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27 Savory Pie Recipes: Try These Comforting Classics And Our New Favorites!

27 Savory Pie Recipes: Try These Comforting Classics And Our New Favorites!

Need some easy dinner ideas? Put these delectable Savory Pie Recipes to the test!

Although many of us might imagine sweet desserts when we hear about pies, this collection of 27 savory pie recipes will prove that luscious pies can be your main dish!
Yes, fruit pies and cream pies are always good for dessert, but how about trying savory and hearty dinner pies?
With ingredients like chicken, cheese, fish, and vegetables, there are dinner pie recipes for all types of eaters!
From this epic list, you’ll see a classic Chicken Pot Pie, a rich and robust Beef and Guinness Pie, a tasteful but simple Wild Mushroom Galette, and a hearty, zesty Taco Pie

You will be like “whaaat, how can it be THIS good” when you try #26!

If you have extra eggplants in your kitchen with no idea how to use them, consider making a savory pie.
Adding sun-dried tomatoes, cheese, and spices to this eggplant pie really brings out the Tuscan flavor it is inspired by.
There are so many different ways to cook eggplant but for this recipe, we recommend grilling them before adding it to the pie.
By grilling the eggplants, they won’t get too soft and mushy when they’re added to the pie.
This would be great as an appetizer or side dish for an Italian meal.
Or go ahead and have it as your main dish for dinner!

You don’t have to be Irish or celebrating St. Patrick’s Day to enjoy Irish dinner pie recipes.
What part of potatoes, bacon, and onions doesn’t sound amazing for dinner?
Make sure to add in some heavy cream to soften the potatoes and help them brown on top.
With the crispy crust, this dinner pie is irresistible!

Although the butternut squash in this recipe tends to have a sweet taste, this is a top pick for savory pie recipes.
There is so much flavor in this pie between the butternut squash, the caramelized onions, the feta cheese, and all the spices added in, too!
This recipe does have many steps but don’t worry, it can be split up into two days.
If the idea of waiting an entire day to enjoy this dinner pie sounds unappealing, just remember, it is COMPLETELY worth it!

When it comes to main dish pie recipes, we cannot forget about chicken pot pie.
It is a classic dish that is so comforting and delicious.
It tastes so good, you’ll forget you’re eating your vegetables with it, too!
If you have leftover chicken, or even turkey, this is your sign to one of the most classic dinner pie recipes!

A galette is a classic French savory pie.
You don’t have to be a forager to enjoy this mushroom galette.
You don’t even have to be a professional baker!
No special dishes or pans are needed for this recipe.
To make it even easier, you just wrap the galette crust over itself to hold the mushroom goodness inside.

In the summer months, we have to fill our dinner pies with seasonal veggies.
Rather than just grilling the vegetables and topping with butter or olive oil, make this quiche-like pie to change things up.
Start by making the buttery crust by using simple butter crackers.
While the crust is pre-baking, cook the vegetables in order to draw out water.
Throw together the vegetables, eggs, and cheese into the crust, bake and you have an amazing summery dinner pie!

Bisquick is an amazing staple when working on savory pie recipes.
If this recipe brings up some nostalgia, it’s probably because Bisquick printed their own version of this recipe on their boxes.
You can never go wrong with having cheeseburgers for dinner.
But turning it into a pie?
Even better!
This is another one of the dinner pie recipes that you can customize by adding in your own ingredients like peppers, bacon, or corn.

When it comes to dinner pies, shepherd’s pies are a classic!
It’s a full meal all in one savory pie featuring ground beef, vegetables, and topped with mashed potatoes.
This is top tier comfort food!
It is sure to be a family favorite especially when served with a side salad or dinner rolls.

Around the holidays, tamales are a great family favorite meal.
Instead of eating plain tamales every day, change up your routine with one of our favorite easy savory pie recipes.
The cornbread crust surrounding this tamale pie imitates the masa used in traditional tamales.
Top it off with enchilada sauce and feel free to add on salsa or guacamole.
This is a great way to add a twist on a holiday classic.

Taco pies are easy savory pie recipes that will fit in perfect for busy Taco Tuesday nights.
Seasoned beef, fresh vegetables, and an irresistible crust made of crescent roles will make you a dinner pie that the whole family will love!
Don’t leave out the creamy sauce made out of sour cream and red taco sauce!
Set your timer for 30 minutes and you’ll have a filling and tasty dinner by the time it dings.

