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19 Spanish Appetizers That Are Too Good To Be True!

19 Spanish Appetizers That Are Too Good To Be True!

Looking for some dinner inspiration and need a bit of something different? Come take a look at our list of Spanish appetizers!

When you are planning for dinner, whether it is for four or many more, you may want an appetizer to break the ice or to help folks mingle before you serve dinner.  

Or quite possibly the meal is on the lighter side so you want to serve an appetizer to satisfy guests’ initial hunger when they arrive. 

Sure, you could go for the traditional Spanish Appetizers that are tried and true, or you could step outside the box and serve something original that will knock their socks off and provide a fantastic memory about the evening.  

On the other hand, you might be planning a Spanish meal that would be nicely complemented with a Spanish appetizer.  

Whatever the reason and whatever the main entree, here is a list of 19 Spanish appetizers for your consideration.

So instead of going out to eat Spanish food you can make these small plates at home and create the feeling of being at a tapas bar. 

Oh, and don’t forget to pick up a few Spanish wines for the event. I personally prefer red wine but they do make some nice white wine too. 

1. Tortilla Española Bites With Manchego

This hearty Spanish appetizer is a decidedly Spanish take on an omelet casserole bake! 

Bonus smoky herb cheese aioli recipe included if you want to add that little something to dip into with your tortilla Espanola bites!

This Spanish omelette is high on our list because it has one of our all-time favorite cheeses in the recipe. 

We try and keep Manchego cheese in our house at all times. It is true, we love Spanish cheeses.

2. Patatas Bravas Recipe

Crispy potatoes that are baked and not fried will please everyone for sure! Baking soda is the secret ingredient here!  

Add a bold red sauce and a creamy aioli and you are golden! 

One ingredient that I would consider adding to this recipe is thin slices of roasted red peppers.

3. Spanish Croquettes Made With Jamon Serrano

Jamon Serrano is a Spanish ham that is used in this recipe making these croquettes truly authentic. 

Fresh olive oil is key here because it does not alter the taste of the Serrano ham. 

You can even make huge batches and freeze them to be ready with an appetizer in a jiffy!

4. Pan Con Tomate Recipe

Spanish version of bruschetta coming your way now! 

Ciabatta bread gets this started with garlic, tomatoes, and salt deliciously prepared to put on top! 

These will disappear quickly!

5. Spanish Leek Croquettes

This croquette recipe highlights leeks in a beautiful tasty way. 

These require an overnight in the refrigerator so plan accordingly. 

Crispy outside and creamy inside!

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6. Spanish Cheese Board

Many folks love the idea of the charcuterie board as an appetizer. This recipe is a Spanish take on a cheese board. 

Unique cheeses, meats and sauces combine for a winning presentation! 

7. Spanish Olive Tapas With Spiced Bread Crumbs

Spicy and salty flavors season your bread crumbs and will set this olive appetizer apart from the rest! 

Mix them with sauteed olives and peppers for a rich satisfying taste.

8. Manchego Cheese In Marinated Olives

Spanish black olives and manchego cheese take center stage here with delicious spices. 

Perhaps the simplest appetizer you may ever make! 

Gather ingredients, measure, mix, refrigerate. 

Yes, it is that easy!

9. Spanish Baked Goat Cheese

Take some fresh goat cheese, bake it in a savory garlic tomato sauce, then top with melted Swiss cheese. 


This warm Spanish appetizer has a surprise of lightly fried capers on top! You need to make this one!

10. Gambas Al Ajillo (Shrimp In Garlic Sauce)

Always a crowd pleaser, this Spanish appetizer of garlic shrimp is buttery, beautifully presented with parsley and enjoyed appreciatively.  

Shrimp on the menu tells the guests how special they are!

11. Pesto Polenta Bites With Tomato Bruschetta

Polenta, made of cornmeal, can be purchased premade and easily sliced to be topped as an appetizer. 

Here you add a dollop of delicious pesto and a lovely light tomato bruschetta and you’re ready!

12. Tomato + Butter Bean Dip

There are multiple different Spanish appetizers variations for this recipe!  

