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๐ŸŒน 19 BEST Persian Desserts: Traditional Sweet Treats To Try! ๐ŸŒน

🌹 19 BEST Persian Desserts: Traditional Sweet Treats To Try! 🌹

A handful of Persian desserts hold a special place in the hearts of many foodies worldwide.

And this list of 19 Persian sweet treats and delicacies is a blend of traditional, authentic, and modernized to suit American palates and ingredient availability.

This tea-drinking culture provides a wide range of delectable sweet treats for simple pleasure and special occasions.

You will be inspired by the delicacies of Bastani Akbar Mashti, Sholeh Zard, and Ghotab.

You’ll note that the main ingredients in these well-liked pastries include rosewater, saffron, almonds, and cardamom.

Below are the 19 Persian desserts that we are happy to curate for this list!

These delicate and mild cream puffs can also be dipped in syrup or chocolate.

Kids enjoy filling them with whipped cream and, of course, eating them.

These are undoubtedly difficult to refuse.

In Farsi, Persian Cream Puffs are known as “Noon E Khamei” or “Naan E Khamei,” which translates to “whipped cream bread.”

Over medium heat, bring the water, salt, and butter to a boil, stirring to melt the butter.

The pot is then taken off the heat, and all the sifted flour is poured into the liquid at once to get this delicious dessert.

Bastani Akbar Mashti is a creamy pleasure for all special occasions, distinguished by its chewy texture and flowery flavors.

You have the option of creating the entire thing from scratch.

If you’re impatient like me, infuse the flavors into regular vanilla ice cream and enjoy it.

Try out the entire recipe from scratch and you will be awed by the yummy goodness that it has to offer.

Persian Love Cake is a rich, delicious cake with rose water and citrus.

Aside from the enticing Middle Eastern aromas, it’s the ideal combination of moist and fluffy, with just the right spice.

Preheat the oven, line a pan with parchment, then cream together the butter, oil, eggs, and sugar.

The longer you cream these ingredients, the fluffier your cake will be.

Ancient Persian baking included Nan-e Berenji, or Persian rice biscuits containing poppy seeds.

These gluten-free and vegan shortbread biscuits are prepared with rice flour and no butter.

Mix baking powder, cardamom, salt, and rice flour in a medium mixing bowl.

In a food processor, blend butter and powdered sugar until extremely smooth and creamy.

Then slowly combine the two mixtures to make the batter for biscuits.

Sholezard, also known as Sholeh Zard, is a Persian rice pudding that takes 1 hour 30 minutes to prepare and 1-2 hours to chill.

Sholeh is a Farsi term for pudding-like texture, while Zard is a Persian word for yellow.

Sholezard is a delicate and light-textured pudding best served in a goblet and decorated with pistachios—a lovely old-fashioned treat.

Sohan is Persia’s take on toffee or peanut brittle, created with the best Iranian ingredients.

This pistachio-studded Persian brittle is buttery, flaky, and crunchy—a tried-and-true delicacy.

In addition, it’s deeply perfumed with saffron, which gives it an earthy aroma that complements its deep color. 

Since ancient times, Ghorabieh has been found in Tabriz ghanadies (bakeries).

It’s a favorite dessert at weddings, engagement parties, and other occasions.

For example, when a girl was engaged to be married, the groom’s family would present her big circular plates (“bloot”) piled high with stacks of Ghorabieh.

Ground almonds, egg whites, sugar, and a small amount of cake flour are used to make Ghorabieh.

Almonds that have been blanched are available in the bread section of supermarkets, but they may also be blanched at home.

To blanch almonds on your own, place 1 cup in a dish with enough boiling water to cover them. 

Cover the bowl and set it aside for 10 minutes.

Qottab or Ghotab are Persian desserts.

Ghotab can be offered throughout the year, not just at Nowruz.

It was initially a memento from the provinces of Yazd and Kerman.

The components for Qottab are simple to get such as flour, yogurt, egg whites, butter, baking powder, walnuts, and pistachios are required.

Rosewater, cinnamon, and cardamom are used to flavor it.

Koloocheh is a traditional Parsi cookie recipe made during the Persian New Year (Nowruz).

These golden-colored treats are made in many locations in Iran, with each region having its unique style and approach.

Koloocheh-e-Lahijan is another name for this beautiful biscuit, which comes from the Lahijan area of Northern Iran and has a date and walnut filling.

Begin by making the filling for this delectable dish.

You can make the paste for this dessert with walnuts, dates, caster sugar, rosewater, and salt using a food processor.

Persian Gaz is a sweet nougat made in Iran.

Because it contains sugar, egg whites, and toasted almonds, it is termed ‘nougat.’

