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Ahoy, Drink Up, Captain Morgan! 19 Cocktails To Choose From!

Ahoy, Drink Up, Captain Morgan! 19 Cocktails To Choose From!

If you are the type who enjoys drinking sweet adult beverages, then these Captain Morgan cocktails may be what you are looking for.

People who enjoy the flavors of caramel and vanilla have a strong preference for cocktails that are rum-centric.

It doesn’t matter if your go-to drink is a black, amber, or white rum; the fact remains that rum adds a delectable touch of sweetness to mixed drinks.

A few of the drinks here have a bit of sourness or tanginess to them, but as a whole, island vacations are the perfect time to enjoy these drinks.

This is since rum, in its light and dark varieties possesses a sweet and subdued flavor. 

As such, it’s one of the most versatile ingredients, mixing well with a variety of components, particularly those that are sweet and tropical.

Because this famous brand of rum comes in various tastes, you have a lot of room for artistic expression when you drink it. 

This list includes top favorites like the Rum Runner and a copycat TGI Friday’s Captain Morgan Island Rum Punch.

Here’s the scoop: you don’t want to miss out on #16!

Dark and spiced rums, amaretto, grenadine, and three kinds of fruit juices combine to create a stunning cocktail with a golden hue (passion fruit, pineapple, and orange).

A lively, sweet, and fruity flavor will whisk you away to the most enchanting beach scene you can imagine.

Ready in 5 minutes, it’s nearly identical to the rum punch served at TGI Fridays.

You’ll like it if you’re a fan of either that or Hawaiian Punch.

If you’re looking for a simple, dark spiced rum cocktail to share with your guests, this one is just the ticket! 

It’s all of the same bold flavors as a classic mojito, but it’s served in a glass rimmed with sugar that adds sweetness and crunch.

This drink is perfect for Thanksgiving dinner or any festive occasion where you need something to distract your guests while you whip up dessert. 

But if you don’t have any big parties planned anytime soon, then this Captain Morgan Spiced Rum & Cranberry Cocktail will work just as well as an after-dinner drink or a nightcap on its own.

It’s time to get your tropical drink on with the Bahama Mama cocktail.

This easy-to-make cocktail is made with Malibu rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, traditional rum, and spiced rum; it’s a mix of three different rums with two different juices that results in a sweet, flavorful drink that’s perfect for celebrating any occasion—or just because it’s Wednesday!

The Bahama Mama is a great way to enjoy all the flavors of the tropics without having to book an expensive flight or pay for a pricey resort stay. 

The recipe uses only four ingredients (plus grenadine for color), so you can mix up this savory drink in no time at all.

A traditional mojito is an ideal beverage for any season, but it is incredibly refreshing on a warm and sunny day.

Pineapple Mojito is a refreshing new approach to the classic cocktail. 

It combines the sweet and tart flavor of pineapple with a rich rum and fresh mint, resulting in a sweet and refreshing drink. 

The orange zest adds depth to this summery cocktail without overpowering the fruit flavors!

Make this straight rum punch instead of attempting to replicate the one served at TGI Friday’s if you don’t have all of the necessary ingredients on hand to create the TGI copycat recipe.

It is made with spiced rum and amaretto, but because it does not contain black rum, the drink has a lighter body and a less complex flavor profile.

Additionally, it packs a subtle kick from a juice made from passion fruit and pineapple.

However, because it does not contain grenadine or orange juice, this version is less sour and has more sweetness than the one served at TGI Friday’s.

Put in some fresh raspberries to make it seem more appetizing and give it a little more kick.

This is yet another easy-to-make cocktail that packs a powerful punch. 

Just a bottle of Captain Morgan rum and a soda will do.

Who doesn’t enjoy the crisp simplicity of this sweet, spiked Coke?

If you prefer something more traditional, this is the one for you.

To make the perfect cocktail, you’ll need to measure out numerous ingredients and get the flavor balance just right. 

But no one wants to spend all that time on a drink that’s supposed to relax you.

A sweet and sour mix will reduce the amount of work required, while a slice of watermelon and some spiced rum will give you a gorgeous pink drink.

Spiced rum, root beer and cola are combined to make the Pirate’s Float. 

