November 25, 2020

Salmon is a versatile fish I always love. Whether it's smoked, baked or fried, I can't simply say no to its tender-fatty and subtle taste. And once you pair it with some salad or stir-fried veggies...oh, yummy!

There are so many ways to enjoy salmon. Because it cooks up quickly - in a matter of minutes, having them cooked in an air fryer provides hassle-free salmon meals to your family in no time. 

If you're wondering how to cook salmon in an air fryer, this recipe list is perfect for you. 

I compiled thirteen of my favorite, hearty air fryer salmon recipes that are worth devouring for your next family dinner.

1. Air fryer salmon and veggies

The presence of maple syrup and brown sugar gives the salmon a hint of sweetness while the seasoning enhances its flavor. 

I also love how mushrooms, asparagus, and broccoli harmonize the refreshing taste of salmon. 

This dish is ideal for those who are looking for a delectable salmon recipe for an air fryer with veggies on the side. 

Leftovers? No problem! Learn the art of reheating salmon so you can have them at a later time. 

Here's the recipe for this air fryer salmon and veggies.

2. Sweet spicy air fryer salmon

This sweet-spicy salmon has a contrast of crispy and smoky outer layer and tender salmon meat inside. 

The blend of chili and honey provides the salmon that nice, balanced sweet and spicy kick you always wanted. 

For an extraordinary eating experience, try pairing them with this roasted pear salad. 

Get the full details of the recipe here. 

3. Air fryer Cajun salmon foil packets

This air fry cajun salmon recipe is super easy, yet it takes your salmon game to a whole new level. 

The secret of that perfectly tender salmon meat lies behind the aluminum foil cover. The addition of Cajun seasoning enhances the natural flavor of salmon while the lime wedges provide that refreshing, tart taste. 

And oh...the corn and broccoli taste great with Cajun-seasoned salmon too!

Here's the recipe. 

4. Chili lime air fryer salmon

Who can resist that sweet, tangy, and spicy taste of a chilli-lime salmon?

Seasoning salmon with chili and lime before sliding it to the air fryer is easy to elevate its subtle and natural sweetness. 

Plus, garnishing them with chopped parsley gives you an elegant touch that will impress your friends and family at the dinner table. 

Learn how to make this salmon dish here. 

5. Air fryer teriyaki salmon

This delicious salmon dish comes together in about ten minutes and features sweet-tangy flavor and teriyaki sauce. 

Perfect to those teriyaki lovers, this chili lime air fryer salmon recipe is best paired with lemon rice or this roasted asparagus

Check out the recipe here. 

6. Air fryer salmon with parmesan dill crust

The mayo, Dijon mustard, dried dill, parmesan cheese, and lemon juice boost the flavor of this salmon dish. 

It may look daunting, but this salmon recipe is as easy as 123. Also, it takes about ten minutes to put them together!

If you're in a dire situation where you don't have enough time to prep for your family dinner, this air fryer recipe is your life-saver!

Get the recipe here. 

7. Air fryer salmon with yogurt lemon caper sauce

Serve this elegant salmon dish to your next family dinner and witness everyone harmoniously say WOW! 

The combination of yogurt, lemon, mayonnaise, and black pepper creates an additional burst of flavor to the salmon. 

Quick tip: The sauce and salmon can be made ahead. You can cover and store them in the fridge for up to 3 days. 

Here’s the recipe. 

8. Air fryer Furikake salmon

I love how tender, juicy, and flaky this furikake salmon recipe is. 

If you're new to furikake, it's a Japanese seasoning made of dried seaweed and sesame seeds. 

Visiting a Japanese restaurant is no longer required to enjoy this tasty salmon dish. You can do it at home!

All you need is gather the ingredients, follow this recipe, and you're good to go! 

9. Southwestern air fryer salmon

Do you want to take a break from the oven heat but want a hearty salmon dish to enjoy for dinner? This Southwestern salmon dish is for you!

Coated with a flavorful mix of Southwestern style spices and cooked to tender perfection in an air fryer, this recipe is sure to be a big hit!

Quick tip: If you like a spicy salmon, feel free to drizzle hot sauce, sriracha, or pickled jalapeños on top. 

Find the full details here. 

10. Honey sriracha air fryer salmon

I like how this salmon dish gets marinated in a honey and sriracha sauce, then seasoned with salt before sliding it to the air fryer. 

The result is extraordinary. It's juicy, flaky, and flavorsome!

No air fryer? No worries! You can make this hearty salmon recipe in the oven or stovetop. 

Learn how to cook them here.

11. Air fryer salmon patties

Skip those bland burgers and serve these gluten-free air fryer salmon patties for a sandwich everyone is sure to fall in love with. 

There's no need to worry if you don't have enough burger buns for everyone as these patties are also bound to serve up with some side salad such as creamy broccoli salad, cucumber tomato salad, or grilled peach salad with champagne vinaigrette. 

Here's the recipe. 

12. Blackened air fryer salmon with salsa

I've never tried a blackened salmon in an air fryer before until I found this recipe online. 

This salmon dish mixes cucumber, avocado, lemon, and different seasonings, resulting in a sweet-tangy, delicious meal. 

Trivia: Don't you know that there are two ways to smoke salmon? Find how to do this here

Here’s the recipe for this blackened salmon.

13. Air fryer salmon taco

Salmon taco in an air fryer? Why not! 

I love everything in tacos, and this salmon taco recipe is no exception! 

This salmon taco has salmon, sriracha mayo, tortillas, and veggies. For toppings, you can put avocado, chopped cilantro, and shredded cheese. 

If you want to make a spicier version, add a bit of cayenne pepper to the seasoning and throw in some chopped jalapeños.

Check out the recipe here. 

The bottom line

There are so many things you can make in an air fryer that the possibilities are endless,  while the results are topnotch. 

Air frying salmon is one of my go-to kitchen tasks, especially when I have hectic schedules at work but still want to enjoy my favorite salmon dish. 

Air fryer salmon recipes

Air fryer salmon recipes


  • 1. Air fryer salmon and veggies
  • 2. Sweet spicy air fryer salmon
  • 3. Air fryer Cajun salmon foil packets
  • 4. Chili lime air fryer salmon
  • 5. Air fryer teriyaki salmon
  • 6. Air fryer salmon with parmesan dill crust
  • 7. Air fryer salmon with yogurt lemon caper sauce
  • 8. Air fryer Furikake salmon
  • 9. Southwestern air fryer salmon
  • 10. Honey sriracha air fryer salmon
  • 11. Air fryer salmon patties
  • 12. Blackened air fryer salmon with salsa
  • 13. Air fryer salmon taco


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