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OMG, Cheetos Just Dropped A Pretzel Snack And We’re Shook!

OMG, Cheetos Just Dropped A Pretzel Snack And We’re Shook!

Brace yourself snack-lovers, because Cheetos, our iconic cheesy-champion, has taken things to the next level by giving us Cheetos Pretzels. That’s right, Cheetos and pretzels are having a delicious baby and we’re here for it! 🧀🥨

Cheetos Pretzels and Famin Hot Cheetos Pretzels packages
SOURCE Frito-Lay North America; PepsiCo

Picture this: the classic crunchy pretzel you adore, but now with a sassy side dressed in that iconic Cheetle (aka the cheese dust we’ve all licked off our fingers! Did You Even Know That Cheetos Cheese Dust Has a Name?). It’s the love child of salty goodness and cheesy perfection.

Tina Mahal, the snack queen and SVP of Marketing at Frito-Lay, is as pumped as we are. She gushed, “Cheetos pretzels maximize the fan-favorite seasoning in each bite with the perfect product texture.” Yas, Tina, YAS!

Feeling a bit spicy? 🔥 Or just all about that classic cheese? Either way, they got you! Dive into the Cheetos Pretzels Cheddar or brace yourself for the Cheetos Pretzels Flamin’ Hot. Available in 10oz bags for $5.69 and 3oz bags for a mere $2.49. So, basically, there’s no reason not to try both.

Did you know flavored pretzels are kind of a big deal right now, driving 58% of their category growth? And with 63% of Cheetos stans already getting their pretzel fix, this is the glow-up we didn’t know we needed.

A little fun fact: Cheetos has been keeping the snacking game strong for a whopping 75 years and is part of the snack empire of Frito-Lay North America. So, they know a thing or two about delivering the goods.

Alright, snack fam, we’ve spilled the tea, and now we’re off to snag a bag (or five) of Cheetos Pretzels. Because, #SnackLife 🧀🥨✨🎉.