Many main dish pie recipes don’t accommodate those on a low carb diet.
This pie is a great dinner choice for those who are keeping an eye on their carb intake since it doesn’t have a crust.
With the spinach included (or the option to switch it out for kale), you’ll also be sure to get some vegetables in with your dinner too.
This is an incredibly simple recipe with essentially two steps: mix together the ingredients and bake!
Call it a pie, a quiche, or a frittata, it doesn’t matter; we call it delicious.

Out of all of the easy savory pie recipes, spaghetti pie is a top choice!
Not only is it easy, it’s delicious!
Who doesn’t like spaghetti AND pie?!
A great thing about this recipe is that you can use up your spaghetti leftovers without feeling like you’ve been eating the same food for days.
The spaghetti and the melted cheese make such a tasty pie “crust”.
Whether you are cooking for picky children, preparing for a potluck dinner, or just need comfort food for one, this spaghetti pie has got you covered.

Although this savory pie is usually enjoyed around Christmas time in Quebec, you don’t have to wait for the holidays to enjoy it.
It’s full of flavorful pork, beef and mashed potatoes- a winning combination!
This is similar to a shepherd’s pie with the ingredients but the difference is that the meat and mashed potatoes are mixed in together and there is a crust over the mashed potatoes.
Impress your friends with some international cuisine next time you host!
They’ll be thanking you for introducing them to this delectable pie!

We can’t forget about our vegetarian friends when it comes to dinner pie recipes.
This savory dish is perfect for sharing with both our meat-eating and vegetarian loved ones!
The sauce is full of so much flavor that you won’t notice there’s no meat in this pot pie.
You can even use frozen vegetables when preparing this and it still turns out amazing.
If you are participating in “Meatless Monday” or you have made a choice for your personal ethics, this vegetarian pot pie will leave you feeling so satisfied.

We have got vegetarians covered when it comes to savory pie recipes!
Here is another meatless dinner pie that is equal parts comforting and delicious.
This pie is made of shredded potatoes and cheese for the crust, cauliflower, spinach, and all kinds of goodness for the filling, and topped with more cheese.
You can substitute in some broccoli for some of the cauliflower if you want to include more greens in your diet.
Don’t forget to use a pie ring or tin foil for the potato-based crust or you’ll face some burnt edges!

Here is a seafood alternative to one of everyone’s favorite dinner pie recipes.
For those in the mid-Atlantic area with tons of shrimp and crab around, this is a great way to change things up from a traditional shepherd’s pie.
Feel free to make this in steps so you’re not spending a full day in the kitchen, especially during a busy time like the holidays.
If you decide to split preparing this dish up into multiple days, rest easy knowing that the bisque can be stored overnight in the refrigerator!

This savory pie recipe is a Southern classic!
Featuring onions, milk, eggs, and cheese inside of a pie crust, this is a great side dish to make with your next meal.
Vidalia onions do tend to be sweet and cooking them does release even more sweetness.
However, the other ingredients in this pie complement that natural sweetness so well.
Try to prevent a soggy crust when baking this by “blind baking” the crust.
Letting the onions rest on a paper towel-lined plate also allows it to drain excess moisture.
Whether you consider this a quiche or a pie, it is worth adding this to your dinner line up!

Main dish pie recipes don’t have to be limited to America’s borders!.
Bierocks are German meat pies.
They are very similar to Russian or Ukrainian perogies.
These pies are great because they’re portable and handheld.
Bring these along to your next picnic or potluck with a side of mustard and you have yourself some tasty dinner pies!

Following savory pie recipes doesn’t mean you don’t have to get your vegetables in with your meals!
These flakey pastries have a nice combination of sweet and savory curry powder mixed with creamy coconut filling surrounded by a puff pastry.
You can use up your leftover veggies at the end of the week so they don’t go bad while still getting a comforting and filling dish in.
There are also some small changes that can be made in order to make this recipe vegan!
This recipe is simple, can be inexpensive, but is still full of flavor!

Savory pies are not just for dinner!
This savory Italian tart can be a perfect choice for breakfast since it features Italian sausage, tomatoes, eggs, and cheese.
If the weather outside is still warm, you can include garden fresh tomatoes to add some more freshness to this dish.
This may seem like a quiche but it is so much more filling than a simple breakfast quiche.
Keep in mind that this pie does get soggy when trying to keep these as leftovers, but it tastes so good you’ll want to finish it in one sitting!

Chili and cornbread is a favorite comfort meal for the cold winter days.
Wouldn’t it be great if there were dinner pie recipes that put those two together into one?
If you answered yes, or didn’t even know until now this was something you needed in your life, then this recipe has got you covered!
If you know how to make chili and cornbread you know how to make a chili pot pie!
This simple yet flavorful recipe is so easy to follow.
Cook your chili, top with cornbread mix into a personal sized ramekin, and bake it in the oven and you have yourself a wonderful home-cooked dinner!

