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21 Easy Fettuccine Pasta Recipes

21 Easy Fettuccine Pasta Recipes

Whether you want a hassle-free dinner or the best dish for a special occasion, these 21 easy fettuccine pasta recipes suit your needs!
Fettucine is a type of pasta that is loved by many food enthusiasts throughout the world. 
It is a flat, wide noodle typically served with heavy sauces.
Fettucine is made from egg, semolina, or other flour, but the traditional recipe calls for durum wheat.
The pasta is typically sold in long strands but can also be cut into shorter pieces.
It is a popular choice for home cooks because it is relatively easy to use, versatile, and can be used in various dishes such as creamy Alfredo, carbonara, and baked pasta. 

Fettucine is a classic Italian pasta that will please any pasta lover.
Here is a list of 21 recipes that use this beloved ingredient. .
Pay close attention to #19, as it will definitely thrill your taste buds!

One Pot Creamy Fettuccine With Spicy Sausage is a hearty and flavorful dish that is sure to please the whole family.
This easy-to-make pasta is made with just a few ingredients, including fettuccine noodles, Italian sausage, cream, and parmesan cheese.
The sauce comes together quickly and easily, and the sausage adds a touch of spice to the dish.
Best of all, this recipe can be produced in one pot, making it a breeze to clean up.

This dish is a delightful blend of rich, creamy flavor and earthy mushrooms.
The parmesan Alfredo sauce is decadent and indulgent, while the mushrooms add a touch of umami that takes it over the top.
The dish works beautifully when made with fresh mushrooms, but you can also use dried mushrooms if necessary.

Are you in the mood for something special tonight?
Why not treat yourself to a Truffle Mushroom Pasta dish?
It’s a yummy way to enjoy the luxurious flavor of truffles without breaking the bank.
The sauce features truffle cheese, which gives it a rich, earthy flavor that is simply addictive.
This recipe is so easy to make that even the most novice cook can get it right!

This Spinach Artichoke Fettuccine Alfredo is a bold new twist on classic Alfredo sauce.
It combined two of my favorite things—spinach, artichoke dip, and creamy Alfredo sauce—on top of some fettuccine noodles!
The result is a rich, creamy dish that will please even demanding eaters.

This dish has everything you desire in a weeknight meal; it’s fast, flavorful, and incredibly satisfying.
The fettuccine noodles are cooked to perfection and coated in a rich, creamy sauce that bursts with lemon and garlic flavor.
The shrimp is plump and juicy. 
You’ll feel like you’re dining in a luxurious restaurant without hassle or expense.

The sweetness of the leeks offsets the spice of the sausage, and the Parmesan adds a sharpness that ties the whole dish together.
It’s straightforward and requires a pan, some pasta, and a few simple ingredients. 
In 30 minutes, you can sit down to a delicious and hearty meal. 

Tender chunks of chicken and mushrooms are simmered in a rich cream sauce, then tossed with fettuccine noodles for a dish that is sure to please.
The key to this recipe is to use good quality ingredients.
Fresh mushrooms and herbs really make a difference, so take the time to seek them out.

Fettuccine noodles are coated in a creamy, cheesy Alfredo sauce, then stir-fried with succulent shrimp and various Cajun spices.
The result is a dish that’s both flavor-packed and oh-so-satisfying.

Fettuccine Romano is a dish that embodies the saying “simple but not easy.”
At its core, it is a straightforward pasta dish made with just a few ingredients.
But despite its simplicity, it somehow tastes like a complex and labor-intensive dish.
The key to its rich flavor is in the quality of the ingredients.
Use the best Pecorino Romano cheese you can find, and don’t be afraid to use a generous amount of it.

After tasting this easy and flavorful asiago garlic Alfredo pasta recipe, you’ll never look back to jarred garlic Alfredo sauce again!
Buttery and garlicky, this Asiago Garlic Alfredo Pasta is sinfully creamy and smooth.
It’s infused with the flavors of freshly grated asiago cheese, garlic, and Italian herbs.

This Creamy Steak Fettuccine is a beautiful dinner for any occasion.
The rich cream sauce is accentuated by garlic, peppercorns, mushrooms, and a hint of lemon, while the tender steak adds a touch of protein.
The fettuccine is cooked well, and the dish is garnished with freshly grated Parmesan cheese.
This dinner is sure to please even the most discerning palate.
So go ahead and treat yourself to this mouthwatering meal—you deserve it!

