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Try These Top 25 Birthday Breakfast Ideas!

Try These Top 25 Birthday Breakfast Ideas!

If you want to party like it’s your birthday, start off by fueling up with these 25 birthday breakfast ideas.

If it is your special day, you have a free pass to indulge in every meal, breakfast included.

Some of these may seem over the top or eccentric but for a day that only comes once a year, you can go ahead and have extra fun with your first meal of the day.

Funfetti is usually associated with birthday cakes so you will see a lot of the fun flavor in these recipes including Funfetti Pop Tarts and Funfetti Coffee Cake.

Other birthday cake variations of breakfast foods worth trying include a Birthday Cake Parfait and Birthday Cake Cinnamon Rolls.

For something that is not necessarily birthday flavored but still makes your morning feel extra special could be a Breakfast Sundae or even adding in Bacon Skewers to the first meal of your special day.

There are no rules on your birthday so go ahead and make a few of these birthday breakfast ideas and have yourself a feast.

If you have a special someone in your life, these are also wonderful for making them feel special and loved on their birthday.

Knowing that you have this delicious breakfast casserole waiting for you is one sure way to ensure you wake up in a good mood on your birthday.

With all of the hard work being done the night before, once you wake you just need to bake this casserole, add some crumbled streusel, and serve!

Even though this seems complex and features french toast, eggs, cake mix, and lots of fun toppings, it is very easy to prepare and can be prepared in less than half an hour.

Others may think this is a tall stack of pancakes but you will know that it is secretly a pancake flavored cake.

Buttercream with a bit of maple flavoring adds to the pancake flavor with some chopped up candied bacon adding to the breakfast taste.

Flip breakfast on its head with this fun recipe!

Show someone you care on their birthday by baking them fresh pop tarts from scratch rather than buying a box at the store.

There are three different but equally important parts to your pop tart: the crust, filling, and glaze.

The crust is similar to other pie crusts and the filling features white chocolate and sprinkles all with the glaze adding a nice creamy addition to the pastry.

Whether for breakfast or dessert, the young ones will love getting involved in the kitchen to help prepare these.

Using a tube of crescent rolls from the grocery store means you can save some trouble of preparing the dough by hand.

The creamy cheesecake inside is slowly folded into the rolls while the glaze is drizzled on top to add some mouth watering sweetness to every part of this treat.

This may seem like a common breakfast item but for those who want some savory flavors added to their breakfast, this gets the job done.

Waffles sandwich together bacon and eggs with any other topping the birthday star may want.

Pull it all together with a candle topping off the sandwich!

Making donuts from scratch does not mean having to wake up at 5 am to begin the process.

A total time of half an hour needs to be spent before these are ready to be enjoyed!

Few breakfast items beat donuts, especially when they are covered in sprinkles and glaze like these are.

This is a faster way to get funfetti pancakes on the kitchen table without having to rush in the morning to have some ready for everyone.

Both buttercream icing and sugar glaze taste amazing on top of this with added sprinkles making them even more enjoyable.

How about a few perfectly pink foods for your next themed party?

Sometimes the simplest ideas can give you the most delicious foods and best memories.

Strawberries and donut holes together are a match made in heaven and since skewering them together as kabobs is so simple, this can become a family tradition with the kids helping out, too.

If it is your own birthday and you are not in the mood to go through too much trouble for your breakfast, this can be your savior.

Use unfrosted cake cubes for the base of your parfait to add to the texture and birthday flavors of your birthday breakfast treat.

Layer birthday cake mousse between your cake cubes and top it all off with whipped cream and sprinkles for an indulgent alternative to traditional parfaits.

Monkey bread is fun to make and when you add in birthday cake flavors, it becomes even more fun to eat!

Icing on top is not necessary but it adds to the experience of having a special treat for your birthday breakfast.

As always, the more sprinkles added in, the better!

Even without anything explicitly birthday cake flavored, this breakfast board can make anyone feel special.

It can be adjusted to include whatever you like so feel free to make changes depending on your taste.

The French toast is easy to make and pairs perfectly with all of the other fixin’s you like to start your day with.

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Despite it being your birthday, you may be conscious still of making sure you get enough protein.

Luckily, you can still enjoy funfetti flavors in a protein packed breakfast that can be prepared the night before.

All this overnight oatmeal needs is mixing together the ingredients and letting it sit in the fridge overnight!

Colorful, flavorful, and easy to make, what else could you want in a birthday breakfast?

The impressive design and shape of crepes is simple to replicate at home as long as the batter is thin and the cooked crepe is folded twice.

For the colors of your crepes, you can use all colors of the rainbow or stick with your favorite ones.

It may be hard to justify having an ice-cream sundae first thing in the morning but this breakfast sundae will satisfy your sweet tooth and make your breakfast feel special.

