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Mix It Up With Kombucha: 19 Fizzy Cocktails!

Mix It Up With Kombucha: 19 Fizzy Cocktails!

Kombucha might not be your first thought when considering ingredients for alcoholic drinks but these kombucha cocktails prove they have a place in many drink recipes!

If you are unfamiliar, kombucha is a carbonated, fermented drink made with tea and yeast that tastes a little sweet and a little tart.

This drink has recently gained a lot of popularity because of its benefits, but our focus is on the taste!

We don’t claim these are healthy cocktails, but you may be able to enjoy them with less guilt than others.

Two tips to keep in mind for all of these cocktails are: add your kombucha last to save the bubbles and be sure to taste your kombucha before you mix it up to be sure you like the flavor and sweetness level.

This carbonated tea drink already has a good amount of zing but if you want more, a Chili Ginger Kombucha Cocktail may be for you.

If you want something a little bit more classic, a Kombucha Margarita will almost always be amazing.

Even the Cherry Cola Kombucha Smash Cocktail and Cara Cara Kombucha Cocktails are worth giving a try so you can taste the goodness for yourself!

This is just like the “Americana” cocktail which you may have tried before.

This version switches out the club soda with kombucha with added fresh orange juice.

The result is a light drink that is fitting for holiday parties.

If plain kombucha is not hitting like you thought it would, you can opt for a flavored version which will still work great in this cocktail!

Ginger lemon kombucha gives you the right bit of spice in this drink but if you prefer something milder, feel free to use a neutral flavor.

If you opt for a flavor-free version, the mint in your mojito will be the star of your drink.

This is prepared just like many other mojitos, with the simple addition of kombucha poured into your glass!

Although the taste of this cocktail is a bit complex, it is actually very easy to make!

Start by muddling a jalapeno, pour in your tequila and watermelon-flavored kombucha, and stir it together!

It is very easy to adjust the sweetness or spice level of this drink so take a sip and add in some honey or jalapeno, depending on what you prefer.

Just like the last drink, this cocktail features some muddling, alcohol, and kombucha.

The difference is, that this one contains muddled strawberries and basil with a little bit of agave nectar for sweetness.

You can use any type of liquor you like, but vodka is a big recommendation!

Speaking of vodka, you might like our 27 BEST Vodka Cocktails.

The flavor of ginger already has a special level of spiciness in it but by adding in fizzy kombucha and some whiskey, you get an incredibly refreshing and delicious drink.

Mint leaves and lemon juice should be muddled with a shot of whiskey poured on top and everything topped off with ginger kombucha.

This is a great way to ease someone into loving kombucha, or at least kombucha cocktails.

Since kombucha has a slightly acidic taste, it goes great added to margaritas.

Margaritas are already an amazing choice for drinks but adding in kombucha takes it up to the next level with extra fizz and flavor.

Use your favorite type of kombucha for this.

Even if it is flavored, it just makes it that much better!

Fan of margarita? Here’s Cranberry Margaritas!

This is definitely a unique cocktail.

How many other alcoholic drinks do you know that feature apple cider vinegar alongside kombucha and ginger?

Be sure to add just a dash to your drink and stir it up well.

This way you get an extra kick without overwhelming yourself with the vinegar taste.

Spiced apple flavors are perfect for the holidays but this tasty drink should be enjoyed all year round.

If you are concerned with the appearance of your cocktail, make sure to use either a very clear or very cloudy combination of apple juice and kombucha.

With an apple slice as a garnish and a small stick of cinnamon and you have an exciting new drink that you will love!

This margarita is made from scratch but the little bit of extra effort that goes into prepping this will pay off when you taste the citrusy, floral, bubbly, and bright cocktail.

Remember to shake this in your cocktail shaker once to let the honey dissolve and again with some ice to get it nice and chilled.

Be sure to add your kombucha right into the glass when serving so it maintains its fresh bubbles.

Rim your glass for this cocktail with a spicy coconut sugar and chili combination for an amazing mixture of flavors and tastes.

Add some of the chili lime syrup you used for your rim to your glass with vodka and ginger kombucha.

This cocktail is stunningly delicious with the right amount of kick and sweetness coming together.

Three steps and four ingredients are all you need for this flavorful cocktail.

No matter what the season, occasion, or how you are feeling, this drink will hit the spot!

All you need to do is pour together your ingredients with kombucha on top and serve!

Nothing beats the flavorful combination of pomegranates and pineapples, especially when you have fizzy kombucha topping it off.

With a slow pour of kombucha on top, you get a nice layered effect to add on to the great tasting drink in your glass.

The homemade ginger syrup is a breeze to prepare but does wonders for the flavor of this cocktail.

Pumpkin spice lovers, we know you have been seeking ways to incorporate the fall flavors into everything possible, so here is one more way to add it into your life!

Fortunately, all you need for the cocktail is two ingredients and some common household spices for the cinnamon-sugar rim (can you believe it is just cinnamon and sugar?) plus a slice of lemon to help the sugary goodness stick to your glass.

Whether for your weekend brunch or a fall evening that needs more pumpkin, these drinks will be a hit!

Yes, kombucha has a place in summer and fall drinks but what about winter holiday cocktails?

This orange and cranberry mule is your way to make your kombucha cocktail perfect for the holiday season.

Gin, kombucha, and freshly squeezed orange and lime juice make this perfect for hosting others or for winding down by yourself!

This cocktail is incredibly easy yet can impress anyone with how great it tastes.

Cola flavored kombucha is the star of this recipe and with pitted cherries and bourbon, you get a nice balance of flavors that are reminiscent of your favorite cherry cola soda.

This cocktail is unique, with a natural sweetness and a little bit of a complex flavors without a complex process!

If you like champagne and kombucha, there is no reason for you to not like this cocktail that brings together two of the best drinks out there!

Whether you opt for an unflavored version or a flavored variety like ginger or cranberry spice, you can pull your favorite bottle of kombucha for this.

Rosemary sprigs and cranberries add a little bit of seasonal flair while also adding such a delightful garnish!

This fun name gives a bit of an indication of how fun it is to sip on this cocktail.

When the weather starts to cool down, you need a good cocktail in hand that gives you a little bit of summer and a little bit of fall all in one.

This drink accomplishes that with dark spiced rum, earthy fig simple syrup, bright orange juice, and tart kombucha.

Since all of the ingredients of this drink need to let their flavors shine through, it is recommended to use an unflavored kombucha.

Freshly squeezed cara cara juice makes this drink refreshing and slighter sweeter than what you would expect from a variety of oranges.

If you are struggling to find this specific variety, you can also use navel oranges, blood oranges, or even a grapefruit.

Both ginger beer and ginger flavored kombucha add the right amount of kick to this drink along with a bit of vodka to make it a boozy drink you will find yourself craving time and time again.

A lot of trouble can be taken out of mixing together cocktails by switching in kombucha.

This drink adds bubbles, sourness, and even a bit of sweetness.

Cranberry kombucha can add the right amount of sweetness to your cosmopolitan without adding in too much sugar.

If it is not sweet enough, a little bit of liquid stevia can be added in for an extra dash of sweetness.

The bottom line

Kombucha cocktails may be something new to you but we are willing to bet they are here to stay!

Chances are, these are similar to other cocktails you may have tried before.

These are way better, though!

Mix It Up With Kombucha

Mix It Up With Kombucha

Kombucha might not be your first thought when considering ingredients for alcoholic drinks but these kombucha cocktails prove they have a place in many drink recipes!


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