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15 Tasty Moonshine Cocktails To Rock Your Party!

If you haven’t tried mixing moonshine in your cocktails, then this is the right time to give it a shot. 

Here’s a list of 15 best Moonshine Cocktails that will rock your party!

Moonshine, or white whiskey, is made of corn and is unaged and clear in color, unlike other whiskey aged in wood barrels, where it gets its coloring and distinct flavoring.

It is high-proof alcohol and became popular in the 18th Century brought by Scottish and Irish immigrants.

As its popularity rose, the government started asking for whiskey production taxes.

Transactions are done at night to avoid detection of its illegal usage and distribution; hence the name moonshine was coined.

Nowadays, many distillers are producing different moonshine flavors and still keeping the same name because of its rich history.

If you are into some fruity-flavored moonshine cocktails, Blackberry Moonshine Cocktail and Key Lime Moonshine Cocktail are the cocktails to choose from.

Moonshine Mule is a must-try if you like the taste of fresh ginger in your drink.

And since the holidays are just around the corner, #11 is a perfect gift to show love to your loved ones.

So grab a bottle of moonshine, and let’s dive into the list!

Chilling out on a lazy day will be perfect with a glass of this cherry moonshine summer cocktail.

This cocktail uses cherry moonshine, which is a combination of moonshine and moonshine-soaked cherries, so the taste of cherries is very evident in every drop.

Just use a plain soda or seltzer so it will not overpower the taste of cherry moonshine.

It’s a sweet and minty cocktail with a fizzy finish.

This cocktail is not just pleasing to the eye.

It’s also undoubtedly delicious!

If you’re not into making simple syrup, jam is another go-to sweetener besides honey.

Moonshine, lemon juice, and strawberry jam are put together in a mason jar, then shaken to get this beauty ready to satisfy your taste buds.

Add some strawberry slices for garnish.

You can also top it with club soda to add some fizz, but this is optional.

Is there anything more enjoyable than sitting on a porch while sipping a refreshing drink with friends or family?

This cocktail will surely give you that soothing feeling while enjoying every drop.

Adding fresh peaches or canned peaches with syrup brings a bit of sweetness, while basil helps round out the sweetness and adds a refreshing taste to this cocktail.

This way, it’s easier to drink it, and you will not feel the fire that moonshine gives when you drink it straight.

This fruity yet intense cocktail mix will be the star of the party when served.

Feel the beach vibes in every glass of this sweet cocktail with a spicy kick.

Pineapple juice brings the natural sweetness, while cayenne pepper adds a little spice when you sip.

Blackberry Moonshine is used for this cocktail, making it so smooth to drink.

Top it with club soda to give it a bubbling effect when served.

Ideal for themed parties or happy hour with family and friends.

If you are fond of key lime pie, this cocktail is like the cocktail version of it.

The addition of moonshine to this drink gives that earthy kick with a sour bite.

You may use fresh key lime juice or store-bought key lime juices to make the process quicker.

If the simple vanilla syrup is not on hand, mix some sugar in water until dissolved, then include it in the cocktail.

It’s a sweet and tangy cocktail you must try at your next poolside party.

This margarita cocktail uses moonshine instead of tequila.

Moonshine tastes almost like tequila, with an added sweetness and notes of corn.

Lime juice, orange juice, sugar, and moonshine combine to make this unique moonshine margarita mix.

It’s a perfect way to introduce moonshine to your guests unfamiliar with its taste.

They’ll be surprised that adding moonshine can be as good as other alcohol when used in cocktails.

Taste the flavor of apple pie in your glass!

This cocktail is an excellent way to welcome the yuletide season and to bring excitement for the upcoming holiday.

It’s better to use apple pie moonshine for this cocktail to emphasize the taste of apple pie, then add vanilla vodka, apple cider, and simple syrup to complete the recipe.

So whether you’re making it just for yourself or a crowd for the holidays, this is the cocktail you can serve without a sweat.

Adding fresh fruits to moonshine elevates the taste and adds freshness to your cocktail.

It is what this recipe brings.