Waffle cone bowls will hold together the deliciousness of fruit, yogurt, cereal, and all the toppings you could want!

For a child’s birthday, you could even set this up as a breakfast sundae bar and let them customize with whatever toppings and additions they would like!

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Birthday cake flavor is more than just vanilla and sprinkles and this granola does an excellent job of capturing that.

This can be made into a granola bar, used as a topping for your birthday yogurt parfait, or eaten by itself as a snack.

If you like chunky granola, you can make your own cake flavored version at home by just not stirring it as it bakes.

Your morning will feel so special with just one bite of these scones.

The scones use butter rather than heavy cream which means its easier to prepare and will have a light and moist touch compared to other scones.

Both vanilla and almond extract are added to both the scones and the glaze to make it extra creamy and add more to the birthday cake flavor.

With cake mix, you can save a few steps in preparing your cinnamon rolls and save more time for adding the frosting and sprinkles on top.

Yellow cake mix will give you the classic birthday cake flavor but feel free to branch out and try chocolate or other flavors.

Imagine being greeted in the morning with a bouquet of bacon skewers.

When they have a dash of sweetness like the brown sugar glaze adds to these, you will not want to go back to traditional bacon.

The simple change of adding sweetness to your bacon will add so many celebration points and can make even a simple birthday breakfast so much better.

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Pairing the classic flavor of funfetti with elegant eclairs gives you a luxurious way to start your morning.

A vanilla pastry cream makes up the filling with a classic pate a choux for the pastry portion of the eclairs.

The fun comes from folding in sprinkles to the pastry and dipping it all into candy melts with tons more sprinkles all on top.

Even if you are on the go for your birthday morning, you can enjoy some delectable birthday cake protein balls for breakfast.

Applesauce adds a nice level of moistness while vanilla protein powder paired with confetti sprinkles adds some of the right flavor you are looking for.

To get this ready to eat, let it sit for about 15 minutes in the fridge and it’s good to go!

Also makes a great after-school snack!

On your birthday, you can have whatever you like for breakfast, and for some that may be a sweet and salty muffin.

This is full of crunch from pecans, sweetness from maple syrup, and saltiness from crispy bacon.

A little candle on top makes this feel more birthday friendly but each bite tastes like something you would dream of.

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Cookies for breakfast are not only acceptable but encouraged for your birthday breakfast!

Not only are these beautiful from the rainbow sprinkles but they taste amazing from the sugar cookie taste and the soft and chewy texture.

While there are tips for getting a perfectly round cookie, if you are excited when they get out of the oven, you can enjoy them in whatever shape they turn out to be!

This coffee cake looks like it takes a lot of effort to prepare but it is actually very easy to make and tastes amazing alongside a fresh cup of coffee in the morning.

Sour cream is one of the keys to getting this perfectly moist and fluffy so be sure to include that in the preparation.

The coffee cake should sit for some time after it is baking so try to fight the urge to sneak a taste until it is ready to be removed.

This breakfast cake can be made with two or three layers, but regardless of how many layers, it is a winner when it comes to birthday breakfast ideas and choices.

There is nothing crazy when it comes to the ingredients in this recipe, especially if you are used to preparing cinnamon rolls, but the fun comes from when the dough increases in size and makes the giant cake!

The bottom line

Starting your special day with a delicious meal is made easier with these birthday breakfast ideas.

No matter how extravagant or modest you decide to begin your day with, there are birthday breakfast ideas for you.

Check out even more fun birthday treats right here:

25 BEST Birthday Breakfast Ideas For Kids & Adults Alike!

25 BEST Birthday Breakfast Ideas For Kids & Adults Alike!

If you want to party like it's your birthday (especially if it IS your birthday), start off by fueling up with these 25 birthday breakfast ideas.


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  • Strawberry & Donut Kabobs
  • Birthday Cake Parfaits
  • Birthday Cake Monkey Bread
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  • Birthday Cake Overnight Protein Oatmeal
  • Happy Birthday Crepes
  • Breakfast Sundaes
  • Birthday Cake Granola
  • Birthday Cake Scones
  • Birthday Cake Cinnamon Rolls
  • Bacon Skewers
  • Funfetti Eclairs
  • Applesauce Birthday Cake Protein Balls
  • Maple Bacon Streusel Muffins
  • Soft Sprinkle Sugar Cookies
  • Funfetti Coffee Cake
  • Cinnamon Roll Breakfast Birthday Cake


  1. Happy birthday! We hope you are treating yourself to these Birthday Breakfast Ideas!
  2. Pick one or three of these yummy treats. 
  3. Pull out your ingredients the night before so you are ready.
  4. You’ll be cookin’ and chewin’ in no time!

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