This dish is sinfully delicious and definitely not for the faint of heart.
It leaves a resonant impression, thanks to the tequila jalapeño lime sauce.
The fettuccine is cooked al dente and then tossed in the sauce, which is made with cream, tequila, jalapeños, lime juice, and zest.
Bell peppers and red onions are added for a touch of sweetness and crunch.

The crucial factor of this recipe is in the sauce—a combination of Boursin cheese, milk, and garlic that gives the pasta a rich and creamy flavor.
And if you’re looking for a little extra protein, you can add some cooked chicken or shrimp to the dish.

Baked Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo is an Italian-inspired comfort food dish that will leave you feeling satisfied.
Fettuccine noodles are coated in a homemade, creamy, and cheesy Alfredo sauce.
Topped with chicken, the dish is then baked to perfection.
The finishing touch is a sprinkling of crispy, crunchy breadcrumbs.
This dish is hearty and pure comfort food at its finest!

This Crab Fettuccine recipe is a sublime dinner for a special occasion.
The hot-cooked fettuccine pasta noodles are tossed with a creamy crab sauce, making it a luxurious and indulgent dish.
While it might look like something you would only find on a restaurant menu, it’s actually quite easy to make at home.
With just a few accessible ingredients, you can create a sumptuous meal that impresses diners and family members.

The dish is not only top-notch, but it also looks impressive when plated.
Serve it with crusty Italian bread, which works nicely for soaking up the creamy sauce.
To finish it off, sprinkle a few diced tomatoes and chopped parsley.
The vibrant colors contrast beautifully with the white sauce, and the herbs add a touch of flavor.

This Garlicky Lobster Fettuccine Alfredo will tantalize your taste buds with its rich and creamy sauce.
Tender lobster meat is tossed with fettuccine noodles and then smothered in a garlic-infused white wine and parmesan cream sauce.
The result is a dish that is utterly delicious and sure to please any seafood lover.
So, if you’re looking for a simple but elegant seafood pasta dish, look no further than this Garlicky Lobster Fettuccine Alfredo.

These Garlic Parmesan Noodles are the quintessential way to turn a simple dish into an appealing meal.
Butter, garlic, and Parmesan cheese are tossed in a skillet with the pasta, creating a rich and flavorful sauce.
The noodles are also cooked until al dente for a tender and satisfying dish.

Do you know how sometimes you crave a big bowl of creamy, flavorful pasta?
But then you realize that making a good Alfredo sauce from scratch can be pretty time-consuming.
I have some fantastic news: this chicken basil pesto fettuccine Alfredo is made in one pot in only 30 minutes!
And it is so tasty that it will quickly become your new favorite way to eat fettuccine Alfredo.

The Cheesecake Factory’s sun-dried tomato pasta dish is a fan favorite. 

And for a good reason—it’s filling, flavorful, and just a little bit different than your average Italian fare.
This copycat recipe replicates the restaurant version and can easily be made at home.
The key ingredients are chunks of chicken, garlic, whipping cream, spinach, and sweet sun-dried tomatoes.
Combined, they create a rich, creamy sauce that perfectly coats the pasta.

The bottom line

There you have it—a list of 21 fettuccine pasta recipes for every occasion.
So, whether you’re looking to create a straightforward weeknight meal or an impressive dish to serve at your next dinner party, there’s a recipe on this list.

Easy Fettuccine Pasta Recipe Collection

Easy Fettuccine Pasta Recipe Collection

Whether you want a hassle-free dinner or the best dish for a special occasion, these 21 easy fettuccine pasta recipes suit your needs!


  • Lemon Pepper Chicken Fettuccine
  • One Pot Creamy Fettuccine With Spicy Sausage
  • Creamy Mushroom Fettuccine
  • Truffle Mushroom Pasta
  • Spinach Artichoke Fettuccine Alfredo
  • Lemon Garlic Shrimp Fettuccine
  • Fettuccine With Sausage & Leeks
  • Chicken Mushroom Fettuccine
  • Cajun Shrimp Fettuccine Alfredo
  • Fettuccine Romano
  • Asiago Garlic Alfredo Pasta
  • Creamy Steak Fettuccine
  • Chicken Tequila Fettuccine
  • Creamy Boursin Pasta
  • Baked Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo
  • Crab Fettuccine
  • Seafood Fettuccine Alfredo
  • Garlicky Lobster Fettuccine Alfredo
  • Garlic Buttered Parmesan Noodles
  • One-Pot Chicken Basil Pesto Fettuccine Alfredo
  • Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta


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  3. Start cooking and make us proud!

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