The main ingredients here are white beans, tomato paste, garlic, shallot, olive oil, and paprika.

Of course you can improvise at will. 

Simmer together and serve up warm with pita chips or crackers.

13. Bacon-Wrapped Figs

These fancy finger food morsels look fussy but thankfully they are not! 

Wrap the bacon round the fig to bake and top with a bit of goat cheese when ready to serve! 

Excellent choice for sure!

This may be a perfect appetizer. I know for sure it is one of our favorite appetizers to serve at a tapas party.

14. Spanish Fried Eggplant With Molasses And Rosemary

The base for this Spanish appetizer is slices of eggplant, dipped in almond flour, wheat flour or cornmeal and fried. 

Then sprinkle generously with salt and add a bit of sweet honey or molasses for perfection!

15. Quince, Prosciutto & Blue Cheese Pintxos

This Spanish appetizer served on a toothpick is commonly found in bars in Spain. 

Very simple to put together with a sweet quince paste, salty prosciutto, and creamy blue cheese stacked on toasted raisin bread! 

Vamos a comer!

16. Spanish Spiced Almonds Tapa

A handful of toasted nuts can be so comforting! 

This almond recipe uses olive oil, salt, and Spanish-style smoked hot paprika to season the almonds.  

Serve warm or cooled. 

This is one of those easy Spanish appetizers with simple ingredients and will also turn out to be the popular dish at the event.

17. Ajillo Mushrooms (Spanish Garlic Mushrooms)

Similar seasonings showing up again but this time with mushrooms as the main ingredient. 

Smoked paprika, dried chili flakes, and garlic will season those mushrooms after you pan fry them a bit. 

I think that we all agreed long ago that mushrooms make the perfect appetizer. It is even true in Spanish cuisine.

18. Espinacas Con Garbanzos (Spanish Spinach With Chickpeas)

Yes, there is bacon in this one, folks! 

This easy Spanish appetizer has some surprises besides the spinach and chickpeas! 

Onions, tomatoes and, wait for it, raisins! 

Any type of bread will suit this lovely creation when it is serving time!

19. Albondigas (Tapas Spanish Meatballs)

The meatballs here are smaller and pan-fried before being sauced and simmered. 

Seasonings do vary from chef to chef, and you can serve them up with toothpicks and crusty bread to the delight of everyone!

The bottom line

The world of appetizers is wide and deep.  

No need to get stuck in a rut. 

Switch things up with some new and exciting Spanish appetizer recipes that you will enjoy making as much as your guests will enjoy eating!  

You don’t have to only go to a Spanish restaurant to get delicious food. 

This proves that you can make delicious Spanish recipes at home.

My first choice will always be manchego cheese and tapas of any kind. 

What about you?

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19 Spanish Appetizers

19 Spanish Appetizers

Looking for delicious, authentic Spanish appetizer ideas that are out of the box and original? Check out this list for inspiration.


  • Tortilla Española Bites With Manchego
  • Patatas Bravas Recipe
  • Spanish Croquettes Made With Jamon Serrano
  • Pan Con Tomate Recipe
  • Spanish Leek Croquettes
  • Spanish Cheese Board
  • Spanish Olive Tapas With Spiced Bread Crumbs
  • Manchego Cheese In Marinated Olives
  • Spanish Baked Goat Cheese
  • Gambas Al Ajillo (Shrimp in Garlic Sauce)
  • Pesto Polenta Bites With Tomato Bruschetta
  • Tomato + Butter Bean Dip
  • Bacon Wrapped Figs
  • Spanish Fried Eggplant With Molasses and Rosemary
  • Quince, Prosciutto & Blue Cheese Pintxos
  • Spanish Spiced Almonds Tapa
  • Ajillo Mushrooms (Spanish Garlic Mushrooms)
  • Espinacas Con Garbanzos (Spanish Spinach With Chickpeas)
  • Albondigas (Tapas Spanish Meatballs)


  1. Select one or more Spanish Appetizers!
  2. Prepare the recipe per the instructions.
  3. Let us know which one is your favorite!

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