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Yellowstone’s Cole Hauser Just Dropped A Coffee Brand & It’s Giving Us All The Wild West Vibes! ☕🤠

Yellowstone’s Cole Hauser Just Dropped A Coffee Brand & It’s Giving Us All The Wild West Vibes! ☕🤠

Hearts out, caffeine addicts and Yellowstone fans! Cole Hauser, our favorite rugged cowboy from Yellowstone, is bringing us a steaming new venture: Free Rein Coffee Company. And trust us, this isn’t just another Hollywood celeb hobby—it’s pure brewed magic.

Dreamt up with his pals Karl Pfluger, Aron Marquez, and Paul Anderson, this coffee experience promises a sip of the American Dream mixed with vibes of the wild, wild West.

Nestled in San Angelo, Texas is where the brewing magic happens—in a quaint roastery with 25 years of history. The names of their blends alone are a total mood: Heavy Spur, Branded, American Dirt, and Homestead. So, whether you’re feeling a bit dusty from the trail or just need a good ol’ kickstart, there’s a brew for that. And for $15.99 a pop (12-ounce bag), we’re already craving a taste.

But hey, it’s not just about coffee. Channel your inner cowboy or cowgirl with Free Rein’s killer merch—from swanky drinkware to cool-as-a-cactus apparel. And here’s the heartwarming bit: a slice of the sales is heading straight to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, a noble cause that Hauser passionately champions.

Ready to fuel your dreams with some bold brew? Head to Coffee that Fuels Dreams and let the wild coffee spree begin! And for all those Insta-coffee-moments, follow the herd @freereincoffeecompany.

Quick Sip About Free Rein Coffee Company

Created by a crew led by Cole Hauser, this isn’t just coffee—it’s an experience. Think robust flavors, USA-roasted perfection, and the kind of beans that make your heart sing. And if you’re looking to wear your coffee love on your sleeve, check out their branded goodies. From whole beans to grounds and pod versions, they’ve got you. ☕🌵🌟.

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