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13 Best Frangelico Cocktails: From Simple To Sophisticated ๐Ÿธ

13 Best Frangelico Cocktails: From Simple To Sophisticated 🍸

From a delicious martini to an old-fashioned drink, we’ve gathered the best Frangelico cocktails and made them easy for you to find!

It’s been a long day.

You’ve been working hard, and you deserve to treat yourself.

So here’s what we suggest: Grab a glass of Frangelico drink!

Now, take a second to look at that bottle. 

Feels good, right?

That golden color is so warm and inviting—like the light inside your soul.

And that hazelnut flavor…now THAT’S what we’re talking about!

It’s sweet, but not too sweet; rich but balanced; sheer sophistication at its finest.

You can taste it in your mouth already, can’t you?

But what’s Frangelico liqueur?

Frangelico is made with the finest hazelnuts, cocoa seeds, vanilla berries, and other flavorings from Italy.

It’s a drink that transports you to another place where you can enjoy life for once—a place where everything is just right.

Here are our favorite 13 Frangelico cocktails–discover and unlock all of them. 

Do you want a taste of the classic? 

Frangelico Old-Fashioned is here to satisfy your craving. 

In the mood for something fruity? 

Hurricane Cocktail will do the job.

Or maybe you want something different, like the creamy Satin Angel.

Whatever it is you’re looking for, we’ve got it here. 

But #12 is something you shouldn’t miss!

It’s terrific and simple and will impress your guests at your next party.

This simple yet sassy drink is ideal when you need something light with a little kick.

It’s made with simple ingredients so you can focus on the flavors and make sure they stand out independently without anything getting in the way.

And oh, do those flavors shine!

The hazelnut flavor in the Frangelico liqueur is subtle but adds depth to the drink.

And the vodka gives it a crisp bite, while the lemon juice lends a bright tang that complements everything else.

If you’re looking for a light cocktail, the Hazelnut Frangelico Sour Cocktail is an excellent choice.

This cocktail combines egg whites and lime juice to create a lightness that is unmistakable.

But it’s not just the texture that makes this drink stand out; it’s also the flavor combinations.

The hazelnut liqueur-lime juice mixture creates a sweet yet tart taste that’s great if you want something different to try this week.

International Incident Martini: the drink that will make your night a whole lot more interesting.

This cocktail is just the thing to get you through the workday, and it’s a creative way to celebrate the weekend with friends.

It’s a creamy drink that’s sweet and silky, with a festive vibe and a hint of chocolate.

And it has an exquisite blend of flavors that will make you feel like you’re drinking liquid gold.

Add some grated chocolate for an extra burst of bold flavor.

Do you know what the best part about this old-fashioned? 

The addition of Frangelico!

Sure, you could use whatever whiskey you have lying around the house or even just your favorite brandy.

But if you want to make this drink truly shine, then you need to get yourself a bottle of Frangelico—the hazelnut liqueur that will make your Old-Fashioned taste like the holidays in a glass.

I’m not saying that every drink needs some kind of special ingredient to make it interesting, but sometimes it does. 

In this case, the combination of cinnamon and cocoa notes found in Angostura bitters and mole bitters is just right for the nutty flavor of Frangelico.

Eggnog Cocktail With Frangelico is a thick and decadent cocktail that you can make any time of year, and it’s ideal for parties or just as an after-dinner treat.

It has all the richness of eggnog and all the boozy goodness of a cocktail, plus a hint of espresso to give it an extra kick.

And the nutmeg dusting on top gives it an added layer of sophistication!

Nutty Russian is a delicious, smooth coffee and nut-based cocktail that’s sure to make your taste buds sing.

It’s made with Kahlúa, Frangelico, vodka, and cola, so you know it’s going to be good!

You can enjoy this drink on any given day, whether you’re celebrating an anniversary or just want to unwind after work.

Plus, you can even add some ice cream if you want to add some extra oomph.

And while nutty Russian sounds complicated, it’s pretty easy—mix all of the ingredients in your favorite glass, and voilà!

You’ve got a tasty drink that will keep you coming back for more.

We’ve got a little secret to share with you: we’ve found one of the most interesting Frangelico cocktails in the world.

It’s called the Chocolate Orange Martini, and it’s a sweet twist on a classic drink.

The citrus flavor of orange is balanced by a sweet touch of bittersweet chocolate—and then it’s all infused with just enough vodka to make it smooth and balanced.

