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42 Easy & Tasty Air Fryer Side Dishes

42 Easy & Tasty Air Fryer Side Dishes

Prepare the air fryer! Check out these quick and delicious air fryer side dishes for potato chips, garlic bread, eggplant fries, and more!

From chicken to pork to vegetables to pastry, the air fryer has proven its versatility in the kitchen arena. 

And since this kitchen gadget is fairly new to most, many may still be doing some trial and error to use this countertop convection oven in coming up with various delectable meals. 

If you’re one of them, I’ve compiled 42 hearty air fryer dishes you must try.

Considering that 40% of US households have air fryers as of July 2020, this list is what you need to try on recipes using this amazing kitchen gadget.

If potatoes are in your kitchen, try making Air Fryer Potato Chips and Sweet Potato Fries.

You can also make store-bought Dumplings and Samosa crispy without deep frying.

And if you are up for an air fryer twist of a famous Italian dish, check out #39.

Get the best-tasting air fryer recipes from this list.

Crispy and tasty potato chips are what this dish is aiming for.

This recipe calls for thin potato slices, soaked in cold water with salt for 25 minutes, then drained before frying.

These crispy and delicious chips are to die for!

Let’s roast some carrots!

If you want it sweet, chopped carrots into a safe bowl with butter, brown sugar, and a pinch of salt.

Add olive oil, garlic powder, and paprika for a savory twist.

Make frozen vegetables into a mouthwatering dish in no time.

You’ll get lovely stir-fried vegetables that are crispy outside and perfectly cooked inside.

Get a perfectly crispy dumpling without oil splatter issues.

There’s no need to thaw frozen dumplings before cooking. 

Toss it straight into the air fryer, and it will be crispy and deliciously done.

Make sliced baguette into crispy, garlicky, golden brown bread in a snap!

It’s the ultimate partner for your favorite pasta dish or soup.

You only need potatoes, oil, and salt to make a crispy baked potato that is crispy outside and beautifully cooked inside.

Ideal for appetizers or snacks.

Tasty crescent rolls on the go.

Brush with garlic butter and air fry until golden brown.

It’s like having garlic bread and cheese sticks in one flavorful bread.

You’ll love this green yet crunchy broccoli recipe.

With garlic and cheese flavors combined in this dish, it brings broccoli to a next-level taste.

It’s an instant meal that is flavorful and crispy.

Adding simple seasonings for flavor makes these green beans a hearty dish to serve.

Roasting Brussels sprouts in an air fryer makes it taste even better.

To get the right crispiness outside and tenderness inside, soak Brussels sprouts in water for 10 minutes before air frying them.

You can make a perfectly flavorsome butternut squash without feeling guilty.

You can still get the crispiness and texture you’ve always loved by air frying.

This dish requires simple ingredients to get you a satisfying side dish for your roasted or grilled main course.

These pumpkin fries’ sweet and briny flavors will make you want to eat more.

Sweet potato fries are a guaranteed appetizing dish.

It gets a crispy texture when air-fried and is ideal for a side dish or a snack match with ketchup or your favorite dip.

If you want your zucchini and tomatoes roasted without being too soggy, air frying it is the best way to go!

Adding a little olive oil, Italian seasoning, garlic powder, and garlic powder brings more flavor to this dish.

And if you love it with cheese, adding some sprinkles of parmesan will be nice, too.

Whether you put your favorite filling or sprinkle some salt, this dish will still be a great addition to your meal.

Air frying it will make it lighter yet cooked in crispy perfection.

Aside from broccoli, you can use cauliflower.

Its crispy outcome will be perfect when added as a side dish or to salad dishes.

Making crunchy kale chips is easy!

It will make your family wonder if you made it or if it was store-bought because of how perfect it’ll turn out.

Partner your juicy burger with crunchy hash browns.

Aside from a delicious side dish, it can be your next hearty breakfast!

You can never leave out potatoes when you have an air fryer ready.

These crispy and flavorful Potato Wedges are one of the best appetizers or side dishes you can have.

No need to take out egg rolls when you can make a crispier version using store-bought frozen egg rolls at home.

It’s an exquisite match to stir-fried noodles or any rice meal.

Stuff your fresh tomatoes with a savory rice mixture to make a delightful dish.

Taste the Italian flavors with added crunch.

Serve it while it’s hot!

Ready your sour cream to dip your crispy potato latkes into.

Air-frying latkes make them tasty, fluffy, light, and crispy.

Your family will love every bit of this delicious treat!

It’s a juicy, savory, tender, and enjoyable dish made of mushrooms.

You can have it as a great side, appetizer, or snack.

This recipe is packed with aroma, herbs, and spices in one.

Cut potatoes in half for them to absorb the rest of the ingredients’ flavor to make it crunchy and flavorful inside out!

Air-frying plantains turns them into a hearty side dish without the added oil.

It’s best to use ripe plantains to end up with a sweet and enticing side dish.

Roasted baby potatoes will surely give you a flavorful and crispy texture on the outside while still keeping the texture tender on the inside.

Its distinctive herbal flavor is what makes this dish stand out from the rest.

Crispy carrot fries are very similar to sweet potatoes in taste and flavor.

The savory flavor brought by garlic and parmesan matches the natural sweetness of carrots roasted to perfection.

