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30 Best Watermelon Desserts (Watermelon Pudding & More!)

30 Best Watermelon Desserts (Watermelon Pudding & More!)

These watermelon desserts are crowd-pleasers! Find out which watermelons are best and get tips to make yummy watermelon treats that everyone likes.

Watermelon is a refreshing and versatile fruit that often takes center stage in various desserts, especially during the hot summer months. Its juicy, sweet, and subtly tangy flavor renders it a favored option for creating delicious and cooling treats that not only delight the palate but also captivate the eye.

From simple slices to more intricate creations, watermelon plays a pivotal role in various dessert recipes, spanning smoothies, sorbets, cakes, and parfaits. To help you explore and create these delicious watermelon desserts, we’ve compiled this list for you.

Best Varieties For Watermelon Desserts

Watermelon, a versatile fruit for desserts, should be sweet, juicy, and have vibrant red or pink flesh. Here are some great watermelon varieties for watermelon desserts:

  • Sugar Baby. Small and sweet with deep red flesh. Ideal for individual desserts like fruit salads and sorbets.
  • Crimson Sweet. A well-balanced, sweet, and juicy watermelon with deep red flesh. Perfect for sorbets, granitas, and fruit salads.
  • Charleston Gray. Large and oblong with sweet pinkish-red flesh. Great for making watermelon bowls or using in desserts with other fruits.
  • Yellow Doll. Unique yellow-fleshed watermelon that’s sweet and slightly tangy. Adds color and flavor to fruit salads and platters.
  • Orangeglo. Strikingly orange-fleshed with a sweet, tropical taste. Ideal for visually appealing desserts like smoothie bowls, salsas, and parfaits.

Best Watermelon Desserts

1. Fruit Watermelon

Fruit Watermelon is a trending TikTok dessert made by layering fresh fruit and unflavored gelatin inside a hollowed-out watermelon. This highlights the natural sweet taste of the fruit for a delicious treat.

2. Watermelon Sherbet

This recipe is easy, with just two ingredients, making it ideal for anyone. Frozen watermelon blended with yogurt creates a creamy, refreshing, and satisfying sherbet.

3. Fresh Mint Ice Cream With Salted Watermelon Granita

This dessert combines two summer treats: mint ice cream made with fresh mint and cream and watermelon granita sweetened with sugar and salt. They’re layered and topped with sea salt for a sweet and salty delight.

4. Suback Hwachae (Korean Watermelon Punch)

This classic Korean dessert drink is a perfect way to beat the heat and enjoy a burst of fruity flavors. It blends watermelon and milk for a sweet refreshment, with a fizzy touch from soda. 

5. Watermelon Mousse

This airy mousse is made by blending watermelon juice, gelatin, sugar, and whipped cream. With its vibrant pink hue and irresistible watermelon flavor, it’s a crowd-pleaser at gatherings and potlucks.

6. Watermelon Macarons

This summery dessert features three colorful macaron shells and a watermelon buttercream filling. The recipe uses the Swiss macaron method, known for its forgiving nature compared to the French method.

7. Candied Watermelon Tanghulu

Candied Watermelon Tanghulu is a beloved Chinese snack where watermelon chunks on sticks get a sweet candy coating. Enjoy plain, or customize them with nuts, seeds, or chocolate for added flavor.

8. Fresh Watermelon Cake

This dessert is made by slicing watermelon into thick rounds, spreading yogurt on top, and adding berries. You can enjoy it as is or enhance it with whipped cream, chocolate chips, or nuts.

9. Watermelon Pizza

This recipe gives a playful twist to the classic dessert. It uses fresh watermelon as the crust, topped with a creamy cream cheese glaze and your favorite fruits.

10. Summer Dessert Watermelon Pie

This recipe can be customized, and the gelatin in the filling gives the pie its special texture by binding it together and creating a smooth, creamy consistency.

11. Watermelon Whip

This dessert transforms ripe watermelon into a sweet, refreshing whip. made creamy with yogurt and milk. It’s enhanced by a touch of lemon juice for a balanced and bright flavor.

12. Salted Watermelon Sherbet Bars

This light and refreshing summer dessert is ideal for hot days. Their waffle cone crust adds crunch, while the whipped cream and salt create a delightful sweet and salty contrast.

13. Kiwi Watermelon Fruit Popsicles

These watermelon-flavored popsicles require just three ingredients to put together. Blend the fruit, pour into molds, freeze, and enjoy after a few hours. 

14. Watermelon Cupcakes

These cupcakes aren’t only visually appealing with their soothing pink color, but they also offer a burst of fruity flavor. The recipe uses watermelon puree, which gives them a light and refreshing note. 

15. Watermelon Fudge

This dessert blends the sweet tastes of watermelon and white chocolate, getting its pink and green hues from watermelon extract and food coloring, making it a fun and tasty treat.

16. Sicilian Watermelon Pudding

This pudding is a fresh mix of watermelon, lime, and vanilla. It’s made by thickening watermelon juice with arrowroot starch and sweetening it with coconut sugar, creating an airy pudding bursting with a watermelon taste.

17. Watermelon Cheesecake Milkshake

This milkshake is excellent for hot summer days or whenever you want something sweet. Blend it until it’s super creamy, and if you like, add graham cracker crumbs as a topping or to the glass rim for an extra treat.

18. Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Watermelon Slices

This treat features sweet, salty, and refreshing notes. Juicy watermelon pairs perfectly with rich dark chocolate, and a hint of sea salt adds a surprising twist to the taste.

