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25 BEST Sous Vide Vegetables

25 BEST Sous Vide Vegetables

Sous vide vegetable recipes pack flavor and aroma that would otherwise be lost with other cooking processes. 

It’s a marriage of lower-than conventional cooking temperatures and vacuum sealing that levels up the flavors, texture, and smell of food as much as possible. 

When you cook sous vide vegetable recipes, the method won’t cause structural changes to the vegetables. 

With lower and constant heat, plus the magic of time, you’ll be able to enjoy vegetables with a certain level of precision in terms of texture, moisture, aroma, and flavor.

Here, you’ll find recipes whether you’re a beginner at cooking or one who loves to whip up soups and compote from scratch. 

There are recipes for those in a hurry as well as those who love to spend hours cooking in the kitchen.

If you’ve never tried to cook vegetable sous vide before, you can try something as simple as the Sweetest Sweet Potato and Sous Vide Glazed Carrots

Sous vide makes for vegetables that look like they appear in 5-star restaurants like the Sous Vide Orange-Saffron Fennel, which will surely surprise your friends and family.

#25 is an unexpected dessert by cooking vegetable sous vide style.

Enjoy self buttered tender corn on the cob!

This one packs so much flavor.

Whenever you’re in a pinch, you can make it in bulk and then simply reheat it before serving. 

Try it with red chili flakes, cayenne, chili lime, or spicy cajun for an added kick.

Add flavor to your soups and stews with these tasty and aromatic Brussel sprouts. 

Turn these mini cabbage look-a-like leafy greens into the perfect base for most herbs–from garlic butter to dill, curry, and masala. 

Eat it on its own or flavor it with parmesan and parsley on top.

Like Brussel sprouts, other leafy greens like kale tend to fare better when cooked sous vide. 

The tender kale with balsamic vinegar and simple seasoning makes a great side for most main dishes.

This recipe is a good starting point if you are new to doing sous vide and would like to attempt cooking without using a lot of ingredients. 

If you have sweet potatoes and salt available in your kitchen, then you can easily begin making this recipe. 

After cooking via sous vide, you’ll find the potatoes flavorful, tender, and luscious!

Oh, how intense the colors and flavors of sous vide vegetables are!

This recipe gives a lot of thought and care to prepare carrots. 

As a result, you get precisely cooked, great-tasting, bright-colored vegetables.

Enjoy soft on the inside, crisp and herb-flavored on the outside potatoes as the perfect accompaniment to steak and other meat dishes.

One tip when cooking potatoes using this method is to add some weight on top of the sealed bag. 

Potatoes naturally have air inside and allowing them to float won’t achieve thoroughly-cooked vegetables.

You can make zucchini the way you like–crunchy or soft depending on how long you leave it in the sous vide machine.

Like potatoes, you’ll also need to add weight on top of the sealed zucchinis.

Unlike other vegetables, zucchinis and potatoes aren’t able to cook all throughout if it’s not weighed down. 

With these tips, you’ll surely delight in these vegetables more for their texture and taste.

The kids are sure to love this take on broccoli. 

If they have a hard time eating broccoli before, this will surely change their first impression of this vegetable. 

You will only need about 20 minutes to cook the broccoli florets and then 5 minutes for an ice bath.

Love the taste and flavor of onions?

You will love them even more with this recipe. 

The brine is what makes this dish unique.

Instead of using the usual brine solution, herbs were added to the mix, and then vacuum sealed. 

You can also make your own special version by choosing the herbs you like so you get to adjust the flavor as you deem necessary. 

Have fun with the process and make it your own!

Vibrant, perfectly tender, seasoned asparagus spears make great sides for most meals. 

You can make this side in a jiffy, too. 

At the end of the 13-minute water bath, you’ll achieve more tasty asparagus by seasoning it with herbs, parmesan cheese, or balsamic glaze.

When cooked via sous vide, you avoid the flat taste that you usually get when simply boiling green beans or any vegetable. 

Moreover, the texture would remain crispy and full-flavored. 

You will love every bite!

You can also toss some almonds for added crunch and lemon for extra zing.

Level up your salad for Saturday brunch with this exciting recipe using tiny beetroots. 

You can use the red or golden ones (it’s totally up to you which ones to go for). 

You can also use both but to maintain their texture you will need to use separate sous vide bags. 

Best served with feta cheese. 

You will love the exciting combination of fresh summer vegetables like cucumber, squash, or pepper in this dish. 

It is sure to make a delectable side dish for fish. 

You can also throw in some fresh dill, or opt for other herbs like rosemary or sage.

Bring the Thai restaurant experience to your home!

As long as you follow the instructions to the T, you’ll be able to enjoy the same consistency in flavor, texture, and taste. 

To pull off authentic Thai flavor, add coconut milk to the combination of broccoli florets, a carrot, and green chilies.

Best served with rice and a side of lime wedges.

This recipe is quite interesting because it uses jars instead of bags and instead of boiling, you can rely on your trusty microwave. 

So even if you don’t have a sous vide machine, you can follow and make this recipe. 

Enjoy zucchini, carrot, and bell peppers tossed in with quinoa for a scrumptious lunch.

Surprise your family with a fine dining experience on your patio. 

Orange mixed with herbs gives this dish an exceptional twist.

For tender fennels, try to confit them with olive oil.

Leeks add flavor to stews, soups, pizza, and pasta–so much more when it’s cooked with a sous vide machine.

You can also enjoy sous vide leeks on their own or as a side dish.

These pair perfectly with chicken dishes.

Cooking enthusiasts will want to invest hours whipping up this eggplant dish in the kitchen.

If you want a smoky flavor, you can broil it after the water bath.

Finally, you’ll need to make tamarind tahini and pistachio dukkah to serve with your sous vide eggplants.

Try this low-starch creamy mixture of parsnips to keep you warm during the cold season. 

Savor the puree-perfect texture as a delectable accompaniment to meat dishes.

Lightly seasoned cauliflower florets with heavy cream–oh, how delightful! 

It’s best to serve warm pureed sous vide cauliflower with meat and fish dishes. 

The flavors are top-quality when the ingredients are cooked sous vide. 

A sophisticated warm bowl of only a few ingredients will certainly warm you up on winter nights. 

Garnishing the soup with diced apples is a surprising touch to this dish.

Make your pasta sauce with seasoned sous vide tomatoes. 

You can throw all the herbs inside the bag ready for the water bath.

Finally, don’t forget to remove the tomato peels and thyme stems before topping on noodles.

While we’re whipping up purees and soups from scratch, why not compote too?

For a colorful feast, use raw red or yellow Brunoise and juiced peppers.

You’ll love this thick compote that makes for a great accompaniment to cured meat dishes.

Sous vide vegetables for dessert, anyone? 

This last recipe turns the fall-favorite pumpkin into a dessert you’ll savor besides the usual pumpkin pie. 

You’ll be cooking this sweet treat in a jar (instead of vacuum-sealing), and serving straight from the jar, too.

The bottom line

Sous vide is a fantastic method of cooking simple vegetables like carrots, onions, and sweet potatoes. 

You’ll finally be able to achieve the texture you like for artichoke and kale, too.

Create a combination of sous vegetables to make a dish, a salad, or a soup. 

End with a serving of sweet sous vide pumpkin or sous vide sweet potatoes for dessert.

Have fun cooking the sous vide way!

25 BEST Sous Vide Vegetables

25 BEST Sous Vide Vegetables

Sous vide vegetable recipes pack flavor and aroma that would otherwise be lost with other cooking processes.


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