They’re made to celebrate the Persian New Year (Nowruz).

Eggs, rose water, corn syrup, sugar, butter, and pistachios are among the few components that may be found at home.

You can also top the dessert with roasted almonds instead of pistachios.

Nan-e Nokhodchi is cardamom and pistachio-flavored chickpea biscuits.

The texture is delicate and crumbly because of the chickpea flour.

Gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan, these cookies are delicious.

But don’t be thrown off by the chickpea component because it adds its own unique flavor.

This cookie is created with fine chickpea flour and flavored with rose water, cardamom, and pistachio for a crumbly, melt-in-your-mouth texture.

Shirini Keshmeshi is a cookie that has the perfect texture: crispy on the exterior and soft in the middle.

The rich sweetness of ripe raisins pops on your tongue with each bite.

Persian Raisin Cookies are known as Shirini Keshmeshi.

Shirini Keshmeshi is loved and eaten by Persian children like American youngsters who love chocolate chip cookies.

Shirini is a generic term for any Persian pastry, and Shirin literally means “sweet.”

Toot is the Persian name for mulberry fruit and also means a mulberry marzipan sweet from Persia. 

Toot also describes a Persian marzipan delicacy shaped like a mulberry fruit. 

This one’s only got 5 ingredients.

The mulberry-shaped sweets are made with pulverized almonds (marzipan) and sugar and molded into a mulberry form.

These Persian love cake cupcakes feature all of the classic cake flavors in a bite-size version.

These lovely cupcakes are as wonderful as they are easy to create, with a hint of rose, a delicate sweet flavor, and a salty pistachio topping.

Shirini Yazdi is a rosewater-scented fluffy cardamom muffin.

They’re usually served with a glass of cold milk.

The dough contains cornstarch, which makes them soft on the inside and crisp on the outside.

Khagineh is an Iranian snack that can be served with tea or as a morning item.

This simple yet tasty Azerbaijani meal is popular among Iranian and Azari people.

When it comes to its origins, the word “Khagineh” comes from the Azari word Khagh, which means “egg,” so the egg is undoubtedly the main ingredient.

Khagineh is a sweet Persian omelet similar to a pancake that is light, fluffy, and fuss-free.

Baklava, also known as Baghlava, is a flaky Persian delicacy filled with almonds, spices, and sweet syrup.

This baked delicacy is best served with a cup of hot Persian tea.

The taste of this Baklava will transport you to the bustling streets of Iran, thanks to its moistness, crunchiness, and sweet aroma.

Baklava is a delicious dish constructed of layers of flaky phyllo dough, crushed almonds, and honey syrup.

To make a solid base, stack eight sheets of phyllo dough, coating each layer with butter.

A mixture of chopped nuts and cinnamon should be sprinkled on top.

Two sheets of phyllo dough are placed on top, followed by the nut mixture.

Zoolbia-Bamieh is an irresistible combo of Persian pastries that combines two fried treats.

Zoolbia is a crispy and sweet spiral-shaped fritter composed of mildly fermented flour.

Bamieh, on the other hand, is a choux pastry-like dough similar to a churro.

Both of these are combined to form this special treat for your taste buds.

Persian milk and rice pudding are called Shir Berenj.

This is a sweet delicacy and is usually made and served at special events like marriages.

A few simple ingredients are required and this special treat will be ready within minutes.

Kachi is a particular halwa pudding with saffron and rose water that is slightly different from traditional halwa.

To get the most acceptable results, top the pudding with sesame seeds and pistachios.

In the Middle East, halva is a popular dessert.

Tahini or semolina flour is used in many kinds of halva.

An essential blend of flour, butter, and sugar is used in this Persian rendition, along with the lovely scent of rosewater.

The bottom line

This traditional list of recipes is worth a try for all you cooks out there who are looking for something new and unique!

19 EASY Persian Dessert Recipe Assortment 🌹

19 EASY Persian Dessert Recipe Assortment 🌹

Here’s a list of the best 19 Persian desserts that are traditional, authentic, and modernized to suit everyone!


  • Noon Khamei
  • Bastani Akbar Mashti
  • Persian Love Cake
  • Nan-e Berenji
  • Sholeh Zard
  • Sohan-e Qom
  • Ghorabieh Tabriz
  • Ghotab / Qottab Pastry
  • Koloocheh
  • Gaz Recipe
  • Persian Chickpea Cookies (Nan-e-Nokhodchi)
  • Persian Raisin Cookies
  • Persian Mulberry Marzipan Candy (Toot)
  • Persian Cupcakes (Cake Yazdi)
  • Khagineh
  • Baghlava
  • Zoolbia Bamieh
  • Shir Berenj
  • Delicious Halva Pudding Persian Style


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