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Lavender Haze Unleashed: No-Bake Cheesecake Magic!

Lavender Haze Unleashed: No-Bake Cheesecake Magic!

Is the warm weather calling your name, but the thought of turning on the oven making you sweat? Don’t worry, cheesecake lovers, because this Easy No-Bake Lavender Cheesecake is here to save the day (and your sanity)!

A photo of lavender cake topped with whipped cream and lavender flowers.

This delightful treat perfectly blends springtime elegance and nearly effortless preparation. Imagine a creamy, dreamy cheesecake filling infused with the subtle floral notes of lavender nestled on a buttery graham cracker crust. Top it all off with a sprinkle of delicate lavender flowers, and you’ve got a dessert that’s as beautiful as it is delicious.

Here’s why this recipe is your new spring fling:

  • Effortless Elegance: No baking required! Make this lavender cheesecake the day before you are ready to serve it, the prettiest, easiest make-ahead no-bake dessert.
  • Springtime Symphony of Flavors: The light and creamy filling melds with the subtle floral notes of lavender, creating a taste sensation that’s both refreshing and unique.
  • Perfect for Entertaining: This show-stopping dessert is sure to impress your guests, whether it’s for a spring brunch, Easter gathering, Mother’s Day celebration, or for anyone who loves lavender!
  • Make it even easier: Use a prepared graham cracker crust available in the baking aisle. The presentation won’t be quite as pretty, but you won’t need a springform pan.

Ready to whip up this pretty make-ahead no-bake cheesecake? Check out the easy-to-follow recipe below and get ready to embrace the season with every bite!

A glass bowl filled with purple frosting. Powdered sugar is dusted around the rim of the bowl.

The bottom line

Don’t forget to snap a picture of your creation and share it on social media using the hashtag #LavenderCheesecakeSpring. We can’t wait to see your springtime masterpieces!

More About Lavender

Easy Lavender No-Bake Cheesecake

Easy Lavender No-Bake Cheesecake

Yield: 8 to 12
Prep Time: 1 hour
Additional Time: 4 hours
Total Time: 5 hours

🌼 Dive into a world where the best make-ahead, no-bake cheesecake meets lavender fields! 🌼 Our Easy Lavender No-Bake Cheesecake is like a fragrant whisper from springtime fairies. Velvety cream cheese and a dash of purple magic make a whimsical floral cheesecake everyone will love. 🌞✨



  • 1 ½ cups crushed graham crackers, vanilla wafers, Golden Oreos, or other mild-flavored cookie
  • ½ cup butter, melted


  • 3 8-oz. packages of cream cheese, softened
  • 1 cup of powdered sugar
  • ½ cup of heavy cream
  • 1 tablespoon of lavender syrup
  • 3 to 5 drops of purple food coloring
  • 2 teaspoons of dry culinary lavender flowers for garnish
  • Whipped cream for garnish (optional)


  1. Soften the cream cheese: Open the 3 packages of cream cheese and allow them to come to room temperature for an hour or so before gathering other ingredients. I sometimes use the “soften” feature on my microwave but I watch it like a hawk because if it melts, it’s not going to firm up well with other ingredients later. 
  2. Prepare the crust: While the cream cheese is coming to room temp, add your crackers or cookies to a food processor and pulse into fine crumbs or crush them in a large zipper bag using a rolling pin. Place the crumbs into a bowl and pour over the melted butter. Mix well, then press the crumb mixture into an 8” springform pan into an even layer. Refrigerate for about 30 minutes.
  3. Bring the heavy cream to room temp: Measure out the cup of heavy cream and let it come to room temperature on the countertop for about 15 minutes. Set aside.
  4. Beat with an electric mixer on medium: Add softened cream cheese to a large bowl and beat on medium with an electric mixer. Gradually add powdered sugar (1 cup)  and heavy cream (½ cup) and continue beating. Pour in lavender syrup (1 tbsp) and add a few drops of purple food coloring (start with 3 drops) to get your desired lavender color and beat on low for an additional minute or so until the color is even. Don’t overbeat or it will add too much air and not set properly.
  5. Add filling to chilled crumb crust: Remove the pan with crumb crust from the refrigerator. Scrape out the cream cheese mixture over the prepared crust and smooth evenly to all edges of the pan. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours. 
  6. Garnish: Right before serving, decorate with piped whipped cream (or neat dollops are fine, too), and most importantly, sprinkle dry culinary lavender liberally over the cheesecake before serving for a floral finish.

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A close-up photo of a slice of no-bake lavender cheesecake being lifted on a fork.

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