The result is a simple yet flavorful concoction that’s great at any party. 

It’s not a drink that will overwhelm anyone who’s already enjoying other food or drinks—or even those who aren’t drinking at all!

Spiced Orange Cocktail is a fantastic cocktail that comes with a twist. 

The twist here is orange zest, which adds flavor and aroma to the drink. 

It’s an excellent choice for a party since it doesn’t take long to make and is unique from other fruity drinks. 

You can even use fresh orange juice instead of canned if you make the recipe ahead of time.

This cocktail offers a unique twist on the drink, a far cry from the syrupy and blended pina Coladas that most people are used to.

Before creating the cocktail, add aromatics to the rum and let them steep for a few days, providing an additional dimension of flavor. 

Be careful to keep the vanilla bean that has been soaking in the hot water for your next batch of ice cream or pudding.

Milk Punch is a mix of milk and spirits, usually brandy or rum.

It’s a sweet, simple, and satisfying holiday punch perfect for all your winter parties. 

But, of course, the addition of brandy makes it an instant classic!

The Caramel Apple Butterscotch Cocktail is one of our favorites and it’s sure to impress at your next party. 

With Golden Harvest vodka and cinnamon whiskey, along with smaller portions of apple cider, butterscotch Schnapps and cranberry juice, this drink is sweet and spicy.

One sip of this bright, fruity cocktail will have you drowning in the summertime. 

Featuring a balanced blend of rum and watermelon bitters, it tastes like a vacation in your glass—perfect for a weekend barbecue or intimate get-together.

The flavor of rum is mixed with warm apple cider that is preferably served in a mug made of clear glass.

Perfect for a get-together!

Orange Vanilla Twist Rum is a blend of orange and vanilla flavors, with hints of sweet citrus and warm spice. 

The rum begins with a clean start, and sweet citrus notes before the authentic flavors reveal themselves in the form of oak, vanilla, and spices.

It’s hard to beat Captain Morgan’s Mermaid Water recipe, thanks to the rums, pineapple juice, frozen limeade, ginger ale, and Blue Curacao. 

This is the perfect cocktail for pool or lake parties, bridal showers, and bachelorette parties.

This tropical punch is as simple as it is wonderful. 

To make it, start with a base of Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum and pineapple juice. Splash in some lemon juice, and finish it off with bitters.

The crowd-pleasing garnishes—pineapple rings, mint sprigs, tiki umbrellas and straws—are more demanding than the tasty punch itself.

Look no further than this Captain & Pineapple recipe for a drink that will help you forget about the day’s worries!

It’s a simple cocktail that’s perfect for relaxing at home with friends or family. 

It takes only minutes to make, but it has all the flavor and punch you need to get through any tough time.

Next, make a batch of these layered coconut rum shots and serve them to your guests. 

You can’t go wrong with this colorful shooter recipe that includes pineapple juice, grenadine, and blue curacao.

The bottom line

It’s impossible to have a lousy time drinking a few Captain Morgan cocktails.

It’s ideal for parties of all kinds, but it can also be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or on its own.

You can toss it back, it’s tasty and smooth, and it comes in a wide range of flavors!

Captain Morgan Rum can provide you with whatever it is that you’re looking for, whether it’s something light and fruity or dark and heavy.

So sit back and enjoy a sip of these adventurous new concoctions!

Ahoy, Drink Up, Captain Morgan!

Ahoy, Drink Up, Captain Morgan!

If you are the type who enjoys drinking sweet adult beverages, then these Captain Morgan cocktails may be what you are looking for.


  • TGI Friday's Captain Morgan Island Rum Punch
  • Captain Morgan Spiced Rum & Cranberry Cocktails
  • Bahama Mama
  • Pineapple Mojito
  • Captain's Passion Punch
  • Captain & Coke
  • Morgan's Melon
  • Pirate's Float
  • Spiced Orange Cocktail
  • Spiced Piña Coladas
  • Milk Punch
  • Caramel Apple Butterscotch Cocktail
  • Watermelon Smash
  • Captain Morgan Spiced Cider
  • Orange Vanilla Twist Rum
  • Mermaid Water
  • Tiki-T-Easy Punch
  • Captain & Pineapple
  • Captain On Acid Shot


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