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25 Best New Year’s Eve Cookies 🍪

25 Best New Year’s Eve Cookies 🍪

Whether you are ringing in a new year surrounded by loved ones at a party or in your pajamas with a movie playing, these New Year’s Eve cookies are sure to set the tone for the night!

All 25 of these New Years Eve Cookies are delicious at the first taste and themed perfectly for whatever your night ahead may entail.

Any holiday is immediately made better with the addition of yummy cookies and with an extra large batch or two, you can have enough to go around for everyone.

These all pair well with a glass of champagne or sparkling juice to toast to a new year!

If you are attending a family friendly event, the kids will love grabbing a few Fireworks Pudding Cookies or Lucky Charms Cookies.

For something decorated more in theme, you can opt for some New Years Eve Countdown Cookies or Confetti Clock Cookies.

Nan e Berenji cookies will have everyone in a good mood and excited for the new year, Persian or not.

Feel free to make some changes to make these cookies black and gold, which are typically the colors we see for New Year’s Eve celebrations in the U.S.

These cookies are all especially great for the day after when you may be too tired to grab a filling breakfast but find some extra cookies in your kitchen.

A rustic basket overflowing with homemade jam-filled cookies, accompanied by fresh cherries on a wooden cutting board.

1. Oreo Cookie Balls

Even if you are unable to venture out to Times Square to watch the ball drop, you can enjoy your own version of the sparkling ball, with the added bonus of it being edible.

You only need a handful of ingredients for these cookie balls but feel free to add in some extra flair for added New Year’s Eve fun like colorful sprinkles.

Even if you are new to hosting or baking for large groups, these are very simple to make with very little work involved.

2. New Year’s Eve Butter Cookies With Chocolate Glaze

It is hard to decide if the best part of these New Year’s Eve cookies is how tasty they are or if it is the few ingredients needed to make them..

Three ingredients make the cookies, two make the chocolate glaze, and optionally, you can add on some sprinkles.

You probably already have all of the ingredients you need on hand too, so there is no need to add an extra grocery run to your New Year’s prep list.

3. Midnight Kiss Cookies

If you love peanut butter blossom cookies, you will love this chocolatey and gold twist on them.

These cookies feature added chocolate in the cookie for a peanut butter and chocolate base with edible gold sprayed onto Hershey’s Kisses for a themed touch.

Everyone’s eyes will gravitate towards these cookies for the bright gold but they will keep coming back for more when they get a taste.

4. Sprinkle Chocolate Chip Cookies

The bright and colorful sprinkles that are all throughout these cookies almost resemble fireworks.

If your night has a theme, you can switch out the rainbow sprinkles for colors that are more fitting.

The kids will love these since chocolate chip cookies are always tasty and the sprinkles add in more fun!

5. Champagne Cookies

Not all New Year’s Eve cookies need to be black and gold.

You can enjoy a pretty pink cookie that still feels festive thanks to your favorite champagne.

Champagne extract can be used for the cookies with the real deal being used for the buttercream frosting.

Even if you decide to use non-alcoholic champagne, you will end up with an indulgent dessert that will taste incredible.

6. New Year’s Eve Countdown Cookies

Perfectly frosted sugar cookies are an easy way to get a yummy dessert ready for the midnight countdown in under an hour.

If you start with sugar cookies that are to die for, the decorations are the easy part.

Rest assured, the cookies themselves are also very easy!

These are great laid out on a platter or wrapped up as a gift.

7. New Year’s Eve Milano Cookies

While these are only semi-homemade, they are so enticing with the black, gold, and silver decorations all over.

Since store bought Milano cookies can be used for these, you can jump straight to the fun part which is decorating.

Since there is no baking involved, and just half an hour is needed for the chocolate to harden, this is great for a last minute treat that needs to be ready in a flash.

8. Glitter Dipped Fortune Cookies

Everyone will be debating if they should even take a bite of these since they are so cute and fitting for the theme.

Hopefully, everyone will take a bite and get a positive fortune to bring into their new year, thanks to you!

These are great as a party favor and as a sweet snack towards the end of the night.

9. Almost Midnight Cookies

These New Year’s Eve cookie pops are a special treat for both kids and adults alike to enjoy.

Any flavor of cookie can be used for this dessert since there are no other flavors to interfere and the outside is decorated with frosting.

With an edible marker or pen, you can draw the clock hands on your cookies to make everyone excited for midnight!

10. Funfetti Cookies

Funfetti cookies are always delicious but with the colorful sprinkles resembling fireworks, these are perfect for a New Year’s Eve celebration.

Those who love soft and chewy cookies will absolutely adore these cookies and when they are slightly underbaked, the inside remains the soft texture we all love.

As long as you grab the sprinkles you know you love the taste of, these cookies are super easy to bake up ahead of your celebrations.

11. Cake Mix New Year’s Eve Cookies

After all of the winter holidays, you may be tired of all of the detailed decorations of the desserts you have prepared.

These use cake mix with added colorful sprinkles making it both easy to prepare and fitting for the holiday.

If you love chocolate, go ahead and use chocolate cake mix with some black food dye added in for an extra bold color.

12. Black & White Cookies

Cookies are a great way to bring in a new year but when they have a cake-like texture and the half chocolate and half white icing of these, they will be a surefire winner.

Even with the cookies made from scratch, they are pretty simple with an amazing texture.

Since the icing on top is also straightforward, this is perfect for beginner bakers!

13. New Year’s Eve Fortune Cookies

This is another way to bring great fortune to the start of a new year.

