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What to serve with Chicken Cordon Bleu – 17 sinfully delectable side dishes

What to serve with Chicken Cordon Bleu – 17 sinfully delectable side dishes

Ever thought on what to serve with chicken cordon bleu? Well, look no further as I’m about to reveal the best sides for chicken cordon bleu! 

Chicken Cordon Bleu pairs two of my most favorite foods – chicken and ham. 

But what makes this elegant dish irresistible is that it’s deep-fried and has cheese in it. The milky mozzarella and the crispy breadcrumbs add an unbelievable depth to the tender chicken and ham. 

What’s more, there is a wide variety of side dishes that go quite well with chicken cordon bleu and make for quite a delicious meal.  

Behold the best sides for chicken cordon bleu that you can have!

1. Rice sautéed in garlic and butter

You can keep things simple yet delicious by serving some rice sautéed with garlic and butter with your chicken cordon bleu. 

The butter and garlic add just the right amount of flavor to the rice so that it pairs well with your chicken. 

2. Asparagus in lemon butter sauce

Asparagus is the ideal crunchy veggie to go with chicken cordon bleu. 

However, it can be a bit bland on its own. You can fix that by topping it with some lemon butter. 

Make sure to prepare more than you need since the sauce tastes divine with chicken cordon bleu, and you’ll definitely want more!

3. Garlic mashed potatoes

What goes well with chicken cordon bleu? Garlicky mashed potatoes!

They are creamy, rich, tasty, and quite filling, which makes them utterly irresistible! 

The decadence of the mashed potatoes with fresh herbs is meant to be paired with chicken cordon bleu.

4. Roasted rainbow carrots

I love the ever-flamboyant rainbow carrots as they combine with many dishes. However, what makes them truly sing is tossing them with some pesto and herbs! The combination of pesto and carrots pairs exceptionally well with chicken cordon bleu.

5. Risotto with mushrooms

If you’re looking to have a decadent meal with your family, pair the chicken cordon bleu with some risotto.

Add some mushrooms into the mix for a creamy and earthy side dish that will be a crowd favorite. You can also garnish the risotto with some shaved truffles for an even luxurious dish.

6. Sweet potatoes

Still looking for more side dishes for chicken cordon bleu? Try some baked sweet potatoes! The delicate taste of sweet potatoes is just the perfect pairing for chicken cordon bleu. Bake the potatoes with some butter and sprinkle some dried herbs on top for a palatable side dish.

7. Zucchini fries

If you’re craving some fries with your chicken cordon bleu, switch things up a little and prepare some zucchini fries! They are just so delicious and easy to prepare. Slice some zucchini, coat the slices in your preferred batter, and bake them for crunchy zucchini fries.

8. Green beans with a balsamic glaze

Green beans will add some much-needed pop of color to your chicken cordon bleu. The crunchiness of the beans is just the right fit for the main dish. Coat the green beans with a simple balsamic dressing for an enriching flavor. All you’ll need are some butter-sautéed onions, sugar, vinegar, chicken bouillon, and vinegar to prepare the sauce.

9. Fresh salad

Need more cordon bleu side ideas? How about trying some fresh salad with your fried and cheesy chicken? 

The refreshing nature of fresh veggies and fruits makes them the perfect partners for a rich entrée like chicken cordon bleu.

Chop up your favorite veggies and fruits and top them with a tangy vinaigrette for a tasty salad.

10. Dijon sauce

If I could only pick one side to have with chicken cordon bleu, then a homemade Dijon sauce would win every time! The buttery, milky sauce with cheesy, garlicky flavors is meant to be paired with all things fried, and chicken cordon bleu is no exception. The Dijon mustard is the true winner in this sauce, the element that gives it that signature taste. 

11. Brussels sprouts

Even though Brussels sprouts have a bad rep, they have a sweet and earthy flavor that’s perfectly complemented by a rich creaminess when roasted correctly. Cover them with some oil and throw a generous amount of parmesan cheese shaves on top. Season the veggies with salt and black pepper and cook them in your oven for the most exquisite roasted Brussels sprouts that will taste divine with chicken cordon bleu. 

Everything is perfect with pasta. That’s why you shouldn’t miss pairing your chicken cordon bleu alongside this garlic butter parmesan pasta! 

The creaminess of this quick pasta complements well with the flavors from the chicken corn bleu. 

In addition to being prepared in one pot, this parmesan pasta recipe will also be on the table in under 30 minutes.

Hot tip: Learn how to properly reheat pasta!

You can’t go wrong with broccoli for your chicken cordon bleu, especially with this delicious steamed broccoli recipe. 

What’s more, this recipe is easy and comes together in a total of five minutes. 

Play around and don’t limit yourself with salt and pepper. 

Try adding lemon zest, parmesan cheese, toasted almonds, or drizzle balsamic reduction to your broccoli. 

Quickie: Learn how to know if your broccoli is still good.

Make these garlic green beans for a quick weeknight side dish or as a side for your chicken cordon bleu entree. 

All you need are four basic ingredients: fresh green beans, butter, garlic cloves, and lemon. Simply steam the green beans, add in butter, lemon juice, and minced garlic. 

Wait for a few minutes until the sauce reduces by half and you’re done!

Learn: How to trim green beans.

This glazed carrots recipe will soon be your family’s most requested chicken cordon bleu side dish. 

Made with a handful of pantry ingredients—butter, brown sugar, and honey—the glaze comes together with ease and adds a sweet mouthfeel to the fresh carrots. 

Pro tip: To pick good carrots, give them a slight grip, but make sure not to squeeze the veggies. 

If the carrots are firm and solid, it’s a clear sign that they’re fresh. 

Hot tip: Learn 3 ways to store carrots.

Serve this 5-ingredient lemon rice alongside your chicken cordon bleu if you want to impress everyone at the dinner table. 

And the bright and zesty flavor of this rice recipe goes so nicely with the rich and creamy meat. 

The best part? This recipe can be ready in under 30 minutes!

Quick tip: I love making the dish with basmati rice as this variety has fragrant and a touch of nutty flavor. If you don’t have basmati, use white rice or wild rice.

Looking for a simple side dish for your chicken cordon bleu feast? 

Parsnips are your answer! 

Though parsnips aren’t popular, this underrated vegetable will be a hit, especially when roasted and mixed with lemon and aromatic herbs. 

This recipe is endless so feel free to adjust the ingredients based on your preference.

The bottom line

I hope you enjoyed reading this guide on what to serve with chicken cordon bleu! Do try the side dishes that I’ve mentioned above to see which one you like the best. 

All the dishes have unique elements that will surely make your cordon bleu meal a memorable one! 

What To Serve With Chicken Cordon Bleu (17 Sides)

What To Serve With Chicken Cordon Bleu (17 Sides)

17 tasty chicken cordon bleu side dishes that will make your tastebuds happy.


  • Rice sautéed in garlic and butter
  • Asparagus in lemon butter sauce
  • Garlic mashed potatoes
  • Roasted rainbow carrots
  • Risotto with mushrooms
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Zucchini fries
  • Green beans with a balsamic glaze
  • Fresh salad
  • Dijon sauce
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Garlic butter parmesan pasta
  • Steamed broccoli
  • Garlic green beans
  • Glazed carrots
  • Lemon rice
  • Roasted parsnips


  1. Choose a few chicken cordon bleu sides to try.
  2. Share with us your favorites.

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