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Oyster Mushroom Substitutes: 6 Great Options With Ratios + Tips

Oyster Mushroom Substitutes: 6 Great Options With Ratios + Tips

If your recipe calls for oyster mushrooms, but you don’t have any on hand, here are six options you can use as oyster mushroom substitutes, with ratios and other helpful tips.

Oyster mushrooms have a unique flavor and texture, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use something else in your recipe that will make an ideal oyster mushroom substitute. 

We’ll show you some seamless ratios and measurements so you know how much to use instead.

Below, I will share 6 substitutes that can deliver similar results and save your recipes, but first, let’s learn more about Oyster mushrooms.

Oyster mushroom substitutes, here’s a table summarizing the substitutes and their ratios:

SubstituteRatio to Oyster Mushrooms
Shiitake Mushrooms1:1
Cremini Mushrooms1:1
Button Mushrooms1:1
Maitake Mushrooms1:1
Enoki Mushrooms1:1
Portobello Mushrooms1:1
Each substitute is recommended to be used in a one-to-one ratio with oyster 
A skillet filled with sauteed oyster mushrooms, onions, and fresh dill.

What do oyster mushrooms taste like?

One of the reasons oyster mushrooms are so popular is that they are fairly mild in flavor; their earthy finish is slightly sweet. 

When oyster mushrooms are cooked, they develop a captivating mixture of flavors that will have you thinking about seafood or chicken. Their texture remains meaty even after cooking, which makes them a great deep-fried option or great in vegetarian meals.

Ways oyster mushrooms are used in cooking

Versatility is where Oyster mushrooms usually shine. Here are a few common ways enthusiasts use oyster mushrooms in cooking:


Oyster mushrooms can be transformed into a delectable side dish through a simple sauté with garlic, butter, and a lovely sprinkle of herbs.


It is always a good decision to stir-fry oyster mushrooms alongside soy sauce, ginger, and a dash of fragrant sesame oil. The delicate mushrooms readily absorb the delectable combination of sweetness in the sauce.

Creamy indulgence

Oyster mushrooms also mix well with sauces and creamy soups. They can be diced and simmered in a pot of homemade cream of mushroom soup, merging with the richness of the dish. An experience you will not soon forget!

Pizza & flatbreads

The mild yet distinct flavor of oyster mushrooms pairs well with various cheeses and other toppings, creating a gourmet experience. Plus their sturdy texture holds up under high heat. If you love your pizza, then you will also love this combination.

Earthy risotto

Infuse your risotto with the delicate flavors of Oyster mushrooms. Sauté them before incorporating them into the rice, allowing their flavor to permeate every grain. The result? A luxurious, comforting dish that you will surely love.

Umami burgers

Blending finely chopped Oyster mushrooms with ground meat to create flavorful and juicy burgers is something that you should try. The mushrooms add moisture and umami, elevating the overall taste of your patties, and adding more bliss to burger nights.

Chopped oyster mushrooms and their substitutes make a great duxelle for Beef Wellington, too, of course.

Vegetarian delight

It may no longer come as a surprise that Oyster mushrooms can also be used as the centerpiece of a vegan platter since these mushrooms are incredible ingredients. You can marinate them with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and herbs, and then roast them until tender.

A close-up shot of a rustic wooden bowl overflowing with oyster mushrooms.

Oyster Mushroom Substitutes

If a recipe calls for Oyster mushrooms and you do not have any handy or the store is out of them, there are amazing oyster mushroom substitutes to use at home. You may find it easier to measure these cup for cup once you’ve chopped or sliced your mushrooms first; otherwise, use a dietary scale and weigh them ounce for ounce.

1. Shiitake Mushrooms

Shiitake mushrooms seamlessly step into the role of a fill-in for Oyster mushrooms, bringing their nutty flavor along with a meaty texture to the table.

Whether sautéed, stir-fried, or incorporated into a range of cuisines, you can rest easy that shiitake mushrooms offer a delightful alternative while maintaining the essence of the original recipe.

You can use 1 cup of shiitake mushrooms to replace 1 cup of Oyster mushrooms.

2. Cremini Mushrooms (Baby Bella Mushrooms)

Cremini mushrooms graciously take on the role of a substitute since it has a similar tenderness and a comparable flavor profile to the Oyster mushroom.

1 cup of Cremini mushrooms can be used to replace 1 cup of Oyster mushrooms.

3. Button Mushrooms

Button mushrooms are also a good choice. Bringing their mild yet savory taste and a familiar texture to your culinary endeavors.

1 cup of Button mushrooms should easily make up for 1 cup of Oyster mushrooms.

4. Maitake Mushrooms (Hen-of-the-Woods)

Maitake mushrooms step up with grace as a substitute for Oyster mushrooms, offering its robust flavor, along with a unique texture to elevate your culinary creations. Their distinctiveness should make them an intriguing alternative.

If you want to add a flavorful twist that still respects the essence of your original recipes, then Maitake mushroom is worth considering.

1 cup of Maitake mushrooms is equivalent to 1 cup of Oyster mushrooms.

5. Enoki Mushrooms

Enoki mushroom is also a great option to use in place of Oyster mushrooms. While their textures differ, Enoki mushrooms are a treat with stir-fries, salads, and garnishes, which allows them to easily replace Oyster mushrooms.

The nitty gritty on enoki is that there was a listeria outbreak originating from some enoki mushrooms eaten raw, so the CDC recommends that you cook them first. That said, plenty of gourmands risk it and garnish salads and such with raw enoki. Bottom line? It’s probably safer to cook them, especially if you may be sensitive to gastro issues like listeria.

If you are up for a unique aesthetic and a different kind of elegance to your creations while maintaining the core of your recipe, then you should consider this option.

1 cup of Enoki mushrooms is enough to make up for a recipe that calls for 1 cup of Oyster mushrooms.

6. Portobello Mushrooms

Portobello mushrooms can confidently take on the role of an oyster mushroom substitute. While their taste profile can be more assertive, their adaptability in cooking methods makes them a great choice. These mushrooms contain a hearty and robust flavor, along with a substantial texture. They do cook down faster than oyster mushies, do so keep that in mind if your recipe calls for longer time on the heat.

1 cup of Portobello mushrooms is sufficient to replace 1 cup of Oyster mushrooms.

A close-up photo of a plate of oyster mushrooms with garlic and dill on a white background.

The bottom line

If your recipe requires you to use Oyster mushrooms, then there is no cause for concern as there are a lot of delicious substitutes to choose from that will not have you sacrifice the taste and essence of your recipe

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