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35 BEST Croissant Recipe Ideas

35 BEST Croissant Recipe Ideas 🥐

These 35 best croissant recipe ideas will convince you to keep croissant dough on hand year-round; you’re going to love these recipes!

When it comes to French pastries, nothing can beat the fame of croissants. 

These crescent-shaped goodies can be seen in almost every bakery in the world. 

They are soft and buttery and can be eaten any time of day. 

Croissants are also very versatile because you can use them in many dishes. 

You can eat them as is, or you can jazz up your sandwich game by using them as buns. 

They are satisfying and make for a terrific and filling breakfast or lunch. 

There is no shortage of recipes out there, but to help you out, we’ve prepared 35 delectable croissant recipe ideas that you can easily follow on days when you’re feeling creative. 

You no longer have to use plain white bread for your sandwiches. 

You can make these recipes on your own by adding your favorite ingredients and toppings. 

Make these croissants savory by adding salmon, chicken, or beef, or you can go on a sweeter route and top them with strawberries, chocolate, whipped cream, ice cream, and Nutella. 

Check out #23 for a unique dish to add to your brunch menu.

Are you tired of the same old BLT sandwich?

Give it a fancier spin by using tender croissants instead!

This croissant sandwich recipe features two types of cheese, four different types of meat, and loads of fresh vegetables.

This cream, ganache, and berries dessert will surely impress your guests. 

It is pure decadence on a plate. 

The rich pastry cream, chocolate ganache, and fresh berries go well with the croissants. 

Not only is it elegant and fancy, but it is also sugary and luscious and embodies everything you want after a meal.

Nutella and bananas are an iconic combination. 

Merge these two in this French pastry, and you’ve got a dessert that will certainly be your next favorite. 

Remember to drizzle Nutella on top and add banana slices for a complete presentation.

Nutella, croissants, and strawberries are three ingredients that, when combined in a panini press, become pure perfection. 

It is an excellent breakfast option, or it can also be a filling snack. 

You can also prepare this for your next weekend brunch. 

An Almond Croissant is a genuinely sweet way to start your day. 

This recipe is the classic version of the pastry with a creamy and thick almond filling swirled throughout the dough. 

Top the pastry with toasted almonds for extra crunch. 

A warm and flaky croissant with ham and cheese is an elegant sandwich that can make you feel like you’re eating breakfast in Paris. 

You can choose your favorite ham and type of cheese and add Dijon mustard to balance out the flavors.

This delectable dish has everything. 

It is made from croissants stuffed with Nutella and is smothered with fresh strawberries. 

It is a great splurge for Valentine’s Day or other special occasions.

This spicy, tangy sandwich is not hard to love. 

The croissants have a nice, pillow-like texture and a delightful, salty center. 

The thinly sliced spiced ham, cheese, and honey mustard sauce add a nice kick to it.

These Croissant Ice Cream Sandwiches are made with croissants that have been toasted on one side, so they are crispy and crunchy. 

Inside the pastry is a salted honey ice cream packed with waffle cookie pieces. 

The ice cream becomes soft, giving it a lush texture, and the cookie chunks add the right amount of taste and crunch.

If you want something more sophisticated and artisanal to eat, this sandwich could just be what you’re looking for. 

Simply slice open the pastry and layer the blue cheese, prosciutto, fig, and arugula on top of each other.

Monte Cristo is another name for a hot ham and cheese sandwich. 

This recipe features black forest ham, cream cheese, and Swiss cheese. 

If you want to add more piquancy, you can spread raspberry jam on the croissant slices and cover them with powdered sugar. 

Vegetarian dishes are infamously known for not being as tasty as their meaty dishes. 

But this Caprese Croissant Sandwich is different, as it is full of veggie goodness. 

You can never go wrong with arugula, tomatoes, and mozzarella in flaky croissants.

Let’s talk nuts with this dish. 

The maple Pecan flavors of this brunch delight are unmatched. 

With the addition of cream cheese, spiced custard, and syrup drizzled on top, your mornings will never be the same.

This Berry Croissant Bake features croissants, eggs, cream cheese, and berries. 

It is a loaded breakfast bake that is decadent and filling. 

You can prepare this dish the night before and put it in the oven for a quick breakfast. 

Brie, blackberry jam, and bacon are three ingredients that you probably never thought would work together in a dish, but they do. 

The tanginess of the blackberry jam complements the crispy, savory taste of bacon and melted brie. 

Stuffed croissants don’t come more delectable than this.

Do you want a ridiculously easy breakfast treat?

This Santa Fe Croissant Sandwich is your answer. 

A filling of cheese, fried potatoes, avocados, and salsa are stacked in between the pastry.

These Bacon, Egg & Cheese Croissants will satisfy your mornings. 

