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17 BEST Chicken Breast Recipes With Mushroom Soup

17 BEST Chicken Breast Recipes With Mushroom Soup

This list of 17 quick and easy chicken breast recipes with mushroom soup range from rich stews to hearty casseroles and pasta dishes.

Popularized in the 50s when trying to get housewives to use canned soup for more than soup, Campbell’s put out their own chapbooks of recipes to encourage cooking with their soup. 

You can find these condensed soups almost anywhere nowadays, and there are some rich and flavorful recipes that have developed in the last few years or so, and we’ve highlighted 17 of them right here. 

The use of soup in cooking these recipes doesn’t mean that these are all soup dishes.

Some of the dishes in this list, like Chicken Supreme and Mushroom Baked Chicken make economical and delicious dinners that you can take for lunch the next day, too.

Some recipes also help you use up some of your pantry staples, eliminating the need for you to buy additional ingredients.

Excited to give these recipes a go? Let’s get to it!

Also called chicken in wine and mushroom sauce, this recipe serves 4.

The addition of wine to this dish gives it an air of sophistication.

If you don’t have sherry, any white wine will do in its place.

Serve on a bed of rice, some creamed potatoes, or with a side of roasted vegetables.

Here’s a one-pan recipe that combines mushroom soup and breaded chicken breasts in a 30-minute dish.

Also worth noting is this recipe is straightforward to customize and make your own.

For example, if you want the dish to be somewhat cheesy, just add some grated cheese and broil for a couple of minutes.

If you want it spicy, sprinkle some cayenne powder over the dish before serving.

This noodle dish is a great one to try on a rainy day, with its thick broth and chewy noodles.

This two-step dish lets you cook dinner ahead of time, with the final steps done an hour before serving.

For more chewy goodness and some color, add sliced mushrooms plus mixed vegetables (peas, corn, and carrots should work) to this dish, together with the noodles.

You can try this dish if you have prepared puff pastry sheets, some chicken breasts, and mushroom soup in your kitchen.

As simple as this dish may be, since you mainly use pre-made ingredients, it’s still pretty impressive when served.

This is a fantastic dish to prep for a dinner party or when trying to impress someone with your cooking skills.

You can put together this casserole dish for Sunday dinner!

Instead of rice, this dish uses orzo, which is pasta shaped like huge grains of rice.

Take note, however, that before you can bake the casserole, all of the other ingredients have to be cooked separately.

Once all the components are ready, mix and dump in a casserole dish before topping with your favorite cheese.

Bake till the top is golden, and serve while it’s piping hot.

Craving mushroom chicken with pasta but don’t have much time to spare to prepare it?

This quick and easy pasta should give you what you want in under half an hour.

Penne and fusilli pasta are recommended here, but you can use any other pasta you might have in your pantry, like spaghetti or fettuccine.

Asparagus and mushrooms go well together!

This is proven by this recipe that combines both with chopped chicken breasts in a creamy and satisfying meal.

While this dish calls for fat-free sour cream and low-fat mushroom soup, you can always opt for the full-fat alternative.

The chicken in this dish is baked golden; you wouldn’t believe it is cooked in cream of mushroom soup.

Ahh, but it is, and the golden color is even attributed to the mushroom soup used on it.

Cooked in a casserole while smothered in mushroom soup and then baked uncovered to achieve the golden brown color, you get moist chicken with a crispy crust.

It’s also topped with crispy fried onions, giving you various textures and flavors with each bite.

This is the perfect recipe for you if you’re a fan of baked pasta with chicken!

Super cheesy, with three kinds of cheese and an easy sauce made out of mushroom soup and sour cream, this dish is a favorite in your home.

Oh, and did I neglect to mention that this baked spaghetti dish can be ready in an hour?

This means that it’s not only tasty but also a snap to make.

If you have an Instant Pot and are in a rush to get dinner on the table, then this recipe is what you need.

You can cook the chicken breast in this dish, but cutting them into cubes also speeds up the cooking process.

Using ready-made mushroom soup and Italian seasoning helps speed up the cooking process while adding loads of yumminess simultaneously.

You don’t have to sweat in front of a hot stove for hours to come up with flavorsome meals that your family will love.

Take this Chicken Pot Pie, for instance.

There’s no need to make pie pastry for this dish, nor is there a need to fuss over the filling.

With frozen vegetables, canned mushroom soup, and a pancake mix, you can have a great chicken pot pie that looks and tastes like something you had to prep for hours.

Here’s a curry dish that also uses cream of mushroom soup and chicken breast cubes to make food prep easy.

This is also one excellent way to use leftovers if you have them.

For instance, if you have leftover rice and leftover chicken breast, both can be used in this recipe.

You can serve this in a family-style casserole, or you can create individual servings in single-serve casserole dishes or ramekins.

Don’t know what to cook for dinner, and you have company coming over?

If you have chicken breasts, cream of mushroom soup, mushrooms, and marsala wine in your kitchen, you have nothing to worry about.

This recipe utilizes ingredients you can readily find in your pantry and fridge, so you can quickly put this together when you have surprise visitors coming over.

Pair this with rice, potato wedges, or steamed veggies, and you’re good to go.

Much like the Instant Pot, a slow cooker is a joy, especially when you want to finish the cooking with minimal effort.

This Chicken Stroganoff recipe proves that you can make tasty meals even when you don’t pay that much attention to them.

Just add the ingredients in at the right time, leave to cook, and finish off with the final additions right before serving.

Here’s one more pasta dish that uses chicken breasts and mushroom soup.

When it comes to chicken breast recipes with mushroom soup, you wouldn’t think lasagna would be on that list.

But, hey, here it is!

Instead of the usual tomato-based meat sauce that people expect from lasagna, this dish uses a chicken-alfredo-type sauce instead.

Also, spinach, parmesan, and ricotta complete the rest of the filling for this lasagna recipe.

What can you make with four ingredients?

This dish—this yummy dish is what you can make with four ingredients.

The dish’s name has all the ingredients you need, plus the pepper.

Mix, bake, and serve!

The bottom line

Cooking chicken breast recipes with mushroom soup helps you in more ways than one.

Not only do you get to cook faster, but you also add loads of flavor to your chicken breast, not to mention help keep it from drying out quickly.

However, this doesn’t mean you can let it cook for extended periods (except when you use a slow cooker).

You still need to be conscious of how long your chicken breast cooks, even if it’s submerged in broth or mushroom soup.

It still tends to dry on the inside if overcooked, so some care still needs to be exercised when using this cooking method.

BEST Chicken Breast Recipes With Mushroom Soup

BEST Chicken Breast Recipes With Mushroom Soup

This list of 17 quick and easy chicken breast recipes with mushroom soup range from rich stews to hearty casseroles and pasta dishes.


  • Creamy Chicken, Mushroom, & Rice Bake
  • Chicken Supreme
  • Skillet Chicken With Mushroom Sauce
  • Slow Cooker Chicken & Noodles
  • Chicken, Leek, & Mushroom Pie
  • Chicken, Spinach, & Orzo Casserole
  • Chicken & Mushroom Pasta
  • Creamy Mushroom & Asparagus Chicken
  • Mushroom Baked Chicken
  • Tetrazzini Chicken
  • Instant Pot Cream Of Mushroom Chick
  • Chicken Pot Pie
  • Baked Chicken Curry Rice With Mushrooms
  • Creamy Chicken Marsala
  • Chicken Stroganoff
  • Chicken, Mushroom, & Spinach Lasagna
  • Chicken With Cream Of Mushroom & Worcestershire


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