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13 Yellow Squash Recipes That Surprised Me

13 Yellow Squash Recipes That Surprised Me

Squash is one of those vegetables that needs time to grow on you. 

It probably is not on your list of  “My Favorite Vegetables,” but today let us consider why that might be the case.  

Oftentimes it is because they are easily overcooked or oversauced or just plain boring. 

That is a sad tale that needs to end here and now! 

The following list of yellow squash recipes will get your imagination going and give you some solid ideas on how to present yellow squash in new fabulously tasty ways.  

Maybe it will be a dip or a side dish or a soup or a salad. Maybe your next favorite recipe is waiting below just for you. 

Take some time to peruse this list and see which ones call out to you, begging to be tried.  

After this list, you will be cooking yellow squash on a regular basis.

It is always wonderful to try something new and trust me, this is absolutely a recipe for yellow squash that you must try! 

So simple and easy with a little time being the greatest investment. 

Red onions and vinegar do the work here and they last for up to a month refrigerated. 

They go great on sandwiches, salad, or appetizers.

When wondering what to do with the regular yellow crookneck squash, you could consider this delightfully easy stuffed way to use yellow squash.  

Cooking and then spooning out the squash is how you start. 

Next, you make the mix by adding in the other ingredients like wild rice, tomato sauce, and bread crumbs. 

Pop them in the oven and not only will they taste amazing, but they also look fantastic and creative when served!

If a good snack is what you need, perfect! 

The list of what to do with yellow squash is much longer than you might think! 

This recipe will show you (and tell you) how to quickly slice up that squash into circles, then coat and bake! 

The end result is finger food ready for dippin’ or stacking alongside an entree!

There is nothing that says down-home country cooking like a casserole. 

Cooking yellow squash may intimidate you, but do not let it! 

This recipe has you mix together the sliced squash and herbs followed by a generous helping of cheese! 

Bake a bit then add more cheese and bake some more! 


Even in the middle of summer, a good soup always comes in handy.  

When thinking of what to do with yellow squash, consider soup.  Minestrone soup to be exact. 

Yes, there is a solid recipe to follow and yes, you can improvise with ingredients you have on hand which is exactly what I look for in a soup.  
Rules with flexibility! 

A great way to use up some summer squash.

There are some helpful tips to follow when cooking yellow squash. 

For this delicious creamy yellow squash soup, one such hint is to peel the squash before sauteing with onion and potato.  

This recipe puts the whole thing through a blender and then strained for exceptional smoothness.  

Make as much as you like since this does freeze and reheat well!

Think for a moment and picture in your mind’s eye, the most exquisite corn chowder. 

You probably do not think it can be improved, but wait! 

This fantastic way to use yellow squash is going to take corn chowder one step further up the delectable ladder by adding in squash, potatoes, chorizo, and tons of seasonings! 

If you like hearty soups, this is for you!

Just when you think you may have heard it all, along comes a recipe titled Lemon Yellow Squash Bread. 


You know you have got to figure out what to do with the yellow squash that you grew or purchased. 

Bread might not be the first idea to come to mind, but let’s look at what this recipe offers. 

Healthy squash in my dessert bread?

For real? 


It comes out moist and delicious, complete with a glaze on top.

The recipe for yellow squash is straightforward but I do have to admit that it is not a combination I would have come up with on my own. 

Squash in a biscuit? 

I think I said that about the last entry, oh my! 

So, some things are just new to you at some point. I do believe everyone can make these biscuits with grated squash! 

Shhh, the kids will never know!

Yellow squash or zucchini work beautifully in this recipe for yellow squash that gives you a crustless squash pie! 

Very similar to the steps of making a quiche, this certainly helps you put to good use ripe squash since it calls for five cups of it! 

Saute a bit, mix all ingredients and bake for a mouthwatering side dish for brunch or any occasion!

When looking for new ways to use yellow squash, one at the top of the list should be this scrumptious recipe that is an excellent substitute for fries! 

Everyone enjoys good finger foods as a snack or appetizer, especially if it is dippable! 

Cutting into rectangles, coating and baking will give you unexpected deliciousness!

Finally, one more excellent way to use yellow squash is in this recipe for squash puppies! 

Another fantastic finger food where the squash will be mashed up so when they are enjoyed, folks will ask, “What exactly is in these? 

I recognize the taste but can’t quite place it?” That is the moment you will know you were successful! 

The Bottom Line

Yellow squash is a very versatile vegetable! 

Challenge yourself to branch out and try a new recipe using it.  

You might find yourself decidedly impressed.

13 Yellow Squash Recipes

13 Yellow Squash Recipes

These yellow squash recipes will get your imagination going and give you some solid ideas on how to present yellow squash in new fabulously tasty ways.


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  • Lemon Yellow Squash Bread
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  • Crustless Squash Pie
  • Baked Panko Crusted Yellow Squash Fritters
  • Squash Puppies


  1. Pick one or two yellow squash recipes to try.
  2. Follow the recipe instructions.
  3. Share with us what you loved about them.

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