrimp Fusilli or the One-Pot Mac & Cheese recipe!

Check out #15 for a recipe with a surprising ingredient!

If you’re going for a Meatless Monday or just looking to use all those vegetables in your pantry, this recipe is for you!

This veggie pasta recipe uses just eight ingredients and takes only half an hour to make from scratch.

It’s hard to tell there’s no meat in this dish!

The sun-dried tomatoes are packed with concentrated umami, giving the sauce a huge flavor boost.

The light color of the fusilli pasta gives a nice contrast to the bright red and green of the tomatoes and spinach

This recipe is artwork on a plate!

If green means go, then you should go for this vibrant Green Goddess Pasta recipe!

This pretty dish is a feast for your eyes, too!  

The pesto sauce evenly coats the spiral fusilli pasta, giving you the maximum goodness in every bite.

Here’s a tip: lightly toast the walnuts and cashews like pine nuts in a traditional basil pesto.

This brings out their nutty sweetness and makes them even more fragrant.

Fusilli is the perfect pasta shape for this cheesy baked recipe!

This recipe takes your fusilli pasta, savory meatballs, and rich tomato sauce and tops them with a mix of mozzarella and cheddar cheese that gets gooey in the oven.

The pasta bake gets wonderfully brown and crispy in the oven, adding a nice crispness to the dish.

You can definitely use leftover meatballs for this recipe.

Reheat your leftover meatballs from last week’s dinner and bring them back to life with this recipe.

Just add them to the dish as you would with fresh meatballs, and you’re good to go!

Want to enjoy a yummy and filling weeknight dinner but don’t have the time to cook?

This tasty time-saving fusilli pasta recipe can help you out!

One pot is all you need to make this recipe, saving you loads of cleanup time. 

The fusilli pasta is cooked in the same pan once the mushroom and lentil sauce is done.

Mushrooms have a meaty flavor when browned in oil or butter, which makes them a great meat substitute in this dish.

You’ll love the meaty flavor of this next dish!

The sweetness of the Italian sausage with the spicy sausage makes for a balanced sauce with just the right amount of kick.

If you’re craving something even spicier, substitute all sausages for chorizo to make it really hot!

The thick sauce works great with fusilli pasta. 

The spirals get coated with the meaty and cheesy tomato sauce—yum!

Pair this saucy dish with a few slices of toasted bread to mop up the sauce.

This recipe is a great way to add veggies to your weeknight dinner repertoire.

Garlic is sautéd on a hot pan with olive oil, which mellows its powerful taste.

This infuses the oil with the delicate fragrance and sweetness of garlic.

The broccoli is conveniently boiled in the same pot as the fusilli pasta.

When the fusilli and the broccoli are cooked, they are mixed with light garlic oil and topped with cheese.

It can’t get much easier than this!

Like the fusilli pasta, the broccoli florets are great for picking up the garlicky sauce.

If you’re hungry for some chicken with your fusilli pasta, this one’s for you!

Alfredo recipes traditionally use fettuccine, but fusilli pasta is just so right for this dish!

Juicy, flavorful chicken breast and fusilli pasta with a cheesy, buttery sauce make for a hearty meal.
The chicken breasts are simply seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic powder, chili powder, and olive oil before frying on a hot pan.

A good sear on the chicken gives it a wonderful crust and a meaty flavor.

Pizza and pasta in one recipe? 

It’s two of your favorites combined into one delectable dish!

This fun recipe uses Italian sausage, which adds a mild fennel flavor that sweetens the pizza pasta bake.

The spiral fusilli pasta shape is perfect for this cheese overload.

Make this delicious recipe a fun family activity by getting the kids to help.

Feeling adventurous in the kitchen? 

Try this unique dish!

Sardines are the star in this seafood fusilli pasta recipe.

These little fish are full of umami and pack a flavor punch.

The fresh salt and lemon marinade cuts across the fishiness and give it a vibrant aroma.

Looking for recipes to spice up your next romantic date night?

Bring on the heat with this spicy pasta!

You can use fewer or more red pepper flakes, depending on your preference. 

If you’re in doubt, use only a small amount of red pepper flakes.

You can always add more spice later if you feel like it needs more kick.

The tomato cream sauce in this recipe is so smooth and feels so luxurious.

Swap the heavy cream with coconut milk for a dairy-free dish and to give it a subtle sweet and nutty richness.

The most elegant dishes are always surprisingly simple, and this Caprese recipe proves this.

This dish uses just a few ingredients with minimal preparation.

While the traditional Italian Caprese does not contain fusilli, it is a welcome addition that makes the dish more filling.

Mozzarella marbles are tossed with a light tomato sauce, adding a soft milky texture to the dish.

Now that is a pretty plate!

Lemon and arugula are not your everyday ingredients for a pasta dish, but they just work so well in this recipe!

Arugula is usually confused with spinach, but the signature peppery kick it gives to any dish is unmistakable.

The lemon gives the dish a nice zing that pairs well with the velvety cream sauce.

With the juicy sweetness of the cherry tomatoes, this fusilli pasta dish is complete!

Shrimp is a favorite of home chefs because of its quick prep time, mild seafood flavor, and firm, meaty texture.

The crustacean has a beautiful pinky-orange color when cooked, making it pop out on a bed of white fusilli pasta.

This mouthwatering recipe uses white wine to add acidity and brightness to the creamy sauce.

If you’re all out of white wine, you can use apple cider vinegar or other substitutes.

Calling all mac and cheese lovers!

This quick and easy one-pot recipe is for you!

Mac and cheese is a classic comfort food for a reason.

It’s loaded with melted cheddar and parmesan cheese and a buttery sauce that clings to the spiral fusilli pasta.

You can make this tasty classic in a pinch!

This recipe will get you in and out of the kitchen and into the dining table in just 20 minutes.

Vodka is the special ingredient for our final fusilli pasta recipe in this list.

Surprising, right?

This spirit is not just good for cocktails.

When added to tomato sauce, it gives it a smooth, silky sheen that looks so magical.

Add a few red chili flakes and you’re up for an exciting meal!

The bottom line

There are many pasta shapes out there, but for thick, rich, and cheesy sauces, fusilli pasta is one of the best.

Sauces cling to the spiral shape of fusilli, making your dish so much more flavorful.

Fusilli is not just great for saucy dishes.

Its bite-sized shape is also ideal when mixed with veggies in a fresh salad.

Whatever recipe you choose to make from this list, you’re sure to enjoy fusilli pasta.

It is so tasty and easy to make, so just try all you want and have fun cooking!

Best Fusilli Pasta Recipe Collection

Best Fusilli Pasta Recipe Collection

From a cheesy pasta bake to easy-to-clean-up lentil mushroom pasta, you'll find unique and delicious fusilli pasta recipes here.


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