It’s exploding with fresh blueberries that complement the taste of moonshine.

Pineapple juice, cranberry juice, blueberry syrup, and lemonade adds sweet and fruity flavors to satisfy your cravings.

If you want some twist, put lots of ice in the blender then add the same ingredients to make a frozen slushy version of this cocktail.

Let’s have Peach Cobbler Moonshine this time!

This recipe uses two alcohol, moonshine and peach schnapps that goes well together.

The peach syrup is made from fresh peaches, brown sugar, and cinnamon, boiled together to create sweet, fruity, and earthy flavors.

Cool it down before adding it to alcohol to avoid any fire incident.

It’s a great drink to toast on game day or for a catch-up date with friends.

Thinking of a unique gift to give to your loved ones on holiday?

You should check this recipe out!

Cocktails can be a perfect gift too, if you can’t have everyone at your place at once.

This cocktail is made of cranberry juice, white sugar, and Everclear, then mix everything and put it in a mason glass, and add some holiday designs on the jar to make it even more special.

Using Everclear which has high alcohol content, this drink will go a long way.

The longer cranberries are soaked in moonshine, the more it becomes sweet and flavorful.

Your family and friends will feel how much you love them by sharing this delicious cocktail to bring holiday joy.

If you like the taste of Moscow Mule, you may enjoy this variation, too.

Instead of using vodka to blend with ginger beer, moonshine is used to make this beautiful cocktail fuse.

What makes this unique is that it has fresh ginger slices added to the mix, giving it a spicy and peppery taste.

It sure is a delicious cocktail with a punch!

If you’re planning to relax by the pool or just simply sit by the campfire with friends, this fruity moonshine cocktail is a great drink to sip.

This bright and colorful drink has a natural sweetness because of the smashed peaches and rainier cherries and is shaken together with moonshine and vanilla syrup.

It is so delicious, you might forget it has moonshine, which has a strong kick.

If you’re starting to plan for the upcoming holiday get-together, you might want to include this cocktail recipe on your list.

It only has three ingredients but will surely warm you up once you take a glass of it.

It has warm apple cider, apple pie moonshine, and cinnamon sticks that bring out sweet, earthy, fruity flavors with added spice in every serving.

It’s a cozy cocktail drink you would like to share with your loved ones on small holiday get-togethers while chatting by the fireplace.

Moonshine, when paired with the right ingredients, gives some emphasis to its complex flavors.

And that’s what thyme do when combined with moonshine.

What a perfect match!

Thyme syrup’s herbal and aromatic sweetness highlights moonshine’s nutty and spicy flavor.

Fresh lemon, with its citrusy flavors, adds freshness to the cocktail, while egg whites bring in a velvety texture to it.

It is for sure a must-try moonshine cocktail for any occasion that is delicious with a kick in every glass.

The bottom line

Making cocktails with moonshine unlocks a next-level cocktail experience for anyone who will taste it.

This list is an excellent addition to broaden your cocktail list for any occasion or celebration to satisfy your guests.

Try any of these moonshine recipes to set your party’s mood.

Just don’t forget to remind your guests to drink in moderation as these cocktails are dangerously delicious.

Tasty Moonshine Cocktails

Tasty Moonshine Cocktails

These 15 moonshine cocktails on this compilation come in various flavors; find one that matches your palate!


  • Frozen Toasted Coconut Moonshine
  • Cherry Shine Summer Sipper
  • Jam Cocktails: Strawberry + Moonshine
  • Basil Peach Moonshine Cocktail
  • Blackberry Moonshine Cocktail
  • Key Lime Pie Moonshine Cocktail
  • Moonshine Margarita
  • Apple Pie Moonshine Cocktail
  • Huckleberry Hooch Moonshine Cocktail
  • Peach Cobbler Moonshine
  • Smoky Mountain Sunrise With Ole Smoky Moonshine
  • Moonshine Mule
  • Peachy Rainier Cherry Moonshine
  • Warm Spiked Apple Cider
  • Thyme To Shine - A Moonshine Drink


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