Spanakopita is a traditional Greek savory pie with spinach and feta cheese surrounded by crispy phyllo dough.
Phyllo dough is layers of very thin pastry dough.
These sheets of dough will tear but good news is you can use just a few sheets to top off your spanakopita.
Sometimes this is made in one large dish like a casserole, other times it is made into handheld triangle shapes.
It just depends on your preference!
This recipe is a great way to encourage the little ones to get more greens into their diet!

A lot of easy savory pie recipes don’t skimp on flavor despite how simple it may be to create.
You can use a pre-made pie crust, rotisserie chicken, canned chiles, and pre-sliced potatoes to make this pot pie and save time on those busy nights you still want a hearty and filling meal.
If it’s post-Thanksgiving, you can sub out the chicken for turkey and it still works great while giving you a break from the turkey sandwiches you’ve probably had for every meal since.
If you shy away from spicy foods, feel free to grab some poblano peppers or canned green chiles that are milder with their heat.
This will still result in a hearty and tasty dinner pie!

There are so many options out there for non-traditional dinner pie recipes.
This dinner pie is unique, but such an amazing combination of chicken salad and honey Dijon dressing.
It is also such a simple recipe to follow!
Simply mix together the ingredients, bake in a pie shell, and top it off with cheese.
No one has to know how easy it was for you to make this dinner that adds some excitement to typical chicken salad!

Sure, chicken pot pie is a classic.
But when you’re cooking dinner pie recipes, why not branch out and have some fun with it?
By including mushrooms, mustard, and banana shallots, you can switch up your family favorite meal.
Feel free to use store-bought pie crust or puff pastry to make this even easier without giving up taste.
Once you have mastered a simple chicken pot pie, you can throw in all kinds of ingredients to make it your own, as this recipe has done.

Some main dish pie recipes may take a bit longer to bake, such as this Beef and Guinness Pie recipe, but considering how flavorful this dinner pie is, it is definitely worth it.
Cooking the chuck steak with Guinness beer for two hours really enhances the flavor of the tender beef.
This also allows for the sauce to thicken to create the perfect consistency for this pie.
Although this pie is perfect by itself, you can serve it with some bread, mashed potatoes, or Irish colcannon on the side, too.

Thanksgiving has to be one of every foodie’s favorite holiday.
Traditionally full of sweet dessert pies, there’s no reason you can’t put together a savory pie with all of the leftovers you’re sure to have.
When it comes to gravy, the more the merrier!
You can add some into the filling or top off the pie with this key Thanksgiving dish.
Make sure to allow your leftovers to warm up a bit after taking it out of the fridge to make spreading it into the pie easier!

The bottom line

There are countless savory pie recipes to make for just about any occasion.
For just about every meal, every season, and every ingredient you could want, there is a savory pie that is sure to satisfy your cravings.
So many dishes are made better when wrapped in crust, right? 

Looking for more savory dinner twists, side ideas, and more? Yeah, we got you:

27 Delectable Ways To Cook Savory Pie

27 Delectable Ways To Cook Savory Pie

Need some easy dinner ideas? Put these delectable Savory Pie Recipes to the test!


  • Italian Eggplant Pie
  • Irish Potato Pie
  • Butternut Squash, Caramelized Onion, And Feta Pie
  • Homemade, Classic Chicken Pot Pie
  • Wild Mushroom Galette
  • Cheesy Zucchini And Corn Pie
  • Bisquick Impossible Cheeseburger Pie
  • Shepherd’s Pie
  • Tamale Pie
  • Taco Pie
  • Crustless Spinach Cheese Pie
  • Spaghetti Pie
  • Tourtiere: French-Canadian Meat Pie
  • Hearty Vegetarian Pot Pie
  • Cauliflower Cheese Pie
  • Shrimp And Crab Fisherman’s Pie
  • Vidalia Onion Pie
  • Bierocks
  • Vegetable Curry Pies
  • Savory Italian Tart
  • Chili Pot Pie With Cornbread Crust
  • Spanakopita
  • Chicken & Green Chile Potato Pie
  • Honey Dijon Chicken Salad Pie
  • Chicken And Mushroom Pie
  • Beef And Guinness Pie
  • Thanksgiving Leftovers Shepherd’s Pie


  1. Check out our list of Savory Pie Recipes for your next dinner!
  2. Gather the ingredients. 
  3. Start cooking your new dish! 
  4. Enjoy and share your insights on our Facebook page!

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