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10 Absolutely Amazing White Radish Recipes You Must Try!

10 Absolutely Amazing White Radish Recipes You Must Try!

Are you curious about what to make with white radishes? We have put together a list of white radish recipes that are certain to inspire your next meal! 

It is possible that you have seen white radishes in the grocery store and thought that they were weird white carrots. 

Yes, they look pretty similar, but that isn’t at all.

The white radish is an excellent root vegetable to cook with. 

There are several taproots out there that look similar: daikon looks like white radishes which look like white turnips, which are similar to parsnips. 

Then there is the white carrot, and the poor, tiny and bulbous red radish is wondering what’s up with all these imposters.

It is sturdy and has just enough flavor to make a dish pop without overpowering it like #5, the tasty Pickled White Radish and guest-worthy Grilled Steak With White Radish Salad.

Did you make a wrong turn and you really need our 17 recipes for turnips? Better go here.

This white radish salad is simple to the eye but striking with flavor at the same time.    

You only need white radish, sugar, garlic, white vinegar, and salt to make it.

But when combined in the proper measurements, this easy-to-make salad will delight your taste buds.

Be sure to make this recipe well enough in advance so that it has plenty of marinating time in the fridge before serving.

These pancakes are naturally vegan.

It is lovely when a recipe turns out to be delicious and entirely plant-based.

These Daikon pancakes have radish, all-purpose flour, and water plus a touch of salt.

Yep, that’s it!

The optional dipping sauce, which I believe is a must, is made with soy sauce and wasabi.

The secret to the perfect pancakes is to squeeze as much water as possible from the grated radishes.

Enjoy this one.

Searching for a sweet and spicy recipe? This one is the right recipe for you!

The Japanese radish is perfect for pickling.

When you first bite into a white radish, you will be hit with a bit of peppery spice, and the finish is on the sweet side.

This one makes the radish perfect for pickling.

When making this recipe, don’t forget to peel the radishes. 

It will make a lot of difference to the texture.

A light, clear broth soup can be so refreshing.

If you are looking for such a soup, you will enjoy this one.

It only has four ingredients.

You can quickly add the ingredients to a pot and then allow it to simmer for about two hours.

Then you have a savory white radish soup that will delight the taste buds and maybe even the soul.

This dish is an amazing appetizer or snack that also happens to be vegan.

You only need shredded white radishes, eggs, flour, and seasoning to make these.

You only need about fifteen minutes to prep and ten minutes to cook them.

I feel like ranch dressing would be the perfect dip for these.

What do you think?

Yes, it is a thing!

Now, these may not be the same texture as you are accustomed to with a french fry, but they will be delightful.

When appropriately cooked, these will turn out caramelized and soft.

You will bake these in an oven at 475F for about thirty minutes.

Check out this recipe for Air Fryer Radishes to cut down on energy use and cook time.

The yuzu sauce in this recipe offers a mild, slightly sweet flavor. It has hints of mandarin orange with a flair or grapefruit.

It is made with braised chicken thighs.

While the mushrooms are optional in this recipe, I strongly recommend them.

If you can’t find Yuzu sauce at your local supermarket, you can substitute lemon juice with grapefruit juice.

You can find more info on this in the recipe notes.

First, I must tell you that this recipe calls for anchovies. 

You can leave them out, though.

It is my life choice and doesn’t have to be yours.

This recipe only calls for daikon radish, cheese, heavy cream, and spices.

It is a rich dish, and usually, a gratin is considered a side dish.

However, this could be your primary, and then serve it alongside a nice side salad.

You could also make this to complement a beautiful steak dinner.

Are you looking for a unique recipe for your next brunch?

If so, I think that this may just be the perfect thing to serve.

This recipe uses radishes (substitute with white radishes here), leeks, kale, and bread crumbs.

It is rich and luscious. 

It should be made in a cast-iron skillet and served that way.

In my eyes, this is a special occasion meal, but when these folks at Food & Wine put out a recipe, you know it will be special.

When you pick out the steak, get a great one.

Don’t mess around here.

It is one of those moments to get the best.

Oh, and when you buy the cucumbers for this, I highly recommend that you get the seedless English cucumbers.

The bottom line

The white radish is milder than the peppery radish that we are all accustomed to biting into.

The texture is still crisp and juicy, though.

This fact means that it is quite versatile and can be used in so many different kinds of dishes, as noted in this article.

Feel comfortable experimenting with the white radish and enjoy each and every dish.

Looking for more? Try these parsnip dishes too.

10 White Radish Recipes

10 White Radish Recipes

Wondering what recipes to make with white radish? Here are 10 different white radish recipes for every occasion.


  • White (Daikon) Radish Salad
  • White Radish Pancakes
  • Pickled White Radishes
  • Chinese White Radish Soup
  • Fried White Radish Balls
  • White Radish French Fries
  • White Radish With Chicken In Yuzu Sauce
  • White Radish Gratin
  • Kale And Radish Skillet
  • Grilled Steak With White Radish Salad


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