Simple decorations from candy melts, chocolate, and sprinkles make it extra festive.

If the celebration comes up faster than you realize, this is a quick way for a last minute treat that both kids and adults will love.

14. New Year’s Confetti Clock Cookies

It may seem tricky to get confetti inside of these cookies but in reality, it can be done in a breeze.

You just need three stacked cookies, one with a hole cut out in the middle to hold the confetti.

Icing will hold the cookies together and can be used to decorate the clock on the top cookie.

15. Number Cookies With Royal Icing

For the best New Year’s Eve Cookies, these Number Cookies can be used for the year you are about to go into or as a countdown to midnight.

Gel food coloring is great for decorating these so feel free to go for a theme of black and gold or use all of the colors of the rainbow.

The decorations all sit on top of a delicious sugar cookie but remember to use a cut-out sugar cookie dough rather than regular dough so that you can keep the nice shape.

16. Portzelky

These fried cookies are popular among the Mennonite community, especially for New Year’s celebrations.

Raisins are fried within the cookie and it is all topped off with icing sugar for an incredibly delectable treat.

You can use either a deep fryer or a pot of oil for this but both will give you the crispy fried texture these are known for.

17. Champagne Macarons

Macarons are a special dessert that fit into almost every occasion.

With a champagne white chocolate ganache and a bit of champagne used to decorate the top, these are an especially delicious way to ring in the upcoming year.

While it is best to be very precise with everything that goes into these cookies, the extra work will be well worth it once you take a bite of these macarons.

18. Chinese Almond Cookies

Although these are typically enjoyed for the Chinese New Year, you can have a melding of cultures by bringing them out for the new year of the Gregorian calendar.

These are buttery, crisp, and have a nice hint of nutty flavor from the almonds.

They very well may become your family’s new favorite cookies.

19. New Year’s Eve Clock Cookies

These wedge cookies come together for a beautiful and tasty clock themed cookie to help you countdown to midnight.

Edible markers help you get precise lines to place the different times and the hands of the clock.

This is another recipe where you will want to use cut-out cookie dough so that you get the right shape for your clock cookies.

20. Lucky Charms Cookies

What better way to bring some luck into the new year than with Lucky Charms Cookies?

These cookies use not only the marshmallows but also the cereal for a nice balance of fluff and crunch in every bite.

White chocolate chips are also added in to pair some extra sweetness with the crisp cereal.

21. Rainbow Sparkling Sugar Butter Cookies

The dough for these butter cookies can be frozen into a log and thawed out when you need to prepare some cookies meaning you can save some time ahead of a busy night counting down to midnight.

Coarser sprinkles give you a beautiful look for your cookies but feel free to use black and gold or even rainbow sprinkles to resemble fireworks.

Since these cookies take so little time to bake, you can make a smaller batch and if you feel that you may need more, thaw some dough and bake an extra batch or two.

22. Jam Thumbprint Cookies

In Spain, there is a tradition of eating twelve grapes for each stroke of the clock at midnight.

If you are not in Spain but want to take part in the tradition, you can enjoy these grape cookies.

You may not intend to have twelve of these but they taste so good you might end up having a dozen before realizing it.

23. Silver & Gold Chocolate Glitter Cookies

Making chocolate cookies fitting as New Year’s Eve cookies is simple with some silver and gold sugar added in.

Cocoa powder adds in the rich chocolate flavor that makes these so impressive while the glitter sugars make it more themed.

Even if you decide to use sprinkles or nothing at all, these will still be an exquisite tasting dessert for your celebrations.

24. Fireworks Pudding Cookie

These are perfect for July 4th but with some simple adjustments, they can be perfect for the fireworks that are often seen for the new year.

Rather than using red, white, and blue M&Ms, use blue and black, or go for the whole rainbow.

With some pudding inside the cookies, you get some extra chewy texture with your favorite flavor added in.

25. Nan E Berenji

These cookies are typically enjoyed for the Persian new year but this is another great way to bring two cultures together in a delicious way.

There are some floral flavors from the rose water added in plus a hint of spice from the cardamom and the poppy seeds that are sprinkled on top.

These are tasty  shortbread cookies with an added Persian twist thanks to the special ingredients.

The bottom line

Bringing in the New Year with some tasty treats can start your year on the right note!

You will either be deemed the host with the most or the guest everyone will want to invite once you share any of the New Year’s Eve cookies listed here for your midnight countdown celebration!

New Year’s Eve Cookies

New Year’s Eve Cookies

Whether you end up in black-tie finery or footie PJs, bake up a batch of New Year’s Eve Cookies to celebrate the coming year!


  • Oreo Cookie Balls
  • New Year’s Eve Butter Cookies With Chocolate Glaze
  • Midnight Kiss Cookies
  • Sprinkle Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Champagne Cookies
  • New Year’s Eve Countdown Cookies
  • New Year’s Eve Milano Cookies
  • Glitter Dipped Fortune Cookies
  • Almost Midnight Cookies
  • Funfetti Cookies
  • Cake Mix New Year’s Eve Cookies
  • Black & White Cookies
  • New Year’s Eve Fortune Cookies
  • New Year’s Confetti Clock Cookies
  • Number Cookies With Royal Icing
  • Portzelky
  • Champagne Macarons
  • Chinese Almond Cookies
  • New Year’s Eve Clock Cookies
  • Lucky Charms Cookies
  • Rainbow Sparkling Sugar Butter Cookies
  • Jam Thumbprint Cookies
  • Silver & Gold Chocolate Glitter Cookies
  • Fireworks Pudding Cookies
  • Nan E Berenji


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