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From Reese’s Skeletons to Angry Orchard’s King Size Cider: The Fall Food Lineup You Don’t Want to Miss

From Reese’s Skeletons to Angry Orchard’s King Size Cider: The Fall Food Lineup You Don’t Want to Miss

As the leaves turn and the air grows crisp (or in the south, finally grows tepid), the grocery aisles are transforming too, embracing the new season with a range of exciting food offerings. Brace yourselves for a culinary journey featuring nostalgic comebacks and novel indulgences that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Leading the parade is Reese’s with their Halloween-special Skeletons, a spooky twist to the chocolate and peanut butter duo. These seasonally wrapped treats are expected to be the star of the Halloween candy aisle, promising to please every trick-or-treater on the block.

For those craving a more mature treat, Angry Orchard steps in with its Crisp Apple King Size Hard Cider. Autumn, as they say, is a cider celebration, and what better way to honor the tradition than with a king-sized version of this apple goodness? Starting October 2, cider aficionados can get their hands on this limited-time offer, a massive bottle 16 times the size of its regular counterpart.

The cartoon-watching, mac-and-cheese-loving child in all of us is in for a treat too, as Kraft is reintroducing SpongeBob SquarePants shapes to their Mac & Cheese lineup. A petition and numerous emails to the brand’s CEO highlighted the demand for this childhood classic. The word is out and Amazon reviews are thumbs up AND thumbs down:

“… I actually prefer the texture of the shapes to that of the traditional macaroni, so having the option with this brand is a plus.”

“Sponge Bob gives kids an incentive to eat macaroni & cheese, especially if they already like it.”

“…this one was just unappetizing. [My kids’] comments ranged from ‘sour’ to ‘mushy’.”

Lastly, if you’re hunting for a Halloween candy that aligns with eco-friendly values, look no further. Rotten has launched gummy worms in both original and sour varieties, housed in entirely compostable packaging. Flavors include Mischievous Mango, Barfin’ Blue Raspberry, Slobberin’ Strawberry, and Weirdo Watermelon, making it a boo-tiful yet responsible choice for your Halloween candy bowl.

Tyson-brand Spooky Nuggets has come back for another season of savory treats with bats, pumpkins, and ghost-shaped chicken nuggets sold frozen in 27-oz bags. For kids or adults, what’s not to like about a big tray of fun chicken nuggets at the season’s gatherings?


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This diverse lineup of food offerings, melding the old with the new, and the spooky with the eco-friendly, ensures that there’s something for everyone this fall. So, whether you’re a candy lover, a cider aficionado, or a pineapple under the sea, the fall 2023 food realm has got you covered.

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