It’s new and exciting but has all the charm of an old favorite.

We know what you’re thinking: How could something so simple be so amazing?

Well, when you combine everything right, it’s magic!

And that’s what will happen when you put together this drink.

Do you know those drinks that make you feel like you’ve just been transported to a different world?

That’s the feeling you get when you sip on a chocolate Frangelico.

It’s delicious and refreshing and has a flavor unlike anything else.

The first thing you’ll notice is the hazelnut goodness of Frangelico.

It’s sweet but not cloying and has a rich aftertaste that lingers on your tongue long after you swallow.

The second thing you’ll notice is the sweet splash of Coca-Cola that’s hard to pin down—you can taste it, but it doesn’t overpower the other flavors in the drink.

Finally, you have the cream.

There’s a lot of cream in this drink—so much so that it makes it feel like an indulgent treat instead of an everyday drink.

If you’re looking for a cocktail to warm your soul, look no further than this Hazelnut Hot Toddy.

It has taken your favorite nutty flavors and added them to this recipe, a pairing that is equal parts tasty and delightful.

The hazelnut bourbon combination is so lovely together—you’ll be surprised at how soon you can get addicted to this all-time favorite. 

Then the aroma of cinnamon, cloves, and fresh herbs will fill your home as it bubbles away on the stovetop.

This is one of those Frangelico cocktails that you’ll want to sip slowly and savor every drop.

The Hurricane Cocktail is a fruity, tropical drink that’s absolutely stunning to look at.

It’s made with Frangelico, light rum, dark rum, orange juice, and pineapple juice.

It has a beautiful orange color, and the taste is a refreshing mix of tart flavors.

Still,  it’s difficult to pick out any one flavor when you’re drinking this cocktail because it’s so well-balanced. 

The orange juice makes it sweet and citrusy, and the pineapple juice adds some more acidity ness to balance out the sweetness.

Then there’s the Frangelico—which gives it an aromatic quality that makes it feel like you’re sipping on something special.

Sweater Weather is not your typical cocktail.

It’s more than just a drink—it’s an experience.

The first time you taste it, you’ll be like, “Woah.”

It’s sweet, smoky, and nutty, with a hint of spice. 

It tastes like fall but in your mouth.

But what exactly makes The Sweater Weather so unique?

For starters, it’s made with hazelnut liqueur, pear syrup, and reposado tequila.

But the real magic happens when you add aromatic bitters to this already-amazing cocktail. 

They balance out the sweetness of the pear syrup and give the drink its signature woodsy flavor.

That’s what makes this drink so special; it pairs two fantastic flavors together in one beautiful combination that will leave you speechless.

It’s time to get your drink on!

If you’re looking for a cocktail that will make you feel like you’re sitting on the beach, then this is the cocktail for you.

The Raspberry Hazelnut Cocktail is just what it says: a raspberry puree with a hint of hazelnut liqueur that tastes like a vacation—even if you’re stuck at home.

First, we start with Frangelico, which gives this cocktail that rich, slightly toasty flavor we all love.

Then we add triple sec, which is an orange-flavored liqueur, and raspberry puree. 

That’s where the fruity deliciousness comes from!

This is one of the most interesting cocktails you could ever have.

It’s a classic creamy cocktail with Frangelico and Chambord—an amazing blend of hazelnut liqueur and raspberry liqueur that’s smoothed out with half and half.

It’s nice to sip on with appetizers or to serve after dinner.

And you’ll love it because it’s sweet but not too sweet and has just enough tartness from the raspberries.

The bottom line

That’s it—13 Frangelico cocktails that you can drink right now or make for your friends and see if they’ll try them!

This list was also a lot of fun to make, so we hope you enjoy it just as much as we did.

If you know someone who needs a little help with their cocktail game, then share this post with them!

Best Frangelico Cocktails

Best Frangelico Cocktails

From a delicious martini to an old-fashioned drink, we've gathered the best Frangelico cocktails and made them easy for you to find!


  • Hazelnut & Vodka Cocktail
  • Hazelnut Frangelico Sour Cocktail
  • International Incident Martini
  • Frangelico Old-Fashioned
  • Eggnog Cocktail With Frangelico
  • Nutty Russian
  • Chocolate Orange Martini
  • Satin Angel
  • Hazelnut Hot Toddy
  • Hurricane Cocktail
  • The Sweater Weather
  • Raspberry Hazelnut Cocktail
  • Nuts & Berries Cocktail


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