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🥯 30 BEST Bagel Sandwich Recipes: Level Up Your Sandwiches! 🥯

🥯 30 BEST Bagel Sandwich Recipes: Level Up Your Sandwiches! 🥯

Are you tired of making the same old sandwiches using the same old bread? Why not try making sandwiches out of your favorite bagels? To get you started, here are 30 fantastic bagel sandwich recipes.

These recipes are sure to whet your appetite and make you swear off using ordinary sandwich bread again! You’ll face a few important decisions when putting together a bagel sandwich.

First, choose a bagel for your sandwich. This list of 30 bagel sandwich recipes includes plain bagels, asiago, poppy seed, rainbow, and whole wheat versions, among others. There are a couple of recipes that are pretty quick and easy to make, like #6 and #12. 

A few options can double as a dessert; like the Fruit Salad Bagel Sandwich and the Berry Mascarpone Bagels.
Are you raring to begin? Let’s start making bagel sandwiches!

You can never go wrong with anything with bacon, and this sandwich proves just that!

This bagel sandwich is highly customizable, and you can add anything you want to it after adding the bacon and cream cheese.

You can add fillings to this sandwich, including sprouts, pickled red onions, fresh herbs, and even kimchi!

Here’s a classic sandwich with a little twist to it! Take your usual BLT ingredients – crispy bacon, fresh lettuce, and juicy tomatoes. Yummy BLT sandwich that’s so next level!

The Egg Salad Sandwich is another old-fashioned recipe for a sandwich that’s given a new lease on the life of a bagel. You can use your favorite egg salad recipe for this or follow the one listed here.

For a sweet twist, you can also add some pickle relish and pineapple tidbits to the mix.

While we’re on the subject of classic sandwiches, let’s add this to our list! You can make this Chicken Salad Bagel Sandwich by combining leftover rotisserie chicken, mayonnaise, and mustard for the filling.

The addition of sharp cheddar is optional, and so is the addition of a few slices of bacon. You can also add crispy bacon bits into the salad because why not?

This recipe shows that a bagel sandwich doesn’t have to be complex to be yummy!

Just like your standard grilled cheese sandwich, layer a few different kinds of cheese in the bagel for a variety of cheese flavors. Some suggestions include cheddar, Monterey Jack, cream cheese, gruyere.

This bagel sandwich goes well with a bowl of gazpacho or red bell pepper soup!

When you say “Pizza Bagel,” people will envision an open-faced bagel half with pizza toppings.
This isn’t that kind of Pizza Bagel, and in fact, it’s a sandwich that has pizza fillings IN IT! You can add your favorite pizza topping to this recipe too!

Adding grated parmesan to the top of the bagel gives it a nice, cheesy, salty crust!

This sandwich uses a poppy-seed bagel, but you can use your favorite bagel for this if you like. This recipe can also use your favorite canned tuna, dressing, sliced cheeses, and condiments. To melt the cheese on top, pop the sandwich in the microwave for half a minute or do this in your toaster oven.

For some people, when you say bagel sandwich, it can only mean one with salmon.

This particular recipe is as classic as they come, with the addition of capers for added saltiness and cucumbers for that contrasting crunch.

While the name of this sandwich tells you that it’s a salami sandwich, it uses four kinds of meat. In addition to the salami, you also have some mortadella, pepperoni, and bacon! The pepperoncini add some heat, and the provolone gives it that cheesy flavor in every bite.


Creamy, rich, and flavorful is what you get when you try this bagel sandwich! Instead of cream cheese, mashed avocado is added. And a layer of melted mozzarella and dried cranberries provide a pleasant surprise. Simple yet filling is what you get here!

12. Pesto & Egg Bagel Sandwich

This bagel sandwich also uses avocados to add a creamy texture. Also layered between two slices of toasted bagel are turkey bacon, some fresh greens, a whole egg, and some pesto.

This is a fantastic sandwich treat to have for breakfast or brunch!

If you’re craving a bite of the world-famous New York pastrami on rye but are too far away to get one, this is a good substitute!

Add as much (or as little) pastrami as you want to your toasted bagel, drizzle some mustard up top, and you’ve got what you’re craving. And as the recipe suggests, you can add the dill pickle to the sandwich itself instead of on the side!

14. Roast Beef Bagel Sandwich

This new take on roast beef sandwiches is a good pick for a handy and hearty meal you can take anywhere. Meaty with the sharpness of cheddar and the right amount of freshness from the tomatoes and lettuce, you have the perfect sandwich for a picnic or work!

A sandwich is defined as two pieces of bread (in this case, a bagel sliced in half) with a filling in the middle. An open-faced sandwich (or bagel) isn’t technically a sandwich, but when you make it this way, you get two pieces piled high with the good stuff!

Instead of the usual whole fried egg you see in most bagel sandwich recipes, this one uses scrambled eggs on top. It also has fresh vegetables, diced tomatoes, shredded cheese, and some bacon bits

The bagel used in this recipe is one you may have seen many times on YouTube videos and Facebook. It’s the rainbow bagel! And inside this vibrant bagel are pesto, grilled chicken breast, alfalfa sprouts, and roasted red peppers.

Colorful and tasty!

Donuts turned into burgers, and croissants turned into burgers, so why not bagels? This recipe uses an Asiago Jalapeno Bagel, which has a crusty top of asiago cheese and jalapeno bits inside. Still, you can use any bagel you want with this. Customize your burger any way you want with more toppings or a double patty for a meatier sandwich!

