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What is latte and how to make one at home

What is latte and how to make one at home

If you’ve had your fair share of coffee, you certainly might have heard of latte. 

Having originated from Italy, this beverage has travelled continents and is now enjoyed by many people worldwide.

But, if you’ve been less fortunate and have not had the chance to enjoy a refreshing cup of it, you’re seriously missing out. 

Here’s everything you need to know about latte, its different types, and how you can make one yourself at home.  

What is latte?

Originally called a café latte, this drink is created using a strong shot of espresso and creamy, steamed milk. 

The name “café latte” literally means “coffee and milk” in Italian. The mixture of coffee and milk is topped with thick and light foam and decorated to give it a delectable look. 

A latte is available in different flavors. The most typical latte consists of about 1/3 cup of espresso and 2/3 cups of milk with lots of foam on top. A café latte is usually served hot. 

What does latte taste like?

A latte tastes like any other coffee, but it has a much sweeter taste. Plus, it’s not as bitter as different types of coffee. 

The espresso added in a latte is comparatively less, and there’s a lot of milk, so the bitterness and robust taste of coffee is diluted with milk. 

Latte also has a creamy and rich taste, and with the foam on top, it feels like drinking a cloud of coffee. 

However, if you prefer strong coffee, then a latte may taste bland for you. 

Types of latte

The best thing about latte is that you can make it according to your preferences. There are so many latte flavors that you can choose from, including chocolate, caramel, and vanilla. Plus, you can select any milk in a latte, such as almond, soy, coconut. 

The most popular lattes are:

  • Pumpkin spiced latte
  • Peppermint mocha latte
  • Coffee nut latte
  • Marshmallow-coconut latte
  • Gingerbread latte
  • Matcha latte
  • Masala chai latte
  • Cinnamon-vanilla latte
  • Strawberry-raspberry latte

How to make latte at home

Making a café latte is very easy and straightforward. All you need is a coffee machine. You can even make this beverage using instant espresso powder if you don’t have a coffee machine at home. Here’s what you’ll need to make a latte at home:

  • 2/3 cup of milk
  • 1/3 cup of espresso or brewed coffee (if you prefer your coffee strong, add more coffee)
  • A tablespoon of any flavored syrup (this is optional)
  • A milk frother
  • A latte cup/glass
  • Ice cubes (if you want to make an iced latte)


To make a latte, all you need to do is make the espresso first. 

After that, use a frother to make the milk froth. If you don’t have a frother, you can pour the milk in a jar, close the lid, and shake it until the milk volume increases. Then microwave the milk. 

Stir in the flavored syrup in the milk. Lastly, pour the milk into the cup of espresso, and your latte is ready!  

If you want to make an iced latte instead, avoid heating the milk. You will need to follow the same steps to combine all the ingredients and add the ice.


  • Since a latte is made in a large cup, make sure that your milk is heated adequately because you don’t want it to cool down too quickly
  • Taste your latte before adding more flavor, so it doesn’t overpower the taste of the espresso

The bottom line

Now that you know what a latte is, you might agree that it’s the most effortless type of coffee you can make and enjoy at home.

If you’ve never had coffee before, a latte coffee is just about the perfect coffee for beginners. 

Also, it’s super easy to make, and you can get creative with it!