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30 Best Ethiopian Recipes: Rich Flavored Dishes Worth Trying!🍴

30 Best Ethiopian Recipes: Rich Flavored Dishes Worth Trying!🍴

Let’s journey through these 30 Ethiopian Recipes that will take you into a world where your taste buds reign supreme.

A country residing in the horn of Africa, Ethiopia, is known for its rich history, fascinating scenery, and awesome landscape.

But it’s also known for having richly flavored cuisines. 

From its world-renowned coffee to the best dishes you may ever have in Africa!

Ethiopians love their meat! 

From the Groundnut Stew to Ethiopian Beef Short Ribs.

You won’t have a shortage of meat recipes in Ethiopia.

But their cuisine is far from limited to just meat!

They also have a lot of vegetable dishes and some of the best tasting coffee too!

You’ll be surprised at how good #16 is; it captures the native essence of Ethiopia.

So prepare your senses, and let’s proceed on an awesome food trip to Ethiopia!

If you felt that you had an incomplete day, then try some Groundnut Stew.

It will heartily fill you up!

Chicken, peanut butter flavor, okra, and a thick sauce. 

All of these ingredients combined sound like it’ll turn out well.

Meaty and tasty, it did turn out well.

If you truly want the essence of Ethiopia in your tongue, then have a go with Ethiopia’s national dish.

You can’t go wrong with stews, and this one is particularly brimming with umami; the flavorful sauce is best paired with white rice.

Even better? 

You have a choice of making it spicy or not.

Here’s a plate of the most succulent veggies you’ll ever have!

Cabbage and potatoes, the spiced combination of the two, are tender, juicy, and tasty!

You’ll love this dish, 10/10.

This is a popular fried fish street food in Ethiopia.

The berbere Ethiopian spice blend infuses the fish with spice, sweetness, and citrusy flavors.

Serve it with some lime for that extra zest.

Want to try some ribs?

Ethiopians take their meat seriously, and it’s evident by how good their dishes are.

One such dish is these lightly sweet ribs infused with the flavors of berbere!

You can find a recipe for homemade 13-ingredient berbere seasoning here.

Griddle Cakes or Pancakes, who doesn’t like having them for breakfast?

These lentil rice cakes are phenomenal, along with clarified butter and berbere. 

It’s just full of complex flavors despite being light.

Adults and kids alike will enjoy these cakes.

Come and grab some of this wonderful bread; it’s a staple in Ethiopia.

It’s a sour fermented flatbread that has a spongy texture.

Works great as a complementary food for heavier meals.

Lentils, many people consider them to be one of the best superfoods around.

Here’s a hearty recipe for lentils that will ensure every spoonful is packed with flavors.

The clarified butter and deep maroon berbere spice combo turn this stew into a rich, sweet, and complex dish.

Wanna cook up a family feast minus the effort and time constraints? 

Whip this one up.

It’s lightly spicy so that everyone, young and old, can enjoy it. 

It’s very meaty and savory as well.

The berbere spice, as always, is lovely and adds the Ethiopian impact to this beef dish.

Your taste buds will be filled with awesome flavors of this dish.

Berbere, garlic, onions, and tomatoes, the combination of these spices infuses the fish with a deep fragrance and brick-red color.

But the taste isn’t too overbearing.

You thought you wouldn’t find rice here? 

Every cuisine has at least one rice dish.

This Ethiopian pilaf is aromatic; the smell of butter and pomegranate is almost therapeutic.

The taste? 

It’s sweet and a bit tart from the pomegranate, while the clarified butter makes it rich, encapsulating every rice grain with flavors.

Outstanding is a word that can be used to describe this dish.

Not all berbere’s are the same, but the usual garlic, black pepper, and paprika blend are perfect for fried chicken.

Grab a drumstick, take a bite and enjoy.

Salads, you could never go wrong with salad.

But this Ethiopian take on a global classic is sure to blow you away.

It has jalapenos, onions, and tomatoes

Fresh, a bit sour, and perfect for breakfast.

Doesn’t matter if the name is a bit hard to pronounce; all you have left to say after eating is that it’s yummy!

The mix of clarified butter and berbere that coats each piece of bread is very savory.

Picture this as a warm, savory bread pudding; it’s also called Kita Fir Fir.

Pair it up with some hot coffee or tea.

16. Ful

Do you know why Ful is popular in Africa? 

Because it’s FULL of flavors! (See what I did there?)

This is perfect for family dinners, it’s colorful, and it’s eye-catching due to the number of ingredients.