19. Watermelon Tequila Lime Bars

These bars have three layers: watermelon, gelatin, lime cream, and crushed vanilla wafers. Tequila adds a subtle flavor that pairs well with the watermelon and lime.

20. Watermelon Fruit Cake

The cake resembles a classic layer cake, stacking watermelon slices and topping them with fresh fruit. This makes it a stunning centerpiece for any summer party or celebration.

21. Watermelon Smoothie

This smoothie offers a delicious and convenient way to meet your daily fruit and vegetable intake. The strawberries contribute a nice blend of sweet taste and tang, while the vanilla Greek yogurt lends a velvety, creamy texture. 

22. Summer Watermelon Parfait

Ideal for hot summer days, this recipe pairs sweet watermelon with crunchy granola and tangy yogurt for a refreshing treat. The fermented glutinous rice adds a unique twist, making it extra special.

23. Sicilian Watermelon Tart

The tart consists of a pre-baked shortcrust pastry crust filled with a blended mixture of watermelon, sugar, and cornstarch. It’s finished off by sprinkling confectioners’ sugar on top

24. Sandía Loca (Mexican-Style “Crazy” Watermelon)

This unique recipe offers sweet and spicy flavors in every bite. It combines juicy watermelon chunks with a zesty blend of chamoy sauce, Tajín seasoning, and fresh lime juice. 

25. Grilled Peach & Watermelon Kabobs With Ice Cream

This recipe is easy, with just a few ingredients. Skewer peach and watermelon slices, grill, then enjoy with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for a heavenly mix of warm, caramelized fruit and cold ice cream.

26. Chocolate Covered Watermelon

This simple recipe is a crowd-pleaser! Just cut the watermelon into cubes, freeze them, dip them in melted chocolate, and add a pinch of salt for a tasty twist.

27. Watermelon Shaved Ice

This summer treat is made by blending fresh watermelon with sugar to create syrup. Shave ice into a fluffy, snow-like consistency and pour the watermelon syrup over it.

28. Watermelon Meringue Cookies

These cookies use superfine sugar for a smooth meringue, so bake them on a dry day and ensure your bowl and beaters are grease-free to avoid sticking.

29. Watermelon Granita

This summer dessert is made by freezing a blend of watermelon, sugar, and lime juice until it’s slushy, with mint leaves for a fresh twist. For extra flavor, mix in strawberries or blueberries.

30. Strawberry-Watermelon Shortcake

This summer dessert recipe is simple to make. Just ensure you use ripe strawberries and watermelon and let the mixture sit for 30 minutes to enhance the flavors before assembling the shortcakes.

Tips When Making Watermelon Desserts

Creating watermelon desserts is a delightful way to enjoy this fruit. Here are helpful tips for making delicious desserts like sorbet, fruit salad, or creative treats:

  • Choose ripe watermelon. Pick a heavy, dull-skinned fruit with a creamy spot.
  • Chill it. Refrigerate your watermelon for extra refreshment.
  • Fresh ingredients. Use quality ingredients like mint, berries, or citrus.
  • Creative presentation. Shape watermelon into fun, appealing forms.
  • Seed-free. Remove bitter black seeds.
  • Keep it simple. Let watermelon’s natural sweetness shine.
  • Balance sweetness. Add a touch of sugar or honey if needed.
  • Experiment with textures. Mix in crunchy elements like coconut or nuts.
  • Freeze it. Make popsicles, granitas, or sorbet.
  • Add acidity. A hint of lime or zest brightens the flavor.

The bottom line

Watermelon’s natural sweet flavor, vibrant color, and hydrating properties make it a fantastic ingredient for various desserts. Whether enjoyed on its own, transformed into a refreshing sorbet, or used in complex creations, watermelon adds a burst of summer flavor to any dessert table. 

Its versatility and ability to complement various flavors make it a beloved ingredient in the world of culinary delights, allowing us to savor the taste of summer year-round.

More About Watermelon

30 Best Watermelon Desserts

30 Best Watermelon Desserts

These best watermelon desserts will add a fresh taste and attractive look to your table, with tempting treats such as cakes, parfaits, and sorbets.


  • Fruit Watermelon
  • Watermelon Sherbet
  • Fresh Mint Ice Cream With Salted Watermelon Granita
  • Suback Hwachae (Korean Watermelon Punch)
  • Watermelon Mousse
  • Watermelon Macarons
  • Candied Watermelon Tanghulu
  • Fresh Watermelon Cake
  • Watermelon Pizza
  • Summer Dessert Watermelon Pie
  • Watermelon Whip
  • Salted Watermelon Sherbet Bars
  • Kiwi Watermelon Fruit Popsicles
  • Watermelon Cupcakes
  • Watermelon Fudge
  • Sicilian Watermelon Pudding
  • Watermelon Cheesecake Milkshake
  • Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Watermelon Slices
  • Watermelon Tequila Lime Bars
  • Watermelon Fruit Cake
  • Watermelon Smoothie
  • Summer Watermelon Parfait
  • Sicilian Watermelon Tart
  • Sandía Loca (Mexican-Style "Crazy" Watermelon)
  • Grilled Peach & Watermelon Kabobs With Ice Cream
  • Chocolate Covered Watermelon
  • Watermelon Shaved Ice
  • Watermelon Meringue Cookies
  • Watermelon Granita
  • Strawberry-Watermelon Shortcake


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