This roasted garlic parmesan radish is an excellent replacement for potato side dishes.

It’s a garlicky side dish to give a try on your next meal.

You can not resist the smoky flavor brought by bacon on your green beans once it’s roasted.

Capture everyone’s heart by serving this crispy, tender green beans and meaty bacon as a side or a snack.

Did you know you can make fries using zucchini?

Put some seasoning before dipping it in egg, then coat with some breading.

Add sesame seeds for a few minutes before cooking time is over for added crunch and flavor.

If you love garlic and cheese flavors on your fries, this recipe is to check out.

Add cayenne powder to the mix if you like it a bit spicy!

Bacon-wrapped asparagus works well with an air fryer, too.

For a rich variation, add lemon juice and freshly grated parmesan cheese to your bacon wraps five minutes before the air fryer timer goes off.

You don’t require special skills to make this dish.

You’ll need russet potatoes, olive oil, garlic, salt, and pepper to make these nicely roasted Hasselback potatoes.

Sprinkle parmesan as desired.

This recipe captures the same flavors as your crispy samosa without having to bake or deep fry it.

Cook until golden brown to get that flaky, crispy dough you and your family will enjoy.

Make the slimy okra into crunchy and flavorful okra fries!

Bring all the ingredients in a bowl, then add sliced okra until completely covered.

Quick tip: Slice okra lengthwise instead of bite-size to get crispier results.

Instead of using potatoes, let’s use eggplant for fries.

Cut eggplants into sticks, dip in eggs, coat with panko Italian seasoning and parmesan, then roast.

Better serve it immediately so you can enjoy its texture while it’s hot.

Thin slices of zucchini with garlic powder and black pepper, sprinkled with olive oil, then topped with grated parmesan cheese, are the secret to making this fabulous dish.

It’s an addicting snack you can devour without feeling guilty!

It’s a go-to snack that is so quick to do.

Add olive oil, salt, and pepper to mini peppers, then air fry.

You can have it as a side dish or ingredient in some recipes for added flavor.

Experience traditional ratatouille flavors with all its ingredients at home, then air fry!

You can savor this flavorful dish without going to fancy restaurants.

Simply make one at home.

Add garlic, oregano, and thyme to make it even tastier.

Garlic makes any meal a flavorful and aromatic dish to enjoy.

Thanks to the air fryer, there’s an easier way to roast garlic quicker to add to your creamy dips, soups, salad dressings, and other dishes.

Store it in a sealed plastic baggie in the fridge and use it for up to three days.

This flavorful and super crispy onion ring is an ideal side for your steak.

It’s a go-to side dish, coated with panko breadcrumbs with simple spices.

Remoulade sauce is a great dip for these crunchy onion rings!

Fresh corn on the cob, brushed with lime-butter sauce and roasted until crispy, is what makes this dish a luscious side dish.

It’s buttery sweet yet savory at the same time.

The bottom line

Aside from making perfectly crispy and great-tasting dishes, using less to no oil recipes makes a lot of difference in serving a hearty meal for your family and friends.

Have fun making any of these recipes in your next meal!

Easy Air Fryer Side Dishes

Easy Air Fryer Side Dishes

Prepare the air fryer! Check out these quick and delicious air fryer side dishes for potato chips, garlic bread, eggplant fries, and more.


  • Air Fryer Potato Chips
  • Air Fryer Carrots
  • Air Fryer Frozen Stir-Fry Vegetables
  • Air Fryer Dumplings
  • Air-Fryer Garlic Bread
  • Air Fryer Baked Potatoes
  • Air-Fryer Cheese Stuffed Crescent Rolls
  • Air Fryer Broccoli Parmesan
  • Air-Fryer Roasted Green Beans
  • Air Fryer Brussels Sprouts
  • Air Fryer Butternut Squash
  • Air Fryer Pumpkin Fries
  • Air Fryer Sweet Potato Fries
  • Air Fryer Roasted Zucchini With Tomatoes
  • Air-Fryer Stuffed Sweet Potatoes
  • Air Fryer Cauliflower
  • Air-Fryer Kale Chips
  • Air-Fryer Hash Browns
  • Air Fryer Potato Wedges
  • Air-Fryer Egg Rolls
  • Air-Fried Italian Stuffed Tomatoes
  • Air-Fryer Latkes
  • Air Fryer Bacon-Stuffed Mushrooms
  • Air Fryer Crispy Garlic Potatoes
  • Air-Fryer Plantains
  • Air Fryer Baby Potatoes
  • Air Fryer Garlic Parmesan Carrot Fries
  • Air-Fried Radishes
  • Air Fryer Bacon-Wrapped Green Beans
  • Air-Fryer Zucchini Fries
  • Air Fryer Garlic Parmesan Fries
  • Air fryer Bacon Wrapped Asparagus
  • Air Fryer Hasselback Potatoes
  • Air-Fryer Punjabi Samosas
  • Air Fryer Okra
  • Air-Fryer Eggplant Fries
  • Air Fryer Zucchini Chips
  • Air Fryer Roasted Mini Peppers
  • Air-Fried Ratatouille
  • Air Fryer Garlic
  • Air Fryer Onion Rings
  • Air Fryer Corn On The Cob


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