The croissants are stuffed with crispy bacon, moist scrambled eggs, and melted cheese. 

Not only can you enjoy this recipe for breakfast or brunch, but this can also be an amazing comfort food.

This recipe is made with fluffy and cheese scrambled eggs, sharp cheddar cheese, and sliced ham on slightly crisp croissants. 

It makes for a great grab-and-go meal on days when you’re busy.

Say hello to this special Shrimp Salad Croissant meant for special occasions. 

The savory croissant buns are stuffed with shrimp, lettuce, and mayonnaise. 

This dish is light and refreshing and makes for a great appetizer.

This croissant dish is similar to a chicken turnover, but it is filled with melted cream cheese. 

It is savory, tangy, and filling. 

You can prepare this croissant as an appetizer or a snack, and you can pair it with a bowl of salad.

Fill up your stomach with this mouthwatering chicken salad stuffed inside a flaky croissant. 

It features celery, red grapes, mayonnaise, sour cream, and chili. 

It is tangy and creamy and has a satisfying crunch in every bite.

Do you want a restaurant-style breakfast every morning?

It is now possible with this Croissant With Avocado & Salmon recipe.

This croissant sandwich is perfect for breakfast or lunch. 

The smoked salmon and cream cheese combination give a chewy and soft texture, and the flakey croissant balances the taste of the savory salmon and the tanginess of the cream cheese.

Calling all meat lovers!

This croissant sandwich holds heavy fillings that consist of turkey meatballs, Parmesan cheese, oregano, and tomato puree. 

This is a great twist to the classic turkey sandwich because instead of using white bread, you’ve got a toasted croissant, making the recipe more exciting.

But with this recipe using croissants instead of white bread, you will certainly fall in love with it. 

The dish will activate your taste buds with crunch from green onions, celery, and lettuce combined with tuna and vinegar splash.

This chicken croissant is filled with creamy pesto chicken, arugula, and mozzarella cheese. 

The juiciness of the tender chicken breast, cheese, tomatoes, and creamy pesto are perfectly balanced and stuffed between a sliced croissant.

This Caramelized Onion Croissant Stuffing will undoubtedly be your family’s favorite sandwich because it tastes better than any store-bought stuffing. 

Made with caramelized onions, buttery croissants, and aromatics, this sandwich is simple yet has all the flavors you’re looking for in a savory pastry.

This goat cheese and prosciutto croissant is a delectable combination of already tasty ingredients. 

They come together to make one fantastic sandwich to make your breakfast or lunchtime better. 

It is also easy to assemble. 

You just spread the goat cheese on the sliced croissant and top it with prosciutto and add the figs and arugula. 

If you find yourself in a sandwich rut, this recipe will pull you out of it. 

This croissant sandwich is filled with savory ham, creamy goat cheese, and sweet mango chutney. 

So forget the same old boring sandwich and serve this dish instead.

These delicious Spinach And Cheese Croissants are easy to make. 

Mix the cheese and spinach in a bowl and stuff them in a croissant. 

This is a great alternative to sandwiches for lunch or light dinner, and it is ideal for vegetarians.

Make these hot, melty, and cheesy croissants a staple on the side of every plate in your home. 

It is an amazingly tasty pastry that makes for an incredible starter. 

You can even choose the type of cheese that you want to be stuffed inside the pastry, from mozzarella, cheddar, Parmesan, and brie if gruyere is not available.

Avocados and croissants are a match made in heaven.

The slightly gooey egg yolk makes this dish more appetizing.

Remember to drizzle lime, cilantro and salt on the eggs and avocados to make them more palatable. 

A warm, buttery croissant sandwich that oozes with garlic mushrooms, melted brie, and cranberry sauce, this sandwich will be your idea of heaven once you’ve tasted it. 

It is suitable for vegetarians, and you can prepare this alongside a bowl of salad.

This breakfast dish can be made overnight. 

It features golden brown croissants, blueberries, and a cream cheese milk mixture.

Top this dish with blueberries and drizzle it with cream.

Serve new and exciting party food with these juicy Roast Beef Croissant Sandwiches. 

This recipe is absolutely dreamy and makes for a fabulous lunch too. 

The bottom line

Croissants are good as it is, but that should not stop you from experimenting. 

There are a lot of ingredients that you can mix in and stuff in this popular pastry. 

Whatever you’re looking for in a sandwich, we’ve got a recipe for you. 

Once you’ve tried them, your meals will no longer be plain and boring.

Other Croissant Recipe Inspiration

35 BEST Croissant Recipe Collection

35 BEST Croissant Recipe Collection

These 35 BEST croissant recipe ideas will convince you to keep croissant dough on hand year-round; you're going to love these recipes!


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