The result of the ingredient combination is a rich flavor that’s full of spicy umami!

A well-balanced Ethiopian recipe such as this brings out the best flavors of Ethiopia!

This is best paired with some injera; the subtle spicing complements the juicy veggies too.

After a long list of tasty Ethiopian dishes, why not have some appetizers first?

A smoky eggplant dip is a good choice for an appetizer. 

It literally awakens the taste buds.

It’s savory, smoky, sweet, and spicy; it’s just that good.

Ethiopia really is the home of great recipes. 

They even have their own burgers!

These sweet potato patties are spiced really well, and then it’s further infused with butter. 

This dish becomes a very captivating aroma bomb due to the combo of spices.

20. Genfo

This is a wheat or barley porridge.

It’s rich and spicy due to the clarified butter and berbere.

Genfo is more than enough to have a filling breakfast.

When we say that Ethiopia is full of great recipes, we mean it! 

Here’s a very refreshing drink recipe that will definitely quench your thirst.

Fresh papaya, mango, and avocado, a tropical creamy dish sure to make you fall in love!

Knock the heat out with this refreshing Ethiopian Punch!

You won’t believe how refreshing this is unless you try it. 

It’s filled with the best citrus flavors you may ever have.

Ethiopia is best known for its best-tasting coffee, and here’s one of the best recipes to further elevate it.

A very decadent dessert mousse topped with caramel and bananas.

It’s rich and sweet, perfect for dessert after an awesome meal.

Start your day with some Ethiopian Scrambled Eggs.

Spice up your usual eggs with this dish!

Jalapeños, tomatoes, and onions are added to give flavor and some spice to your usual morning meal.

Did you know that Ethiopia has dumplings too?

They have dessert pierogies.

It’s very nutty due to the filling consisting mainly of nuts and coconut!

Ethiopia is known for its meat dishes! 

One such dish is this braised beef.

The meaty and savory beef chunks are infused with berbere, the most awesome Ethiopian spice there is.

So that it gets even more savory, a bit citrusy, and spicy too!

One of the best dishes you’ll find in the horn of Africa.

This is infused with fenugreek, a spice that resembles the taste of maple syrup, and some floral hints; this is combined with the earthy and gamey venison.

The dish is hot, spicy, and succulent! 

Perfect with injera bread.

The best spice of Ethiopia that can be put into almost any ingredient is the berbere.

This time, it’s mixed with some potatoes.

It’s meltingly tender, the perfect side dish.

29. Fatira

Have a bite of one of Ethiopia’s traditional street food.

It’s a straightforward bread, yet that simplicity makes it good.

Versatility and adaptability are why it’s good, as they can be paired with almost every Ethiopian dish.

Wine is one of mankind’s best inventions!

And one of Ethiopia’s best inventions is this honey wine.

It’s sweet and refreshing. 

Very good for most occasions.

The bottom line

Ethiopia is not just all about coffee and great sceneries.

It’s also full of great surprises such as delicious food and awesome drinks!

The horn of Africa is full of the best dishes you’ll ever have.

With a wide cuisine, it is no surprise that the food there will be outstanding.

So if you get the urge to have a taste of Ethiopia, give the 30 recipes we’ve included in this list a whip, and you won’t regret it!

Top 30 BEST Ethiopian Foods 🍴

Top 30 BEST Ethiopian Foods 🍴

Let’s journey through these 30 easy Ethiopian Recipes that will take you into a world where your taste buds reign supreme.


  • Gomen (Ethiopian-Style Collard Greens)
  • Groundnut Stew
  • Ethiopian Spiced Chicken
  • Ethiopian Cabbage
  • Ethiopian Asa Tibs
  • Ethiopian Beef Short Ribs
  • Griddle Cakes
  • Injera
  • Lentil Stew
  • Ethiopian Beef Stew
  • Ethiopian Fish Stew
  • Ethiopian Rice Pilaf
  • Chicken Drumsticks
  • Ethiopian Tomato Salad
  • Chechebsa
  • Ful
  • Ethiopian Mixed Vegetables
  • Ethiopian Eggplant Dip
  • Ethiopian Sweet Potato Burger
  • Genfo
  • Ethiopian Spris
  • Ethiopian Punch
  • Ethiopian Coffee Mousse
  • Ethiopian Eritrean Style Scrambled Eggs
  • Ethiopian Dessert Pierogies
  • Braised Beef
  • Ethiopian Venison Stew
  • Berbere Potatoes
  • Fatira
  • Tej (Ethiopian Honey Wine)


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