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18 Cute Baby Shower Cookie Recipes Everyone Will Adore! 👶

18 Cute Baby Shower Cookie Recipes Everyone Will Adore! 👶

It’s a boy! No, it’s a girl! Find some of the best baby shower cookie recipes here—all can make this celebration extra special and memorable.

Got a bun in the oven?

While you’re getting ready to pop soon or in a couple of months, you can indulge in these sweet treats.

Read on for our hand-picked list of baby-themed cookie recipes that are just so adorable that you’d find excuses to make them even without a little one on the way.

Baking cookies for a baby shower is a delicious way to celebrate new beginnings.

Get inspired with these colorful recipes that add a lively touch to your celebration.

From rattles to diaper-shaped and animal-shaped cookies, we’ve got you covered with a roster of recipes that will definitely elicit oohs and aahs from your guests.

Whether you prefer the traditional pink or blue baby shower cookies or the modern, gender-neutral cookies, there’s something for everyone.

They are easy to follow and can be tailor-made to suit your theme or color scheme.

Swoon over the cuteness of these baby shower cookie recipes.

Share your excitement with your family and friends.

Make their mouths water with these baby cookies.

You can also check out a childhood favorite cartoon-themed recipe at #18.

Fire up your oven and start baking these charming cookies that will make your shower party an unforgettable one.

Topped with icing, these onesie designs are perfect for any baby theme.

It’s easy to decorate them in pastel-colored stripes or polka dots.

Ingredients include: Heavy whipping cream, all-purpose flour, baking powder, vanilla extract, and butter.

Creatively dress up these cookies like tiny peanut babies.

You can add a little bow for a baby girl or a beanie for a baby.

Ingredients include: Nutter butter cookies, blue candy melts, white chocolate, and chocolate.

How adorable are these bear chocolate creations!

Speckled with chocolate chips, they’re fun, scrummy, and cute.

Ingredients include: All-purpose flour, baking powder, baking soda, unsalted butter, and brown sugar.

Representing the baby’s gender with these blue-schemed cookies, its soft dough is also easy to shape into toy rattles and baby carriage.

Ingredients include: Unsalted butter, sugar, baking powder, flour, and egg.

Instead of the regular white sugar, use brown sugar for a more rustic style.

These lovable duckling cookies are great for a gender-neutral baby shower.

Ingredients include: Brown sugar, all-purpose flour, eggs, vanilla extract, and unsalted butter.

Sweet, fruity, and oh-so-cheerful cookies are a joyful addition to a baby girl’s shower party.

Children and adults alike will definitely have a blast with this.

Ingredients include: All-purpose flour, baking powder, unsalted butter, strawberry extract, and sugar.

An ingenious way to serve these cookies is to skewer them and arrange them in a container.

You’ll enjoy decorating this with your preferred color scheme.

Ingredients include: Flour, unsalted butter, granulated sugar, vanilla extract, and baking powder.

Depending on your theme, this is an impressive recipe that you can play around with.

Substitute strawberry cake mix with blueberry and you’ve got a blue one for a baby boy!

Ingredients include: Strawberry cake mix, baking powder, pure vanilla extract, vegetable oil, and white chocolate chips.

You can make this more gender-neutral design if you are not yet sure of the baby’s sex.

Inspired by Little Beau Sheep, the design makes use of subdued gray tones that are suitable for an adults-only baby shower.

Ingredients include: Flour, unsalted butter, sugar, egg, and vanilla extract.

If sugar cookies are not your cup of tea, you can try this foolproof choco chip cookie recipe.

You can change the color according to your theme.

Ingredients include: Granulated sugar, light brown sugar, egg yolk, vanilla extract, and all-purpose flour.

Express your funny side with this diaper design cookie.

The diaper cookie is filled with melted chocolate candy that oozes out when you bite into it.

Let your imagination work with that description.

Just make sure that your guests have the same humor as you.

Ingredients include: Sugar cookie dough, flour, milk, mini candy bars, and powdered sugar.

Gorgeous shortbread cookies in baby face design will look divine on your dessert table.

It’s a bit sophisticated to make, so you might need to practice making them if you’re not adept at assembling decked-out desserts.

Ingredients include: Flour, cornstarch, unsalted butter, pure almond extract, and icing sugar.

Cookies in pastels are a guaranteed hit at baby showers.

They’re simple, minimalist, and versatile.

They need not be perfectly-shaped circles.

Match it to your chosen theme by drawing lines, polka dots, or any figure you see fit.

Ingredients include: Bourbon vanilla sugar, all-purpose flour, sugar, butter, and egg.

Get a kick out of these baby footprint cookies.

Put your creativity to the test and apply different designs on the frosting.

Ingredients include: Butter, white sugar, vanilla and almond extract, all-purpose flour, and powdered sugar.

These bite-sized cookies are so easy to make.

You don’t need to be the Michelangelo of decorated baked goods to achieve this yummy creation.

Ingredients include: Unsalted butter, granulated sugar, egg, all-purpose flour, and vanilla extract.

Literally as cute as a button, these cookies are just so adorable!

It’s infused with mildly tangy cream cheese, which accentuates the sweet note of the vanilla.

Ingredients include: Butter, cream cheese, all-purpose flour, vanilla extract, and baking powder.

This would call for a steady drawing hand. 

A highly-embellished cookie that pays tribute to mama, she’ll surely appreciate the work you put into this unique confection.

Ingredients include: Butter, granulated sugar, almond and coffee extracts, cocoa, and baking powder.

This Disney character is a timeless favorite among children and parents.

You can turn it into Mickey Mouse by replacing the pink frosting with light blue food color.

Ingredients include: All-purpose flour, baking powder, butter, white sugar, and vanilla extract.

The bottom line

Make these events even more extraordinary in celebration of the arrival of a new baby. 

These occasions are filled with joy and excitement as your loved ones get together in support of the expectant mother.

May it be a simple gathering or a grand party, you can incorporate these sweet baby treats into your get-together.

You can give them as gifts to friends who are expecting to show your affection for the mom and care for the new baby.

With the time and effort that you put into baking, it is a special expression of labor of love.

These are thoughtful reminders of the happy occasion long after the party has ended.

18 Best Baby Shower Cookie Recipes

18 Best Baby Shower Cookie Recipes

Find some of the best baby shower cookie recipes here—all can make this celebration extra special and memorable.


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