We’d be remiss if we didn’t feature a bagel version of the famous Philly cheesesteak! This version, however, uses mini bagels instead of the regular-sized ones.

You can make these slider-sized Philly Cheese Steak Bagel Sandwiches for game day or your kids’ snacks over the weekend!

Here’s one more open-faced bagel sandwich with boneless chicken breast and lots of cheese! The combination of chili and lime seasoning with the sliced jalapenos gives the dish tangy, spicy, and savory flavors.

You can omit the jalapeno slices if you don’t prefer the spicy heat.

Ready for another bagel sandwich that uses everyone’s favorite – the Everything bagel! This sandwich doesn’t use any mayo (although you can add it in if you want) and instead uses mustard as the only condiment. Once assembled, this sandwich is brushed with butter and toasted in the oven until the cheese layers are melted.

One more popular sandwich is getting a bagel makeover! This time, it’s the German-inspired sandwich that was invented in Milwaukee. Like the original, this is made with layers of corned beef slices, sauerkraut, cheese, and Thousand Island or Russian dressing.

If you can’t find thinly sliced corned beef, you can use roast beef or pastrami in its place.

Here’s another bagel sandwich recipe that uses mini bagels instead of the full-sized ones. These tiny bagels are used in this dish because they are the right size for muffin-tin baked scrambled eggs.

For an added kick, you can sprinkle the top of the baked scrambled egg with some red pepper flakes before adding the cheese and the bacon.

The iconic cucumber sandwich from across the pond goes stateside and transforms into a cucumber bagel sandwich!

This bagel version uses thinly sliced cucumbers layered on top of a smear of cream cheese flavored with chopped dill and grated garlic.

You can also turn these into open-faced versions of the traditional ones served during High Tea.

The club sandwich is a staple on the menu of restaurants worldwide. This bagel version doesn’t come in the usual three layers you expect, but it has many fillings, much like other club sandwiches.

Look for crisp greens, bacon strips, and a lemony dressing.

Want some Mexican food in bagel form? This Huevos Rancheros Bagel Sandwich gives you what you want! Combining salsa, ancho chile powder, fried eggs, and Mexican mixed cheeses, you get a spicy, savory, fresh, and filling snack!

This recipe is for a sophisticated appetizer using bagels! Open-faced and using mini bagels, this can be served as a canape for your next event. Serve it in place of chips and dip or as a first course during a sit-down dinner.

Yes, bagel sandwiches can be sweet too! Here is the first of four bagel sandwiches that can satisfy your sweet tooth! Inspired by Japanese fruit sandwiches, this treat uses gluten-free bagels, but you can use the standard when you make them.

Try the fruits in the recipe or add some of your favorites!

This bagel sandwich is a sweet breakfast treat. Instead of cream cheese, use even milder, creamy mascarpone with a variety of berries in this recipe. Add honey to amp up the sweetness; using a blueberry bagel makes this even sweeter!

Sweet and nutty, this bagel combines peanut butter and Nutella in a scrumptious mix! This open-faced breakfast bagel also uses banana slices to balance out the nuttiness of the spreads.

Add some sixlets or sprinkles for even more fun!

Soaking this bagel in an egg/milk mixture helps this grilled sandwich become softer, still chewy but with a gentler bite so the filling doesn’t end up on your lap. The cinnamon is “baked” in but for a true French Toast experience, have a side of syrup for dipping!

The bottom line

This list shows you that when it comes to bagel sandwich recipes, you have a lot of options! Whether for breakfast or lunch, served as a snack or in appetizer form, the bagel can hold its own!

So let go of that piece of loaf bread and grab a bagel for your next sandwich.

Top 30 BEST Bagel Sandwich Mains 🥯

Top 30 BEST Bagel Sandwich Mains 🥯

Here are 30 easy bagel sandwich recipes to level up your sandwich game!


  • Everything Avocado Turkey Bagel Sandwich
  • Bacon Cream Cheese Breakfast Bagel Sandwich
  • BLT Bagel Sandwich
  • Egg Salad Bagel Sandwich
  • Chicken Salad Bagel Sandwich
  • Grilled Cheese Bagel Sandwich
  • Pizza Bagel Sandwich
  • Tuna Melt Bagel
  • Smoked Salmon Bagel Sandwich
  • Italian Salami Bagel Sandwich
  • Avocado & Egg Bagel Sandwich
  • Pesto & Egg Bagel Sandwich
  • Pastrami With Pickles Bagel Sandwich
  • Roast Beef Bagel Sandwich
  • Open-Faced Bagel Sandwich
  • Grilled Chicken Bagel Sandwich
  • Asiago Jalapeno Bagel Burger
  • Philly Cheese Steak Bagel Bites
  • Chili Lime Chicken Bagel
  • Ham & Turkey Bagel Melts
  • Reuben Bagel Sandwich
  • Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Bagel Sandwich
  • Dilled Cream Cheese & Cucumber Bagels
  • Chicken & Egg Bagel Club Sandwich
  • Huevos Rancheros Bagel Sandwich
  • Spinach & Artichoke Bagel Sandwich
  • Fruit Salad Bagel Sandwich
  • Berry Mascarpone Bagels
  • Peanut Butter, Nutella, & Banana Bagel
  • French Toast Bagel Breakfast Sandwich


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